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Stacie and Carrie Beth Travel from Iowa
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With Governor Sarah Palin
With Ann Graham Lotz

With Randy Travis
In the Recording Studio
With Ricky Scaggs
With Shirley Jones

George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, Ann Graham Lotz, Ricky Scaggs, Randy Travis, and Pat Robertson are just a few for whom Staci and Carrie Stoelting have sung ... but they truly sing for an audience of one, the Lord Jesus Christ.  Stacie Stoelting was only 15 years old when she wrote Still Holding Hands, a tribute to her grandparents and her family's experiences as they walked through her beloved grandfather's Alzheimer's disease and his death.  Today, Stacie and her sister Carrie Beth are on a mission to spread awareness not only of Alzheimer's, they also work to raise standards in Hollywood through an organization founded by Carrie, United for Movie Action, and Stacie's column on the top Christian website The 700 Club is the most-read feature of that site,  Stacie and Carrie minister, perform, record, speak, write - and they're barely out of their teens!  Three Octave Ranges ... Two Sisters ... One Powerful Story 
Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth Stoelting's "family-heartaches" include depression, Alzheimer's, and severe illnesses.  At age fifteen, Stacie wrote a book of hope and inspiration to families suffering with Alzheimer's Disease. Still Holding Hands:  Ray and Hilda Beamer's Story of Love and Triumph over Alzheimer's Disease is a tribute to Stacie and Carrie's beloved grandparents, Ray and Hilda Beamer, written from the personal viewpoint of Stacie as she, Carrie Beth and their family watched her grandparents struggle through Ray's disease and death.

Still Holding Hands has been endorsed by many celebrities, including Pat Robertson, Randy Travis, Shirley Jones, Pam Thum, and Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys.  Her book and ministry have been featured by many major media outlets.

Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth have had many unique opportunities to share their family's story of Alzheimer's Disease, as well as other unique ministry opportunities.  Stacie Ruth has sung for the President of the United States, and she was 'discovered' by Ricky Skaggs' manager when they shared the stage at the Presidential rally; she has since been honored to work with Grammy awards winners on her new CD.

Carrie Beth is excited to partner with her sister in ministry.  Carrie Beth adds a new dimension to programs ... her gifts of drama, comedy and beautiful 1st soprano voice.  Yet, she is still active in her own mission, which she founded at age 16: 

As the founder of United For Movie Action, Carrie desires to improve movie content.  She is a person who does not hesitate to take action.  Carrie contacted The Senate Judiciary Committee about forming a bill to allow people to buy movies edited without the filth; ultimately, President Bush signed the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act in April 2005.  However, Carrie's mission is not over.  Carrie continues to work hard to help people become aware of how they can make a difference in Hollywood.  Carrie is a 2005 Congressional Award Gold Medal recipient and a 2005 Presidential alumnus.  Carrie believes that it is her life's mission to serve her Lord Jesus Christ and her country.

The amazing talent and personalities of Stacie Ruth and and Carrie Beth meld beautifully on stage as they present dramatic programs with topics for all ages.  They speak, act, sing, and entertainingly inspire.  After only a few minutes, audience members embrace Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth as friends, sisters, daughters, and granddaughters.

As speakers for Alzheimer's Association conferences, physician conferences, church services, and many other faith-based, corporate, and community events, Stacie and Carrie Beth Stoelting bring a fresh and personal approach as they share their family's personal struggles with Alzheimer's disease and many other topics through dramatic recitations, interesting visuals via Power Point, and powerful musical presentations.

Stacie and Carrie Beth's presentations are presented with polish and professionalism with a personal touch. Their singing voices have been compared to Sandy Patty and Judy Garland.

Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth are popular speakers for patriotic organizations, Alzheimer's support groups, medical professionals, senior adult groups, youth groups, church services, and corporate events.

Stacie and Carrie Beth appreciate every opportunity to share their grandparent's inspiring story, Still Holding Hands.  They also often shares gospel messages and speaks on topics such as true love, joy despite trial, and many others.                     

Testimonials  . . .

Des Moines Sunday Register
Stoelting has the lilting voice, red cheeks, and big eyes of a young Judy Garland in 'The Wizard of Oz.
"People are sitting there crying," [Carol Feelhaver, Program Director of the Midland's Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association]. "We know how elderly people feel about this. But grandchildren hurt, too, and we've never heard from this segment before."
Caregivers and professionals who deal with elderly issues have reacted strongly to [her program .

Publisher's Weekly Religion Book Line
"I did not know the normal way to get a book published," Stoelting told Book Line. "I went about it in a clumsy way." Maybe so, but Stoelting's self-described "na´ve" method apparently worked: her books consistently sell out at signings; the Alzheimer's Association has invited her to speak at its conferences; and she's been named the honorary chairperson for [a Nebraska] Memory Walk to aid Alzheimer's research.

Omaha Sunday World Herald
Such selfless ambitions are rare, especially for one so young. But Stacie isn't an ordinary teen .
She writes and thinks with a maturity so much beyond her years .

Singing for
President George W. Bush

Stacie Ruth & Carrie Beth Sing and Inspire!

         Stacie Ruth & Carrie Beth 

Stacie and Carrie Beth Travel from Iowa
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