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Ratliff, Lily L.

Lily L. Ratliff
Growing in His Strength ... Blooming in His Love!

Lily Ratliff Travels from Georgia
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Lily Ratliff is the debut author of the Christian inspirational memoir The Life of a Lily.  A product of the foster care and adoption systems, Lily has been transformed from what the devil deemed as nothing into a mover and shaker that God is using for His Kingdom!
Have you experience ups and downs in life?  Have you ever asked 'why me'?  Lily's personal story of abuse, abandonment, neglect, and opposition follows her journey through the foster care and adoption system to God's redemption and acceptance.  No matter what you may have faced in the past or may be facing today, God wants to do the same for you ... give you the hope and strength to carry on with victory, peace, and confidence.
Lily's easy-to-read vignettes and relevant corresponding Scriptures provide readers with a catalyst for hope and restoration.  The Life of a Lily shows how a young girl triumphs by discovering what so many others failed to realize:  that God had a plan for her life ... and He has a plan for your life.
The Life of a Lily
Lily Ratliff
Lily has been a public school educator since 1997 and serves in many ministry capacities, from singing in her local church choir to teaching Sunday school and reading enrichment for the youth in the community.  She also owns and operates "Everything That's Lily, LLC," an online book and inspirational jewelry business.
All is Not Lost, Lily's first work of fiction, is a featured short story in the Christian anthology After You've Done All You Can. She is also writing the third through sixth books in her children's series entitled The Last Shall Be First.
Lily is an honorary member of Cambridge Who's Who for Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Executives and was a finalist in the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards for Best Overall Design.  Lily is a dynamic inspirational speaker who has been sought after by churches, writing circles, schools, and community organizations to motivate, encourage, and inspire today's youth & young adults.

Lily's Speaking Topics Include  . . .
The Life of a Lily
Lily's inspirational and motivational personal story begins with her personal experiences in the foster care and adoption systems.  Today LIly testifies of wholeness and transformation - a journey from what the devil deemed as nothing to becoming a mover and shaker that God is using for His Kingdom!  Despite the ups and downs, abuse, abandonment, neglect, and opposition that Lily faced in her life, God redeemed her and set her on the path that He had prepared for her life.  Lily's testimony encourages listeners to accept God's ultimate path and plan for their lives.
Tips on Purity for Teens
Often independent and self-absorbed, teens can also be unsure and very naive when they find themselves in tempting situations, particularly sexual temptation. Lily is transparent in sharing with teens from her own past experiences what to do and what not to do when it comes to staying pure in a promiscuous, everything-goes society.  Lily encourages teens to:
      • Stay Focused
      • Set the Atmosphere
      • Guard Your Heart
      • Trust Your Instincts
      • Seek First to Understand
      • Maintain Your Standards
After this inspirational presentation, kids are encouraged in knowing they have gained valuable principles that will catapult them to the next level of their journey into adulthood.
How Do Your Children Grow?
Helping Your Children Grow into Godly Men & Women
Like flowers, it takes time and cultivation for children grow and mature properly.  They need appropriate nourishment and care to blossom into the beautiful men and women God has called to be. Lily Ratliff shares how God took her thorny upbringing, filled with abandonment and neglect, and used it to make her the well-adjusted woman, mother, and high-school teacher she is today.  Lily has a great love for children and many wonderful insights to share with other parents.
Five Steps to Moving Past Your Pain
Many feel that their baggage from a painful past prevents successful relationships.  We listen to the devil tell us that we will never overcome or that God will never forgive or move us to the next level - we've done too much!  With failed relationships, miscarriages, and death of loved ones, Lily Ratliff thought that change would never come. But the power of prayer and a new lease on life caused Lily to become an overcomer.  Lily shares the five steps that brought her from her painful past into the glorious revelation of the future that awaited her.  These steps will catapult you into the path for bountiful blessings:
      • Recognize the source of your pain
      • Recognize that forgiveness comes from within
      • Let God line you up for the transition
      • Prevail from your painful past
      • And, finally, plan for your exit strategy!

Lily Ratliff Travels from Georgia
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