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Tom Baker
One Dog's Faith:  How my dog helped me trust
in God and overcome chronic worrying
Worry Is Stupid:  Simple ideas to help you minimize worry
Host of Radio Talk Show 'Dealing with Life'
Television / Video Producer
with clients such as Discovery Network, HGTV,
TLC, The Food Network, DIY, The Travel Channel,
Sea Ray boats, Department of Energy, University of Tennessee

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A veteran video producer, I worked for the Scripps Networks (HGTV, Food, Travel Channel), now own my 17-year-old TV production company producing content for the Discovery Networks including HGTV, TLC, the Food Network, DIY, the Travel Channel), Sea Ray boats, the Department of Energy, the University of Tennessee, Tennova Health Systems, and more.
I am also host of the radio talk shows, "Dealing with Life."  I have been a life-long, chronic worrier.  After nearly being taken down by a financial crisis, my dog taught me how to rise up, embrace this moment and sniff out blessings in the midst of struggles.
I am author of the popular book, "One Dog's Faith," written from my dog's perspective about learning to worry less through things she taught me.  My just-released second book, "Worry is Stupid," faces worry head on.
Worry has become a lifestyle in today's culture.  Many don't know how to live without it and our kids see it as normal.  Anxiety and depression are at an all-time high and worry is the seed.  I am passionate about offering an idea worth spreading to change this stressed and worried culture.

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Speaking Topics
Tom enjoys speaking for a variety audiences, including churches and faith organizations, corporate events, men's and women's groups, recovery groups and events, health and wellness events, and leadership events.  Contact Tom directly to discuss your organization's speaker need -- Tom@OneDogsFaith.com.
My Dog Can Teach You to Worry Less
Stress and worry are the basic cause of 60% of all human illness and ailments.  It causes lack of focus, low productivity and disengagement.  Yet, we worry and stress more now than ever.  Tom lost 30 pounds from worrying about a financial crisis; not a suggested weight loss plan.  After closely watching his rescue dog, Mango, he learned to ease his anxieties and find God's intended joy.  Hear easy steps to worrying less and to deal better with change and struggles.
Navigate Change and The Stress That Goes With It
Change is guaranteed -- except when standing in front of a vending machine.  It means uncertainty and turmoil is coming.  More often than not, change is for the better and produces growth and strength - but we run from it with all of our might.  We fear the unknown and forget the basic promises God spells out for us.  Lean to embrace change and allow it to grow you instead of throw you.
Lights, Camera ... Leadership!
Learn leadership / project management from a TV producer
How do you keep a camera operator, lighting technician, audio, props people, food stylists, set designers, multiple actors and extras, clients and investors from ending up in chaos or a fist fight?  Leadership means having a clear vision and being able to share your passion and motivate the multitudes to end up with the whole team buying into what your project needs.
What Should We Expect from God?
Should we be so bold as to expect things from our Lord?  Absolutely!  He made over 5,000 promises through His Holy word.  In order to grab a tight hold of hope and joy, see this list of things we should actually expect the almighty and all powerful God to do in our lives.
Comfort Leads Us Nowhere
We humans strive for comfort.  We work long hours and pay big money for comfort.  But comfort is low on God's priority list in our lives.  Learn why comfort should only be temporary and how being uncomfortable can help us soar mentally and spiritually.
When Believers Don't BELIEVE
Believing in the power and salvation of Christ is foundational for our faith.  But it's not the final step ... life and the enemy relentlessly hurl stumbling blocks to break us down and create doubt.  We can doubt to the point where we don't BELIEVE God can or will help us in our time of need.  This reassuring and inspiring discussion brings renewed hope and a reminder that God has our best interest at heart ... always.

"Mr. Baker is fantastic and an engaging orator at a recent value-added session for our office team members.  His unique ability to take his personal life experiences, along with his furry friend, and turn them into valuable reminders about keeping the right perspective in our own life struggles was invaluable.  Our entire group took away actionable items that will allow us to reduce stress and worry in our lives.  I wouldn't hesitate to encourage others to invite Tom to engage with you and/or your team."
Chris L. Cannon
Branch Manager
UBS Global Wealth Management
Knoxville, Tennessee
"We had Mr. Baker speak at our holiday staff team-building retreat.  Working in a hopsital, and within the specialty of emergency and trauma services, days are long and stressful and oftentimes sadness can weigh on the hearts of my dedicated team members.  We are passionate about what we do, but were in need of some morale boosting.  Mr. Baker was not your typical motivational speaker.  His presentation was captivating with 'real' personal struggles and everyday practical strategies he used to overcome.  He presented in a fun, memorable way, and his story was very engaging.  Highly recommend this speaker."
Niki Rasnake, BSN, RN, CEN
Trauma Program Manager
University of Tennessee Medical Center
"It was the largest crowd we've ever had at this event.  The presentation was very relevant to my life and those who were attending.  He was humorous, inspiring, motivating, and upbeat.  I could have listened for much longer than he spoke.  I would love to have him back.  We received great feedback."
Laurette Beekman
Sequoyah Hills Presbyterian Church
Knoxville, Tennessee
"Mr. Baker presented at our Trauma Survivor Network--Survivor Celebration event for our patients and families.  Trauma patients are individuals that have sustained a life altering event or accident and are now faced with a 'new normal' of daily life.  In serving these patients, we often incorporate pet visitation to alleviate isolation and anxiety of the patient while they are hospitalized.  Mr. Baker spoke about the love and 'new life' he found through his dog "Mango."  His presentation was very well received.  His enthusiasm and inclusion of a few stories of events involving Mango provided laughter and created interaction among the audience.  Mr. Baker exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend him."
Therese A. Zaltash, M.S.
Clinical Coordinator, Trauma Survivor Network
University of Tennesee Medical Center
"As an Operations and HR veteran, I appreciate how Tom Baker spoke to the heart of what's affecting so many employees and executives right now - how best to deal with transition, worry and stress.  I love how he incorporates dogs into learning how to better navigate life.  It is a fun and effective presentation, full of great tools to be more productive and get more out of each day."
Don Truza
CEO, The Transition Team
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