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"The Bargainomics Lady"
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".she is energetic, a hard worker, and watches for bargains"
Proverbs 31:17-18a - Living Bible paraphrase

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Judy Woodward Bates coined the word "Bargainomics" and defines it as "time and money management God's way." Judy is known as "The Bargainomics Lady" through her books, conferences, and TV appearances, including her popular regular segments on Fox-6 TV in Birmingham, Alabama.
Judy's Bargainomics message is known far and wide through her many articles in publications such as Home Life, Mature Living, Baptist Press, NY Liberty Star, LifeWay.com, ChurchMinistriesOnline.com, KYBaptist.org, CrossWalk.com, WomensMinistry.net, CNSNews.com, WMU.com, PublishersWeekly.com, MysteryLovesCompany.com, Evangel, The Christian Post, The Good Steward, Hometown Focus, American Profile, The Alabama Baptist, Pensacole News Journal, Appalachian Log, Georgia Magazine, Georgia Backroads, Blue Ridge Country, Tennessee Valley Christian Family, The Huntsville Times - and more.
Judy is a regular columnist for various publications, including several regional editions of Christian Family Magazine. Women from coast to coast were introduced to Judy Woodward Bates and Bargainomics through an article in the major national publication Woman's World Magazine.
As a dollar-stretching expert, Judy's firm belief is that that anyone in any income bracket can learn to make their dollars go farther by implementing the Biblical principles of Bargainomics.
Judy's personal motto is "fear no store!" Her 10-minute shopping rule, 'occasions list,' tips for preparing meals at home, dining out, travel (and more!) are just some of the practical and valuable take-aways from Judy's live presentations.
In addition, Judy shows ways to inexpensively put together an entire wardrobe, furnish and decorate your home, and trim enough "fat" from expenditures to pay cash for your next vacation! If there's a cheaper way to do practically anything, Judy can tell you how!
While studying Proverbs 31 - the "virtuous woman" passage - Judy came across The Living Bible paraphrase of verses 17 and 18: "She is energetic, a hard worker, and watches for bargains." At that moment, Judy coined the word Bargainomics and it has become her trademark.
With grace and humor, Judy's pours out deep spiritual truths that help believers and seekers understand the importance of trusting God as Provider and living free from the bondage of debt. Bargainomics is the passion of Judy's heart, and those who have seen her presentation affirm that her message is encouraging and delightfully contagious.
Judy is a graduate of the Women's Ministry Certificate Program of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and continues her studies as her schedule allows.

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Money Management
By The Book
by Judy Woodward Bates
In today's world there seems to be more questions than answers about money and family economics. For everyone who is trying to make ends meet and stay 'in the black' - help has arrived! BARGAINOMICS: Money Management by the Book will change your world!
Eighteen chapters of money-saving info, including: 
Debt Managment
Credit Scores
Online Shopping
And so much more!

The Gospel Truth About Money Management
By Judy Woodward Bates
Times are tough and getting tougher. The Gospel Truth About Money Management offers practical help for day-to-day money management
Chapter topics include "Bargainomics Tips" on:
Dining Out
Real Estate
Credit Cards
Purchasing Gifts
Grocery Shopping
Home Decorating
Personal Pampering
Automobile Purchases
Travel Savings ... and Much More!


Blessedly Budgeted Women's Events
By Judy Woodward Bates
Inexpensive and cost-free ideas for Women's Ministry programming abound in Judy Woodward Bates' newest book, Blessedly Budgeted Women's Events. From special events to Bible studies, this book offers exciting new ideas that you can easily put into action.
Confidence in these methods comes from confidence in Jesus - it's not the size of your congregation that determines what your Women's Ministry can do - it's the size of your God! Through every chapter the focus is Jehovah-Jireh, the God who will provide.
Tired of begging ladies to sign up for events or programs? Effective tools for achieving early registration will be at your fingertips!
Can't afford a caterer? Planning the Bargainomics way allows you to skip that expense without overworking yourself or the other members of your Women's Ministry.

Judy's Speaking Topics Include . . .
Bargainomics is exciting, fun, and educational! Whether your dollars are meeting your needs nicely or you're straining to stretch them from payday to payday, a lesson in Bargainomics will show you how and why to hone your money management skills. From clothing to travel and everything in between, a session of Bargainomics will have you pumped with new possibilities! And Judy always brings along plenty of "show 'n' tell" items to back up her amazing bargain stories!
Dreaming the Dream, Sharing the Vision
Realizing your true potential and encouraging others to reach their own.
Growing in God's Garden of Grace
Finding "your place and God's peace" in a busy world.
The Storms of Life
Judy shares some of her own storms of life that everyone can relate to and offers assurance of God's love, help and presence.
The 3 P's Lifestyle: Prayer, Peace and Prosperity
When our life is in the order God's Word teaches, we are aligned to be blessed with real non-circumstantial peace and true wealth that goes with us into eternity.
Judy is happy to work with event planners to design a presentation or series of presentations for any event - corporate or community meetings - church services - ministry conferences and retreats.

Testimonials . . .
Judy Bates shared many useful tips and entertaining stories with the women of our community. During that time, as still today, we are looking for helpful ways to save money and Judy gave us many ways to do that. She is funny, knowledgeable, entertaining and everything is said through the filter of Biblical truth. You will fall in love with her, as we did, and you will never shop the same way again!
Linda Hinson
Director of Women's Ministries
First Baptist Church of Pensaola, Florida
Judy is a very funny, entertaining lady with lots of Biblical advice for our practical everyday living.
Leslie Hallmark
First Baptist Church
Marion, Arizona
It is with great joy that I can recommend very highly my friend Judy Woodward Bates.
Dr. Rhonda Kelley
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
New Orleans, Louisiana
Judy, my sister invited me to your program at her church. What a blessing you were! You are absolutely adorable - love your style - and you were incredibly funny; but most of all, you were "right on" Biblically. Thank you for the emphasis on what God's Word says about our stewardship of ALL that He has entrusted to us."
Allison Sowell
Deerfoot Baptist, Pinson, Alabama

Judy, you made me realize that no matter what I'm doing, I can let Christ's light shine through. You took your thriftiness and made it an opportunity to share Jesus. I think that's so wonderful! Thanks for inspiring me.
Shawnette Richey
New Hope Baptist, Pell City, Alabama
The highlight of our Ladies High Tea was the seminar presented by Judy Woodward Bates through her ministry of Bargainomics. Her thoughtful preparation and prayer to provide just the right message was evident. Judy's words of wisdom, mixed with humor, were delightful and well received - a major spiritual bonus in these difficult economic times!"
Sylvia Bates
Chairperson, Fellowship Committee
St. James United Methodist Church
Atlanta, Georgia
We recently used a powerful drama that Judy wrote for our annual Christmas Celebration. She is very knowledgeable about various topics including finances, women's ministries and church life in general. Judy is an accomplished writer and speaker and is in constant demand.
Dr. Kevin Hamm
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church
Gardendale, Alabama
Thank you for participating in our Annual Women's Enrichment Day. We received many favorable comments from our seminar evaluation form, such as: 'Enjoyed the Bargainomics session; really good and down to earth. Absolutely LOVED The Bargainomics Lady. Please bring Judy back.'"
Maria Stanford
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Cullman Regional Medical Center
Cullman, Alabama

Judy Woodward Bates Travels from Alabama
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Article from Global Travel Industry News:
Latest Book By The Bargainomics Lady
Shows How To Stretch Your Dollars And Still Travel In Style
Author speaks gospel truth about money management
By eTN Staff Writer | Jan 26, 2010
What is the least crowded week to visit Disney World? Which websites help you find the cheapest airplane tickets? Where can you find true travel bargains?
Judy Woodward Bates, known as "The Bargainomics Lady" to audiences everywhere through her books, conferences, personal appearances, and radio and television guest appearances, as well as her regular segments on Fox-6 TV in Birmingham, has the answers. Bates writes about ferreting out travel bargains, among other money-saving topics, in her latest book, Bargainomics: Money Management by the Book.
Full of practical advice for stretching your dollars for travel, entertaining, and shopping, among other topics, the 255-page book picks up where Bates' The Gospel Truth about Money Management left off: with 18 info-packed chapters of easy-to-implement ways to reduce spending and find the best bargains on practically anything. Included are money-saving recipes, websites, and phone numbers for health care discounts and assistance, tips on understanding and improving credit scores, and more - all directing readers to top budget-minded sources.
A highly-sought speaker, Bates shares her proven tactics for becoming better money managers in Bargainomics: Money Management by the Book: Finding Money; Simple Ways to Make Extra Money; When, Where and How to Shop; and taming "The Debt Monster." Bates' books offer hope to readers that they can economize through the art of shopping for bargains - while still enjoying personal pampering and luxury travel.
Judy Woodward Bates, "The Bargainomics Lady," is the author of several books, including The Gospel Truth about Money Management, Blessedly Budgeted Women's Events, and her latest, Bargainomics: Money Management by the Book, which retails for US$12.99. A freelance writer, speaker, and TV personality, her name has become synonymous with the practice of Biblical money management.
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