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Beavers, Curt

Curt Beavers
Conference Speaker
Author . . . 
Make A Life, Not Just a Living:
Responding to the Next Kairos Moment
Co-Author with Tommy Newberry . . .
I Call Shotgun:
Lessons from Dad for
Navigating the Roads of Life

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Curt Beavers is the president of Network Support Enterprises and one of the top ten distributors of Juice Plus worldwide.  With hundreds of millions in sales, what started as a small, family-run business now has a leadership team of one hundred and over forty thousand distributors across twenty countries.  Using biblical principles, and despite current economic conditions, Network Support Enterprises recently finished its fifteenth consecutive year of double-digit growth.
More than dollars and cents, Curt's overriding passion is using business as a platform for ministry.  From weekly mentoring and coaching of his own leadership team to hosting annual prayer breakfasts with over four thousand in attendance, Curt's driving force is bringing the gospel to the business world.  An instructor with Walk Thru the Bible, Curt speaks to thousands annually both inside and outside his core business.
He is also the founder of Health@College, which brings better health to college students coast to coast, as well as Dorm-Based Business, which mentors aspiring entrepreneurs.  Most recently, Curt is preparing to launch Charity Dollar - "a new fundraising concept with the goal of perpetually raising one dollar per month from one million individuals.
In 1994, Curt served on the Georgia Board for Promise Keepers and, subsequently, the committee that brought Promise Keepers to the Georgia Dome.  When the Olympics came to Atlanta, he was a part of Quest '96, a strategic evangelical event to reach non-believers from around the world as they visited Atlanta for the Olympic Games.
He and his oldest son have also collaborated to bring large numbers of fathers and sons through the JH Ranch curriculum in California.  Married for over twenty-five years and a graduate of Georgia Tech, Curt lives just outside Atlanta with his wife, Lori.  Curt and Lori are grandparents of Powell Beavers, son of their oldest son and his wife, and parents of a second son and a daughter, both college students and entrepreneurs.

How Can I Make a Difference
in My Son's Life?
Shooting from the heart, Curt Beavers and Tommy Newberry - men of faith, influencers, entrepreneurs, and battle-tested dads themselves - offer an engaging, unpredictable, and highly personal collection of potent insights, a just-in-time antidote to the empty counterfeits that today's culture tries to pass off as wisdom.
Written as letters from the authors to their own sons, this book's sixty-four bite-size chapters cover a wide range of territory, from courage and compassion to finance and faith, from peer pressure and patriotism to hard work and humility.
The life lessons within these pages teach sons how to:
  • Cultivate Integrity
  • Follow True North
  • Avoid Victimitis
  • Seek God First
  • Make No Excuses
  • ... and Much More!
For fathers who long to make a positive, lasting difference in their sons' lives, passing down a legacy of values and ideals that will help them mature into men - into true men, leaders, voices of strength and wisdom for the next generation and beyond - the challenge has become more daunting than ever. I Call Shotgun is a practical playbook designed to equip dads for this vital task, increasing our influence and deepening our father-son relationships.
I Call Shotgun will help you to instill character in the boys who are growing into men right before your eyes - and it might just sharpen your own character in the process.






Testimonials . . .
As a father, it can sometimes be difficult to put into words the most important values and lessons that we want to pass on to our sons as they quickly grow into men. The letters in I Call Shotgun are a wonderful tool for any father who is serious about the job of raising men of character. Use these letters as they are written, or use them as a guide to write your own personal letters to your son.
Mark E. Crawford, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Father of Two Sons
Actions speak louder than words ... finding moments to share, to teach, to bond, and to experience life with your children is a critical part of being a father. Curt and Tommy know this fact, and their words are always laced with great stories that come from the heart and real life. The journey as a father is filled with the unknown. So the principles that ugide you are so important. I Call Shotgun is a must read for anyone who cares about making the most of his role as a father.
Bob Burdick
Father of Five Sons
Grandfather of Ten Grandsons and Five Granddaugthers
Great Grandfather of One
Our society is in desperate need of men of integrity and I Call Shotgun is so timely and will equip our next generations of young men with the necessary principles of faith and morals. This is a must read for fathers, mothers, or anyone with a passion to see these next generations of young men grow into their full God-given potential. Curt and Tommy have done an exceptional job of laying out the fundamentals to help these young boys develop into the leaders they were designed to be.
Bob Christofferson
Father of Three Young Men
This is a must read for dads who are raising boys to become men of conviction in a crazy world adrift in confusion about values. I have raised three sons myself, so I always appreciate other men who are as committed to being a great active father figure. Tommy and Curt have provided an amazing and practical handbook for dads raising sons. I love the short chapters and the "street smart"! In a world trying to drown out the voices of fathers, this is a great handbook for fathering.
Dr. Hans Finzel
President of HDLeaders
Best-Selling Author of The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make
There are not many subjects more important than fathering. these are not just reepated formulas - they are lessons learned and proved principles. Without hesitation, I would advocate this book for anyone who finds himself with a hunger to be better at what really matters, raising up the next generation of fathers.
Buddy Hoffman
Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church
As a pediatrician for thirty-eight years, I have noticed that fathers are not taking the responsibility of passing wisdom on to their sons ... this has left a huge void in te quality of character development. I Call Shotgun is a sorely needed guide to recapturing true wisdom. I highly recommend it.
J. David Williams, M.D.
In this book, Curt and Tommy offer valuable wisdom and insights to all fathers on the important role Rod has bestowed upon us and the valuable lessons we are to share with our sons.
Mike Breen
Global Team Leader, 3DM
I Call Shotgun is a lesson about the truths of caring for, mentoring, and shaping a son ... life-changing lessons for any father or young man.
Kerry Daigle
Author of Dreams, Fairy Tales, and Miracles

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