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Billingsley, Brooke

Brooke Billingsley
Captive Heart Ministry
Christ-Centered Speaker - Author - Facilitator

Brooke Billingsley Travels from Indiana
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Brooke Billingsley speaks to people who want to dust off their dreams and begin to put them into action. She shares how being captivated by the love of Jesus Christ stirs up the passion to transform your life from ordinary to exceptional. Brooke offers practical solutions that help you to begin that incredible journey.

Over the past 14 years, Brooke has been a featured speaker for both Christian and business platforms. Audiences relate to her through her personal anecdotes. They see themselves in the vulnerability that she shares.

Today, as a professional speaker and successful business owner, Brooke is a keynote, seminar leader, and retreat facilitator for groups of all sizes. She presents encouraging, energetic, and exciting ways to live life to its fullest in Christ.

"And that having the eyes of your heart full of light, you may have knowledge of what is the hope of his purpose, what is the wealth of the glory of his heritage in the saints." Eph 1:18 (BBE)




Popular personal topics include . . .

Dream It, Believe It, Realize It
We all have dreams, but most of us never seek to make them come true. Brooke walks you through scriptures that show how God not only wants you to have big dreams, He also wants you to have the faith to believe in them, and - through His power - realize them.

Defining Life Moments
Each of us has had a life experience that caused us to pause and question our purpose for being. Brooke reveals how those defining moments are vital to the overall plan that God has for us. Learn to turn your experiences into important steps for a bigger purpose.

Get Ready, Gear Up, and Get Going
So, you have an idea - now what? Create an action plan that helps you move from the idea stage to preparation and from motivation to action. Don't just talk about it - do it!

Invisibility to Invincibility
Now that you are finally beginning to figure out how everything works, is it all falling apart behind your back? Women over 40 begin to feel their self worth slipping away from them. Discover an exciting "second half" of life through scripture, humor, and the promises that only God can give.


Popular business topics include . . .

Professional Selling Techniques
Selling is communicating the value of your product and services to satisfy your client's needs. Brooke will help you learn how to ask the right questions to uncover needs, address objections, communicate value, close sales, and grow your business.

Perception is Reality
Like it or not, we are judged by the perceptions of others. Brooke shows you how to influence the perception of others in a positive way so you can experience success - both personally and professionally.

Personality PlusT
One of the best ways to communicate more effectively is to learn to adjust your natural interaction style to that of the people with whom you are communicating. With Personality Plus training, you will learn ho to understand others better by first understanding yourself. All participants will have the opportunity to take a Personality Plus test.

Everyone Wins with Exceptional Customer Service
Customer service is more than a written script and code of conduct - it is a cultural shift in your way of thinking. Glean from Brooke's insights on what customers want and how to give it to them.

Employee Retention: What's the Billion-Dollar Secret?
Employee turnover costs American businesses billions of dollars each year. Learn how to motivate employees, invest in their futures, and inspire them to accomplish business goals.

Starting Your Own Business
Starting a business is very risky. Learn how persistence, faith in God, and a strong network can help you succeed as an entrepreneur. Tap into all the resources available to you as a potential business owner. Brooke has been there and done that. Let her point you in the right direction with her valuable experiences.


What Others Are Saying About Brooke . . .

"What fun it is to spend time with Brooke on a personal and professional level. She is engaging and exciting and is flexible enough to fit her presentation to the audience of the moment. Her sense of humor, practical suggestions, and captivating personality will reach the hearts of the listeners and send them off motivated to achieve greater goals than ever before."
Florence Littauer
Founder, CLASSeminar and Speaker/Author: Personality Plus, Silver Boxes

"Brooke communicates with humor and passion."
Cynthia Prime
President, Winning Strategies

"Because Brooke speaks from the heart, she is believable and would be an asset on any speaking platform."
Theresa Weber
Training Director, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America



Brooke Billingsley Travels from Indiana
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