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Burrell, Annette

Annette Burrell
Conference Speaker
Singer / Songwriter
Author of
"He Gave Me a Song"
and the children's series
"The Adventures of Danny Cricket"


Travels from Georgia


Annette Burrell's gracious spirit and subtle sense of humor keep audiences engaged.  She has a gift of painting a picture that leaves audience members wondering if the message was meant specifically for them.  Her message is always that of encouragement in times when life can seem discouraging.  In everything, her message always points back to the One who gives hope -- her Savior Jesus Christ.
Annette had a conversion experience as a teenager but did not follow through with discipleship until later in life.  She has a passion for mentoring and discipling younger women to have a daily walk with the Lord.  She and her husband blended their families in 1994 and missed the mark on how to blend successfully.  It wasn't until they both began reading daily devotionals and opening the Word in study that they realized God is the perfector and finisher of their faith.  By being faithful to Him, He would be faithful to them.
As a conference speaker, Annette offers audiences biblical principles for facing life's challenges and offers take-aways that will help put into practice what she taught.  In addition to speaking, Annette can also lead worship when invited to do both.
Annette is the founder and owner of ARB Bookwriters, a professional writing and speaking company.  Her primary services include speaking, writing (blogging, articles, fiction and non-fiction, children's books, devotionals, and Bible studies) and song writing (for self and/or commission work).
Annette is the author of six books.  "He Gave Me a Song" is the story of how God changed her life when He came to her in a series of dreams over the course of a week.  "The Adventures of Danny Cricket" is a series of children's books.  Children experience the science of insects, history, and the salvation story in these five books.
Annette is also a songwriter and artist.  She makes her artwork, books, and music available to audiencs at all her speaking events.

Speaking Topics
Annette is open to incorporating your event's theme into her message(s) or developing a new message(s) specifically for your event theme.
The Healthy Way to Grow
Annette points audiences straight to the scriptures of I Corinthians and uses Paul's letters and teachings to show Christians how to grow in the knowledge of God.  This message is great for churches and groups who are struggling to know what the next step is in growing young Christians.
This message compares superheroes from the big screen to those of the Old Testament.  Annette uses audience participation to make the message "real" and "relatable."  It also draws the audience in to see that Annette is on their level.
Growing Old Ain't for Sissies
Annette has experienced what it's like to add medical specialist to her list of doctors.  She has a few more wrinkles, more gray hairs, and a few more pounds since retiring in 2013.  But she has chosen to embrace it and enjoy the ride.  She starts a list to share with her daughters what her mother didn't share with her.  All is revealed in "Growing Old Ain't for Sissies."
Colored Lighted, White Lights, Spot Lights
CHRISTMAS MESSAGE ... Annette spent so much time trying to put her mark on decorating for Christmas that she missed the real light.  While she includes the story of how her blended family learned to navigate the holidays, her message helps every women to "find the light."
I've Told You a Hundred Times ...
Most women can relate to Annette's making the point through sharing personal experiences with her husband, children, sister, etc., that we all have that nature in us to do what we are told not to do.  There are always consequences.  Beginning with the Fall, Anette entwines the Adam and Eve story into her presentation.

"Annette is an anointed vessel for God.  She teaches the Gospel with grace and transparency.  Women are always blessed by her ministry as a worship leader and speaker, as she clearly loves God's Word and joyfully shares it with others!"
Kimyetta Hayden, M.A.
Women's Prayer Leader
New Hope Baptist Church
Adjunct Professor of Communication, Ohio Christian University
"When I think of a mountain mover, Annette comes to mind!  She is resolute in her faith and belief in the one true God!  Annette genuinely cares about the salvation of lost souls.  She is a dynamic prayer warrior who speaks and worships God in spirit and in truth."
Felice Martin, Psychotherapist
BHA Counseling, Fayetteville, Georgia
"Annette is a gifted and prepared speaker, sharing her heart in word, song and deed, in and out of Bible study class.  I have enjoyed watching her grow spiritually over the last few years and have come to know her as a friend, not just a teacher."
Diane Evans, B.A., M.A.
Media/Instructional Technology Specialist
University of West Georgia
"Written out of a heart for God, Annette Burrell has crafted a Bible study of Genesis that takes the student on a journey of stories, principles, and application which will both enrich and empower.  If you desire a Bible study that will capture your heart and spirit, choose to walk this path through Genesis with Annette Burrell."
Joey Hancock
Ministry Speaker; Award-Winning Author
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