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Tim Childers
"Real-Life Solutions to Real-Life Problems"
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A gifted communicator, Tim Childers is a true professional with a no-frills, no-nonsense approach.  His approach - and his accent - have been favorably compared with television talk show host, Dr. Phil.
Tim brings to the table ten years of sales and almost thirty years of full-time ministry experience.  He is insightful, animated, humorous, entertaining, and practical.  Tim connects with audiences.  He speaks, teaches, and motivates not to tickle ears but to get results - to see lives changed.
Tim relates to his audience.  He relates to people - whatever circumstances they may be facing.
Tim is very transparent.  He has experienced personal tragedy and triumph ... and everything in between.
Tim Childers is a "real" guy who will connect with your crowd.  One person described him as "down to earth, to the point, and easy to listen to and understand."
Tim spent many years struggling to work for God and to live the Christian life.  Then one day God revealed a better way of living that comes through dying!
Discovering that dying to self and experiencing what it means for Christ to live in and through him was the most liberating event of Tim's life.  Through this one truth, God has delivered Tim from depression and much more.  These triumphs are infused into every message he delivers.
Tim delivers real-life solutions to real-life problems.
* * *
Tim Childers is publisher of Metro Christian Woman Magazine and ChristianBizList.org, and he is the host of the weekly radio show LifeLine with Tim Childers.  Tim has been a guest on many television and radio talk shows.  Tim is the author of The Secret Place:  31 Devotionals from Psalm 91.  He has been the publsher of Coasatal Christian Family Magazine which included a monthly article of encouragement called Line with Tim Childers.  He has also published 100 Hungry People Project, a 13-week online video teaching and Bible study series, and his blogs include LifeLineWithTimChidlers.blogspot.com and EveryStepVictorious.Wordpress.com.

Conferences / Retreats  . . .
ONE:  The Marriage Event
ONE Day that Could Change Your Marriage Forever
Tim and Debbie Childers' unique approach to a marriage conference begins with Friday evening dinner or dessert theatre - event sponsor provides the food and Tim and Debbie present a dramatic, musical comedy and multimedia presentation depicting their journey through 36 years of marriage.  This unique blend of teaching, technology, and drama is at times hilarious and, at times, heart piercing.  Most importantly, it creatively illustrates what can happen when a husband and wife become ONE in Christ.
Saturday's schedule includes two morning and two afternoon sessions led by both Tim and Debbie.  The Childers' "tag team"-style presentation combined with their powerful, Bible based content keeps things interesting and keeps the audience riveted through the day.  If time permits, Tim and Debbie will lead a candid, interactive question and answer session.  The conference concludes with a commitment ceremony reinforcing "ONENESS" in marriage.  Each couple will receive a memento to commemorate the ceremony.
Family 101
Friday Evening & Saturday
Friday evening
Laying the Foundation - Tim (approx. 45 minutes)
Lots of fun and laughter.  Funny marriage and family stories leading to a clear presentation of the Gospel with an opportunity for salvation.  The purpose is to draw the people into the REALITY of the need for Christ to be the life of their families.  Also, this session sets up the Saturday sessions on "oneness" as a couple.
Parenting Seminar - Raising Kids That Turn Out Great! - Tim (approx. 60 minutes)
Practical teaching includes multimedia presentation throughout the session.  Some parts of all of the topics below will be offered in this portion of the seminar:
  • Growing with Your Children
  • The Priorities of Discipline
  • What Do I Do When My Child Rebels?
  • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
  • Have Fun with Your Family
Saturday Morning
Marriage Seminar - Tim & Debbie (3 sessions - approx. 2-1/2 hours total time, with breaks)
  • Session 1 - Tim (15 minutes of fun - ice breakers - wake everyone up!)
  • Session 2 - The Purpose of Marriage - Debbie (approx. 60 minutes)
  • Session 3 - Tim & Debbie (approx. 60 minutes)
Sunday Morning Service (Optional)
God's Blueprint for Families - Tim
A challenging message in the morning worship service(s)
and an unforgetable and moving time of commitment for families.
Men of Valor Conference / Retreat
Based on the life of Gideon, Tim Childers' teaching takes men on a journey of faith, emphasizing their identity in Christ.  "You are who God says you are!" says Tim.  Men wil learn who they are and what they have in Christ, making them MIGHTY MEN OF VALOR!
The Power of Knowing Who You Are
This conference for men and women is similar to Men of Valor Conference / Retreat.  The format for this conference can be customzed as a retreat for couples or used as a weekend emphasis in the church.
Leading From The Inside Out
This one-day church leaders' conference helps staff understand personalities discovery, passions discovery, spiritual gifts evaluations, dealing with difficult people, and goal setting for the individual and organization.  All of the instruments for discovery are provided prior to event date, completed by conference participants, and returned to Reality Group for evaluation.  Results presented at the conference.
How to Study the Bible
Most Christians do not study their Bible because they have never been taught how!  Consisting of four one-hour sessions, this conference will equip your church family, Bible study leaders/teachers and students with the tools to dig deep into the Word of God.  Topics include:
  • An Overview of the Bible
  • How to Use Bible Study Tools such as Strong's Concordance, Lexicon, Bible Dictionary, etc.
  • Preparing to Teach a Bible Lesson
  • Getting the Most out of FREE Online Bible Study Tools
  • This conference is a great weekend emphasis in the church or denominational association
Keynote Presentations  . . .
Leading From The Inside Out
Focuses on leadership fundamentals that key in on discovering one's leadership strengths and weaknesses.  Hilarious examples of leadership failures from years of experience, Tim Childers will deliver a powerful ending that will help inspire your organization to soar!  (30-60 minutes)
The Flow
When stagnation has set in, motivation has died, or discouragement reigns supreme, Tim Childers' study of the Dead Sea in Israel will help your organization start moving again.  Tim's vividly presented, descriptive message will help your employees see the importance of their service, and they will understand that going beyond what's expected of them will benefit their lives in ways they can only imagine!  (30-60 minutes)
Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude
Do you want to take your career or organization to the top?  The way you perceive your purpose, prove your vision, and power ahead will determine just how high you can go.  You will never ascend to the pinnacle of success with a low-thinking attitude!  Go on a journey through the valley to the mountain top and rise up to your true potential!  (30 minutes)

Testimonials . . .
It has been my privilege to know Tim Childers for more than twenty years.  He is a man of integrity, with a strong value system and he is an excellent communicator, both in the pulpit and the secular world.
Tim has a keen sense of perception and he knows how to listen so that he can meet the needs and objectives of the group that he is working with.  Add to this the many years of experience he has working with all kinds of people in a plethora of different situations and locations and you have a true Professional to work with your team.
You will be glad you chose Tim Chiders to share with you church, company or organization!
Dave Gorden
Certified Speaking Professional - Member Speakers Hall of Fame
President, National Speakers Association 1999-200
Tim Childers is a real guy.  He connects.  He engages with humor, pesonal story, and keen insight.  His passion for the Gospel is contagious.  He delivers real life solutions to real life problems.
Bob Christopher
People to People Ministries
Radio Talk Show Host, RealAnswers.net
I was moved, my heat was touched, something happened in my spirit.  A deep connection, a refreshing, a reaffirmation of truths alraedy planted and solid within me.  Those descriptions don't do justice to the last couple of days.  I guess I'll just say that God used you way more and way better than I coul dhave hoped, both for our church and for me.
Neil Stephens
Worship Pastor
Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Columbus, Georgia
What a blessing it was - having the two of you team teach a class on 'How to Study the bible'!  From Debbie's introduction of God's Word as His love letter to us, all the way through Tim's sharing his favorite - and now mine! - fre web resource, it was an amazing opportunity to expand what I knew about how to study God's Word.  What I learned from you will continue to be a blessing to me as long as I'm able to study my Bible - go forth and share this with others!
"How to Study the Bible Conference" attendee
Bobby and I were on that humdrum path of a lukewarm Christian, afraid to ripple the waters but knowing in our hearts that there had to be something else to our walk.  God set the plan in motion when we were called to teach.  When we struggled with how to do that, He sent you our way, and through your boldness and witness, He allowed our eyes, ears and hearts to open and hear the truth.  e are experiencing a joy now that we never had before and because of this we can testify even more to God's greatness.  In recent days we have had the privilege to watch others grow in the same way.  Because of your faithfulness and the dsire to speak the truth, lives are changing every day.
Dianna Griggs
Multi-conference attendee
Thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and writing this Bible study.  It is wonderful and so helpful to me.  You know I get discouraged sometimes.  I always remember how you have always taught us that the devil schemes are made just for us.  Bo, I don't know how peope that don't know Jesus get through the day.  I am so thankful for you and how easy you make it to understand the scriptures.  I can hear your voice as I study.  You talk my language.
Mary Watson
"Every  Step Victorious" online video Bible study participant

Travels from Georgia
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