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Coleman, Christopher

Christopher Coleman
Keynote Speaker - Life Coach
Author of
Solitary Refinement

Christopher Coleman Travels from Georgia
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Christopher Coleman was pronounced dead at birth.
After 15 minutes without oxygen to his brain, his wails filled the room at the moment his twin sister entered the world. Due to his traumatic birth, doctors diagnosed Christopher with cerebral palsy. Doctors told his family that this condition would prevent Christopher from ever moving, talking or even thinking for himself.
Placed into a "special school" primarily for physical care and not educational learning, Christopher was not given the opportunity to learn. So he began to teach himself the alphabet and how to read by sneaking his sister's textbooks out of her room after she had gone to sleep. This midnight mission continued for seven years. Everyday while in the care center, he would go over what he had read the night before in his mind while he was sitting by himself in the corner where they placed him everyday.
At the age of 15, Christopher left the care center and entered a more advanced special education program, where testing showed that he was reading at a 9th grade level. After months of insistence by his mother, he was placed into a mainstream high school environment. In the new environment, the teachers couldn't teach Christopher enough. One of them even called him "the human sponge" because he soaked up so much knowledge. He completed his homework each day before he left school, and he studied for several hours every night at home, as well. His grades were consistently at the top of his class, and he graduated from high school with honors and a 4.1 GPA, ranking 5th out of 360 seniors.
Following high school, Christopher entered Nichols State University's pre-law program. At the end of his sophomore year, he moved to Marietta, Georgia, and finished his undergraduate education at Southern Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Communication.
Since then, Christopher has gone on to become an author, certified life coach, professional speaker, and CEO. Christopher desires to use his disability to steer others towards living AN UNCONFINED LIFE.
He believes that his wheelchair never had the right to hold him back from achieving his dreams, and he encourages others not to let their "wheelchair" confine them, whatever their "wheelchair" might be.

Solitary Refinement: 31 Days to Freedom
by Christopher Coleman

As a professional keynote speaker, Christopher has traveled the world motivating, challenging, and encouraging people to find freedom by living beyond their circumstances.
"From a wheelchair, I have observed people avoiding issues I had to face. The one question I continue to be asked is, "In your condition, how can you enjoy your life ... when I am so miserable in mine?"
In an attempt to answer that question, Christopher Coleman invites you on a deeply personal journey to Solitary Refinement: 31 Days to Freedom.
Learn from his triumphant experience and discover how to have joy and peace through the circumstances you may be trying to avoid.
Courageous and uncompromising, this book will change and liberate your life ... but only if you accept the challenge within these pages to fully uncover and encounter the truth about yourself.

Christian Speaking Topics Include . . .
Not Letting Your Spiritual Wheelchair Confine You:
What Does it Really Mean to be Free in Christ?
People feel confined to a situation which prevents them from living the life God enables them to live. The message of "Spiritual Wheelchairs" shows how a wheelchair does not confine Christopher. He challenges the audience to not be confined by theirs.
Your Future is not Dictated by Your Past
Come Out of the Corner
Many people allow their mistakes to be dark clouds over their lives. The only time we should allow the past to enter our mind is to remember how far we have come from. Finding the point in our lives where we can forget what lies behind and reach forward to what lies ahead, is necessary to totally experience life.
If The Cross Is Not Enough, Nothing Ever Will Be "Enough"
Coming to the Realization that Jesus is Sufficient
The question is, "is the cross sufficient for you?" If a person lives eighty years and goes to church three times a week, only 1.78% of his life is spent in church. Therefore, the question we are confronted with can only be answered by the other 98.22% of our lives. If Jesus were to observe the other 98.22% of our lives, would He get the impression that He is enough for us?
Living Above The Circumstances
Life with Christ is Spiritual and Cannot be Confined to Circumstances
We falter when we try to live life based solely on the eighty years we have on earth. The problem this speech addresses is our spiritual relationship with God is based on our physical circumstances, when it should not be.
Never Let a Rock Take Your Place
Only You Know the Cost of Your Alabaster Box
Paul and Silas praised God in the midst of their captivity. It was that praise that allowed them to experience the miracle of God and true freedom. Maybe God is waiting for us to be like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and get in our minds that He is able to get us out of our situations. Meanwhile, even if He doesn't, He is still God and we still have to praise Him.
Disable Yourself for God
Displaying God's Ability by Recognizing Your Disability
Many Christians who accept God still try to live a Christian life based on their abilities and feel inadequate when their ability fails them. A worldly man impacts the world by recognizing his strength. However, the Christian impacts the world by recognizing his weakness.
Never Let Your Past Dictate Your Future
No Longer Living a Life Trapped in Bondage and Weighed Down by Baggage
The biggest thorn in the side of Christians is their past. They have failed to understand, receive and appreciate God's sovereign grace. The main Purpose of God's grace is to come to the realization that His sacrifice is sufficient enough for us to experience freedom from our past.
Living Unconfined Joy
Real Joy cannot be Hidden
Yes, sometimes the rain comes, the wind blows, and life can become cold; but the best fruit grows in tropical weather. Fruit cannot thrive in only dry or rainy climates. However, when the sun reaches the roots of a tree, its fruits starts to blossom. When the Son reaches our hearts, the root of who we are, joy will begin to be noticeable in our lives.

Corporate Speaking Topics Include . . .
Not Letting Your Wheelchair Confine You
Real Freedom Comes From Within
People feel confined to a situation which prevents them from living the life that they are able to live. The message of getting out of your wheelchair shows how a wheelchair does not confine Christopher. He challenges the audience to not be confined by theirs.
In Christopher's message you will discover:
  • Faith is a higher power than knowledge
  • Everyone is disabled
  • Accepting the truth of your disability will free you
  • Consequences are not a reason to stay confined to your wheelchair
  • There are no conditions that can hold us back


Overcoming Adversity
Moving On In Spite of Circumstances
Overcoming adversity has nothing to do with having the right strategy. It has everything to do with having the strength of your mind, heart, and soul as well as the conviction to deal with the issues. Attacking adversity is diligently searching for an opportunity for your life to be enhanced when it's all said and done.

In Christopher's message you will discover:

  • Being prepared for tomorrow means you are willing to sacrifice today.
  • Comfort, ease, recognition, and quick rewards are something we have to put off today in order to enjoy tomorrow.
  • Adversity shapes who we are as individuals. It puts us on the path of truth in our lives.


Success Comes From Within
Allowing the Internal Light to Light Your Path
There is no such thing as a glimpse of light. That little you see shining from within, trace it back to its original source. You will find there is more where that came from.

In Christopher's message you will discover:

  • Success does not come from acquiring, achieving, or advancing. It comes from growing into your true potential.
  • Opportunity comes from having the courage to make a change in order to live out the life you believe you can have.
  • Having a correct image about yourself allows you to correctly imagine your possibility and future.


Finding Success From Within To Take On Challenges
Real Freedom Comes From Wtihin
Real Value Comes Out of Man's Inner Being. Success doesn't come from acquiring, achieving, or advancing. It comes only as the result of growing to our full potential. We have to have the passion to change imagination into dreams and dreams into goals.

In Christopher's message you will discover:

  • What we believe will either destroy us or sustain us.
  • Our dreams are elevators that want to lift us up to a higher level. Sadly to say, very few of us push the button because of our fear of heights.
  • Life changing courage is applying ourselves to the intangible, invisible, and impossible in order to make it tangible, visible and possible.


You Define Your Limits and Abilities
Knowing Who You Are
We all must be given the opportunity to operate in the light rather than darkness. This means, in spite of opinions and situations we have to look at our strengths and weaknesses. We must have a clear understanding of who we are before the world tries to define us.

In Christopher's message you will discover:

  • One's capabilitiess and limitations come from within.
  • Embracing the truth, whether positive or negative will identify limits and abilities.
  • Individuals have the choice of becoming a victor over their environment, situation, and circumstances.

Educational / Non-Profit Topics Include . . .
Knowing You Were Created for a Purpose
Truth Filter - Separating Separating Facts From Opinions And Operating In The Light

Purpose is not a learned skill or a manufactured substance. It is discovered. Discovering your purpose requires you to bring your mind, heart, and soul to the table and define who you are. To find your purpose, you simply have to walk around the garden of your life, and pick the most beautiful flowers. That bouquet you now hold is your purpose for living.

In Christopher's message you will discover:

  • Our beliefs about ourselves cannot contradict our strengths or weaknesses
  • Every individual is the core and essence of uniqueness
  • Any individual with a mind, heart and soul is guaranteed to have a purpose


Embracing and Revealing the Person Within
Reflex Mirror - Looking At What Everyone Sees When You Respond To Life
You have to come face-to-face with your motives, character and conduct. A man that cannot see who he is cannot visualize who he can become. Reality is our friend that wakes us up before life passes us by.

In Christopher's message you will discover:

  • The difference between a dream and a fairytale is your ability to see your potential
  • The process of overcoming will change blemishes to marks of character
  • Purpose is useless without vision


Focus on Abilities, Not Disabilities
Elevating Truth: What Will It Take To Launch You To The Next Level?

We all have the potential of succeeding or failing. The opportunity to rise or fall is taken through the decisions that you make. Life is an elevator everyone rides. The button that you focus on will directly determine the direction you will go.

In Christopher's message you will discover:

  • Your situation is your platform for potential
  • Your internal strengths overshadow your external weaknesses
  • An able body cannot compare to an able mind


Healing the Heart, Mind, & Soul
Analyzing the Past, Embracing the Present, & Looking Forward to the Future

The most powerful medication to heal the heart, mind, and soul is the truth. Truth will not always make you happy, but it will always result in true joy. Truth causes us to look at the facts and the reality of the situation.

In Christopher's message you will discover:

  • The heart accepts or rejects truth.
  • A wound heals quickest when it is opened up and cleaned out.
  • Your soul uses the truth to settle the dispute between our heart and mind.


Exposing Your Internal Talents, Gifts, and Abilities
Combining Power - Gathering Resources From Your Mind, Heart, And Soul

It doesn't matter the size, shape, or style of a box. It is not recognized as a treasure box until what's in it is exposed. You cannot let your situation be a lock that prevents people from getting inside to see your gifts, talents and abilities.

In Christopher's message you will discover:

  • The moon can never truly reveal the power of the sun.
  • You know the value of a diamond by the way it is displayed.
  • You cannot expect people to see what you're not willing to show


Life Goes On
Moving Forward with Life

Adversities will occur in your life. There is no way to go over them, get around them, or go under them. You must go through them. Moving on has nothing to do with having the right strategy. It has everything to do with having the strength of your mind, heart, and soul and the conviction to follow through on the issues life confronts us with.

In Christopher's message you will discover:

  • Consequences are not reasons to stay confined.
  • Complacency only replaces effort, diligence, and a positive attitude.
  • Moving forward demands something to be left behind.


Testimonials . . .
"I would like to commend the ministry of Mr. Christopher Coleman to you. Chris has entitled his ministry Empowered Ministries. He feels so very fortunate, blessed and humbled to have been so radically changed by the power of Christ. By the way, that power has been demonstrated in such a marvelous way in the ministry of First Baptist Woodstock where he had his membership. He is greatly respected by the First Family and especially by me, his former pastor. I believe that Chris would be a great blessing to your church, youth group, singles ministry or any special occasion. I commend him to you with no reservations at all."
Dr. Johnny Hunt
First Baptist Church Woodstock
"Christopher Coleman has an attitude! Check it out, and you'll want it too! Look up the word "JOY" in the dictionary and you may just find Christopher's picture beside it. If anybody ever had the right to be a victim or be bitter, Christopher would qualify. But within seconds of meeting him you forget there is even a wheelchair. Why?
"It's because Christopher doesn't focus on his limitations or his losses. He makes an immediate connection with every person who has faced pain, rejection, postponement of dreams, or disappointments. He makes a huge first impression because so many people allow difficulties and delays to determine their attitudes and he's got the list. However, he doesn't wave it or wear it.
"From battles with cerebral palsy to childhood abuse, he has found a way to move beyond. Christopher immediately helps you see that performance or appearance doesn't define life. Let him challenge you with the real source of his attitude - a personal experience with a real God. There is a never-leave-your seat story when you open his package. You won't fast forward. You'll want to rewind again and again. You can't swap stories with him and come out on top. It's both intimidating and inspiring.
"Listen for a few minutes and you will trash every excuse you've used for not giving your best, wanting the best, and believing the best about God, your family, and your future. Take a risk. If Christopher has the courage to openly share his personal struggles and successes, then get the courage to schedule him. You will never look at God, life and limits the same again."
Russ Shinpoch
First Baptist Church Snellville
"With a tender heart and quick wit, he fearlessly challenges the Christian status quo and lovingly shakes the church from its lethargy. I highly recommend you have Christopher come and minister to you?
Dwight G. Watson
Road Pastor
"I am thankful for Chris' ministry in our services this past Sunday. His testimony and the message God gave him from His Word were a tremendous blessing. I personally was greatly encouraged and motivated by the things he shared. One of our men asked me afterwards with great enthusiasm. Another man called me this morning to tell me how deeply Christopher's testimony and message had touched both he and his 11-year old son. I'll continue to hear more positive feedback as the week goes on.
"Brother, from one servant to another, I want to encourage you to include Christopher Coleman in your ministry. I know God is going to continue to use him greatly!
"We'll look forward to having him to speak to our church again sometime next year."
Steve Varner
"I want to applaud Christopher Coleman for his considerable accomplishments. I believe his passion to encourage others is certainly remarkable, and that he will inspire all who hear from him. God bless you, Christopher."
Zig Ziglar, CEO
Zig Ziglar Corporation
"Christopher delivered an inspirational message at our 2000 FSM Conference that had a tremendous impact on our team. All of the comments we have received have praised his role at the event, and we can truly say that much of the success of the conference was due to Christopher's contribution. He will challenge and inspire your people on every level."
Mike McFadden
Sales Operations Director
Vector Marketing Corporation
"I would like to recommend Christopher Coleman as a motivational speaker for your organization. I have had the privilege of hearing Chris speak on numerous occasions, both in large and small settings. His delivery is very motivational and inspirational. His uplifting message of perseverance and dedication is contagious. He blends tragedy in a unique way that most anyone can relate.
"Recently he spoke to a large crowd at Lucent Technologies in Atlanta. The employees were very impressed and greatly appreciated what he had to say. Our company has recently gone through some very tough times, and Chris's message gave new inspiration and encourage to many"
Tawana Pitchford
Proejct Controls Manager
Lucent Technologies
"Christopher will tell you that his passion is speaking to people. What I see as his passion, though, is the people themselves. More specifically, helping and challenging the people he comes in contact with. Whether he is speaking to a group of employees or talking one-on-one with a friend at church, Christopher truly cares about where each person is in life.
"Christopher cares about people and desires to motivate and encourage anyone that will listen. He desires to see people reach their full potential, both professionally and personally. He does this is a variety of ways.
"His speeches provide motivation from personal testimony; but, if you were to ask anyone who has heard him speak, the true challenge comes from his living testimony. Christopher doesn't think of himself as disabled, and, I can attest, he truly is very able at anything he does. But that is where his testimony begins to challenge those of us without Cerebral Palsy. When we see Christopher leading his life in the same way as the rest of us, we start to see the things that we take for granted.
"If Christopher, being challenged in ways that I am not, can do as much as and sometimes more than I can, I find myself forced to re-evaluate my own life. What am I taking for granted? Why am I not where I thought I would be at this time in my life? Am I giving of myself all of what I truly can do?
"Christopher has a great gift for speaking to people. He has a greater gift of relating to people; and, his greatest gift of all is his commitment to himself. These gifts are what I recommend to you. I believe the Christopher will motivate and challenge everyone that comes in contact with him to a higher level of personal growth and commitment just by the man that he is"
Jeremy Sampsell
"It is both a honor and privilege for me to submit a letter of recommendation for Chris Coleman. I met Chris five years ago at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, GA, where we both attended college. While at SPSU, I got to know Chris and since then we have become great friends.
"My initial interest was sparked by my involvement with Push America, a non-profit organization affiliated with my college fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi. I invited Chris to speak to our group at our annual Empathy Training Dinner, and Chris was INCREDIBLE!!! I have heard him speak to a variety of different types of groups and organizations and what amazes me is his ability to connect with them all. Chris has a unique talent from the platform that can only be described as natural.
"The thing that impresses me the most with Chris is his never-ending desire to achieve whatever enters his mind. Many of his achievements thus far have actually be limitations that were put on him at birth. Being born with Cerebral Palsy, Chris was labeled a 'vegetable' - he would never walk, or talk, or amount to anything in life. Chris not only graduated at the top of his class in high school and college, he has also written a book. Being confined to a wheelchair has not stopped Chris from moving to Atlanta (from Baton Rouge) to pursue a life on his own. His recent attempts at walking (with assistance of a walker) have STUNNED all that know him!! There is no doubt that with time Chris Coleman will once again prove the doctors wrong by enabling himself to walk through sheer determination and will.
"Words cannot express the impact and inspiration Chris has touched so many lives with through his numerous speaking engagements. From a sales conference in California, to a local church group here in town, Chris has moved his audience to tears as he takes them through the life of what was supposed to have been lived as a 'vegetable.'"
Jon Hamby

Christian Clients . . .
Christopher has been blessed with the responsibility of ministering, encouraging, motivating and challenging the following organizations:
Burnt Hickory Baptist Church, County Line First Baptist Church, Crossover Community Church, Dykes Creek Baptist Church, East Cobb Baptist Church, East Wood Baptist Church, Fairview Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Acworth, First Baptist Church of Emanuel, First Baptist Church of the Islands, First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, First Baptist Church of Mableton, First Baptist Church of Powder Springs, First Baptist Church of Rome, First Baptist Church of Salt Springs, First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Fortified Hills Baptist Church, Glade Road Baptist Church, Glover Baptist Church, Hebron Baptist Church, Highland Oaks Church of Christ, Hillcrest Baptist Church, New Providence Baptist Church, New Victoria Baptist Church, Noonday Baptist Church, North Metro Church, Piedmont Baptist Church, Putnam Baptist Church, Trinity Christian Fellowship, West Millen Baptist Church, Wildwood Baptist Church, Windsor Forest Baptist Church
Christian Organizations
FCA Atlanta Staff, FCA East Cobb Staff, Georgia Baptist Convention, Penfield Christian Homes, Real Evangelism Conference, Streetwise Ministries, Word of Life (Portugal), Multiple Home Groups
Disability Conferences
COSBE, APSE, Georgia Department of Labor (Vocational Rehab), Corporations, Atlanta City Hall, Atlanta Falcons, Chick-Fil-A (Marketing Department), Chick-Fil-A (Branding Department), Coca-Cola, Comcast, Harry Norman, Realtors, Herschend Family Entertainment (Stone Mountain Park), Lucent Technology, Norfolk Southern Railroad, Phoenix Foundation, Premaco Inc., Push America (U.S. Capital), Rescue Atlanta, Vector Marketing
Christian Assembly, Collins Hill High School, Cornerstone Christian Academy, Covenant Christian Academy, Dodgen Middle School, Dominion Christian School, Durham Middle School, Etowah High School, Kennesaw Mountain High School, Lovinggood Middle School, Mount Paran Christian School, North Cobb Christian School, Pope High School, Rabun County Middle School, Sequoyah High School, Shiloh Hills Christian School, Shiloh Middle School, Sprayberry High School
Asbury Theological Seminary, Gardner-Webb University, Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State University, Milligan College, North Greenville College, North Metro Technical Institute, Southern Polytechnic State University, University of Charleston

Corporate Clients:
Atlanta City Hall, Atlanta Falcons, Chick-Fil-A, Coca-Cola, Comcast, Harry Norman, Realtors, Herschend Family Entertainment (Stone Mountain Park), Lucent Technology, Norfolk Southern Railroad, Phoenix Foundation, Premaco Inc., Push America (U.S. Capital), Rescue Atlanta, Vector Marketing
Disability Conferences
COSBE, APSE, Georgia Department of Labor (Vocational Rehab
Collins Hill High School, Dodgen Middle School, Durham Middle School, Etowah High School, Kennesaw Mountain High School, Lovinggood Middle School, Pope High School, Rabun County Middle School, Sequoyah High School, Shiloh Middle School, Sprayberry High School
Asbury Theological Seminary, Gardner-Webb University, Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State University, Milligan College, North Greenville College, North Metro Technical Institute, Southern Polytechnic State University, University of Charleston

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