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Demirkova, Ceitci

Ceitci Demirkova
 Motivational Speaker
Leadership Specialist
If You Have God You Have Everything
Motivated By The Impossible
Exposed to Hope
Founder and CEO of
Changing a Generation
Travels from Oklahoma & Washington

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Ceitci Demirkova is the Founder and CEO of Changing a Generation, a non-profit dedicated to the social empowerment and educational development of orphans and underprivileged children living in impoverished communities in Eastern Europe and Africa.
With over two decades of experience in the non-profit arena, cross-cultural communications and theological studies, Ceitci has become an internationally recognized speaker, leadership specialist, and philanthropist.  Her amazing story is one of tragedy to triumph, growing up under communism, and finding great opportunity in America.
She has authored six books, including her autobiography If You Have God You Have Everything.  Her best seller, Motivated by the Impossible, received three awards and became a #1 Amazon Best-Seller in Hot New Releases.  Her newest book, Exposed to Hope, is a collection of short stories about the orphaned and underprivileged children she and her team work with in Bulgaria.
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Born and raised in Bulgaria, a former Communist country, Ceitci's story is one of tragedy to triumph and poverty to riches.  Arriving to the United States at age nineteen with $100 and 100 words of English, her ultimate passion and purpose was, and still is, to help people.  Her personal stories of overcoming life's challenges and not stopping in the face of betrayal, discouragement or sickness are intertwined with her messages of hope, truth, love, and purpose.
After extensive studies in cross-cultural communications, public speaking, and business and leadership development, Ceitci has become recognized worldwide as a motivational speaker, preacher, and teacher.  Since 1995, when she founded her non-profit, Ceitci Demirkova Ministries, she has developed innovative training seminars on a wide-range of topics:  non-profit/profit business growth, creative fundraising methods, personal health and nutrition education, and individual discovery and fulfillment of all the potential God gives each of us.  Her heart's desire is to see growth in the lives of people by teaching them to understand their value and discover their God-given skills and destiny.
In 2008, Ceitci incorporated into her ministry an additional charitable organization called Changing a Generation.  By networking with pre-established foundations in various countries, her organization provides food, educational supplies, school tuition, and Christmas presents; and offers Biblically based curriculum to children of all ages who live in impoverished environments.  Currently, the organization works on a weekly basis in four regions of Bulgaria (Sofia, Veliko Turnovo, Ruse and Burgas).  Their secondary focus of outreach and educational development is in Uganda and Ghana.
Ceitci is certified with PeopleBest, Inc., as a Level 1 DNA Cultural Assessment Trainer.  Since 2012 she has worked with individuals, church organizations, businesses and government groups by helping them to create sustainable results in their personal and professional lives.  In April 2018, she founded the Invisible Mentors Academy offering online training courses and coaching.
Along with her many other endeavors, Ceitci has been featured as a guest on national and international radio and TV networks, such as Clear Channel, Daystar, TBN, CTN, and more.  She has authored six books; an autobiography If You Have God You Have Everythinga devotional series called A Cup of Inspiration, her best seller Motivated by the Impossible:  Recognizing Your Invisible Mentors which received three book awards and became a #1 Hot New Release on Amazon, and Exposed to Hope, a collection of true stories, poems and prayers for the abandoned children of Bulgaria.

Speaking Topics
Recognizing the Invisible Mentors in Your Life
Learn how to overcome each impossibility by seeing it as a 'mentor.'  Instead of being crushed by it, you will learn how to turn it into a stepping stone in your life that will serve as an empowerment tool to you and those around you.
Childhood Memoirs:  Lessons from Growing Up Under the Hardships of Communism & Socialism
A collection of stories from my childhood, combined with Biblical principles and important lessons on gratitude, overcoming hardships, and recognizing the greatness of America.
Voices of the Wilderness
Discover how to defeat the voices of the past that could speak louder than God's promises and continuously bring doubt and fear even while you live in your "Promised Land."  (Scripture:  Joshua 5 & 6)
How Do You Deal with Fear?
Why are some people more fearful than others?  Understanding the principle of "Value vs. Threat" in accordance to the Word of God, and how our mind works in stressful vs. peaceful environments.
Courage in Times of Uncertainty
Discover five principles on courage born out of connection and personal revelation of Christ and His Word.  (Scripture:  Joshua 1)
If You Have GOD You Have Everything
Making Christ central in your life.  Rather than being a bystander, is your faith in God active?  Using the Book of Acts, Ceitci shares principles on how to walk in God's miraculous power, combined with personal stories of healing, favor and miracles.
Getting Unstuck
Identify the seven barriers to fulfilling God's purpose in your life and how to overcome them.
Understand How Our Mind Works
Learn how to develop your God-given potential and fulfill what He has for you by understanding how our Habits, Attitudes, Beliefs and Expectations are formed.  Why they can limit us, and how they can help us.  (Scripture:  Romans 12:1)
Saying No to The 99 - And Yes to The One
Ceitci shares her personal story how God brought her husband after 44 years of waiting and praying.  It's a message filled with lots of fun stories, insight, and encouragement for those who are single and desire to be married.
Fighting for Our Children
(This message may include the following several topics in combination, depending on the audience.)
Trafficking, Poverty, Orphans, Abandoned Kids in Underprivileged Communities
Starting and Running a Non-Profit - Creating Success and Sustainability

Changing a Generation is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization established in Seattle, Washington as a division of Ceitci Demirkova Minsitries.  The organization was founded in 1995 by Ceitci Demirkova, CEO and chief spokesperson.  With a team of five US staff, 24 international leaders from Bulgaria and Uganda, and over 100 volunteers, we discover ways to show tangible love and hope to children, youth, and adults from around the world -- especially in areas where poverty and oppression dominate.  We focus on SOLUTIONS by IDENTIFYING needs.  By providing FOOD, EDUCATION, SAFETY, and SELF-SUSTAINABILITY, we CHANGE A GENERATION from living as victims of poverty and desperation to purpose-filled leaders who are victorious despite obstacles.

Endorsements and Testimonials
"Ceitci presents God's Word in a practical and powerful way.  Because of her unique background, she is able to captivate the audience's attention and impart into people from her own life experience.  Without reservation, I recommend her to you and your congregation."
Dr. Bill Wilson
Founder and Senior Pastor
Metro World Child
"Raised under the Communist rule of her homeland Bulgaria, this exceptional woman has gained a profound revelation of Christ.  Ceitci has dedicated her life to reaching the people of the world with the Gospel.  I sincerely believe that the positive faith teaching of Ceitci will deeply bless you and your people."
Dr. LaDonna Osborn
President and CEO
Osborn Ministries International
"Ceitci's story of living in Communist Bulgaria, overcoming great odds and moving persistently through obstacles and barriers from a young age is undeniably compelling.  Her understanding of the paralyzing mindsets and cognitive limitations that we humans face allows her to help move individuals and organizations towards a fuller potential.  Her wonderful spirit of intent matches her unique style and competency.  I highly recommend her for your church, professionally and personally."
Steve Murray
Lead Pastor
Real Life Church
"Many times, the difference between succeeding and failing is perspective.  Ceitci draws deep from the place of impossibility to motivate a current generation to arise to their purpose."
Pastor Luke Hodges
NorthStar Church
"As an author and speaker, Ceitci weaves together biblical insight, psychological understanding, and powerful stories in a beautiful tapestry of truth and inspiration.  She models courage and vulnerability each time she speaks.  We glean from the gift she offers, inspired toward fully becoming all that God wants us to be!  I recommend her without any reservation and believe her participation would be an asset to any audience."
Beth Russell
Executive Director
Serenity Life M.A. LCP (KS), LPC (MO), NCC, CPT, CCTP
"Motivated by the Impossible is one of the most powerful, mentally engaging, spiritually uplifting and motivational books that I have read in a long time.  It is a must-read for any person in a leadership role."
Cory Nickerson
COO, Osborn Ministries International
"Ceitci's engaging style grips the heart and soul.  Motivated by the Impossible helps people to see that the biggest challenges of life can be the invisible teachers God uses to help them become all that He intends for them to be."
Margaret La Pointe
Prisoners of Christ Outreach Ministries
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