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Joy Earle Travels from Georgia
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Joy Earle is more than a triple threat!  She is a top-notch comedian for audiences ranging from Sunday services to marriage retreats to women's conferences.  She is an excellent singer and worship leader with years of concert and recording experience.  And Joy is a motivational and inspirational speaker who is just as effective in a church service as she is at a national conference.
In her speaking to women's groups, Joy is passionate about encouraging women to grow in Christ while maintaining their unique personality and gifts.  Joy shares from her own life's adventures and takes women from laughter to hearfelt reflection.  Her words and her music lead women before the throne of the Almighty, while God applies the healing balm of His Word.
"For I will turn their mourning into joy, and will comfort them and give them joy for their sorrow."
Jeremiah 31:13



What Others Are Saying About Joy Earle . . .
"Joy Earle was an amazing speaker at our Christmas event last year at Mom to Mom. It was like attending a taping of the Carol Burnett Show. She sat on a stool with a few simple props, a headset and microphone and proceeded to make us laugh and cry for about an hour. Her message was clearly one of redemption and renewal. She so humbly and gently deflated the bubble of pretension and perfection we women tend to live in at this time of year and landed us on solid ground about expectations and priorities. Joy was delightful, funny, transparent and authentic. All of our ladies loved her and connected with her instantly. But even better was the way she inspired all of us to connect with Christ. And of course she sings like an angel. Any woman blessed to hear Joy speak this Season will truly have a Merry Christmas. I highly recommend Joy Earle for any speaking event."
Venita Mitchell
"The word 'Joy' truly describes Joy Earle. A very talented speaker and musician, she brought a fresh approach to laughter to our ladies. I experienced women laughing, crying, and lives being changed as she related how God has a 'recipe for a happy life' for them."
Mary Cox, Director of Women's Ministry
First Baptist North Metro, Lawrenceville, Georgia
"Joy is the whipped cream for any meeting or conference."
Jane Barnard, Women's Ministry
First Baptist Church, Jonesboro, Georgia
"Pulled muscles! That's what you will experience after an evening with Joy. You will laugh till your sides hurt and at the same time exercise your heart with the hope and encouragement of the Spiriti. Serious fun. Serious joy. True Joy!"
Jill Smith, Co-Director of Women's Ministry
Burnt Hickory Baptist Church, Kennesaw, Georgia
"Once in a while you encounter a personal who has such charisma you never forget them. Joy Earle is this type of person. God has blessed Joy with the ability to bend you over in laughter one minute, and bring you to your knees in worship the next."
Janice Brown, Women's Ministry Coordinator
Jersey Baptist Church, Pataskala, Ohio

Joy's Speaking Topics Include . . .
Recipe for a Happy Life
Based on Jeremiah 29:11, this frank testimonial introduces Joy to her audience in a way only she can share! The ingredients: love - her family ... friendship - special qualities ... forgiveness - life lesson ... laughter - in all circumstances even death? ... hope - her life's them.
Heart Contact
The phrase expresses what happens when Joy shares the intense experience of walking with God through her child's illness. Life changing and uplifting describes the experience.
Who Am I and What Am I Doing?
Based on Romans 7:15, the Apostle Paul laments, "Why do I do the bad stuff when I don't want to ..." Joy gives a blow-by-blow account of a day when she "blew" it. The story leads to an account in scripture of our identity as children of God.
Isaiah 61
As read from scripture, Joy uses this to give life application to women who feel spiritually bankrupt, imprisoned, and longing for freedom.
Godly Woman At Any Age
Let your light shine! You don't have to be a vessel that lives in a size 0 jean! God only desires an open and willing spirit. This session is fun. Hilarious for any woman who thinks that she needs a girdle!

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