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Matthews, Monica

Monica Matthews
Conference Speaker  /  Concert Artist
When Jesus Isn't Enough:
The Ultimate Meal for the Starving Single Woman
Radio Host
"The Monica Matthews Show"
Grammy-Nominated Vocal Artist

Travels from Georgia
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Hi, I'm Monica!
I'm a radio host, author, Grammy-nominated vocal artist, musician, Christian political and business consulant - did I forget anything? - oh, yes, widowed mother  of one amazing daughter.
That's me - Monica Matthews.  There's only one of me.  (Glory!)
I believe communication is key.  So I engage in candid conversations about faith, life and politics.
Why?  Because I can.
My friends would use one word to describe me:  Honest.
I keep it real for one reason - FREEDOM.  It's too important to do anything but defend it with Truth.
I am confident of my expertise in one thing:  my life.
I'm not afraid to apologize when I'm wrong, but ... just so you know, that's about as rare as a sasquatch sighting.  (See?  Sassy.)
A little more of my story ..
A widow to ALS since 1999, I'm a single mother to one college junior and owner of one POM puff named Bella.
I'm the daughter of a German mother and Greek father (hence my eclectic music genres).
I'm also the daughter of the most High God and fiancee' to Jesus Christ.
After six years in ministry, there's pretty much nothing I haven't heard or seen.  Nothing
Serving as campaign manager, speech writer, and minister - coupled with the struggles of single motherhood - have taught me more about life than a free Bernie Sanders Socialist education ever could.
And it's from all this LIFE that I speak, share, care, and seek to help YOU connect the dots.
I've got a lot to say and God said:  Speak, Girl!
So you can hear me speak on "The Monica Matthews Show" on WSB Radio Atlanta  - - and you can book me to speak at your next corporate conference, Christian women's event, political meeting, or singles retreat - - just call Stacy at The Robinson Agency (1.800.782.2995).  She'll make sure you have all the info you need and will give you a quick answer if you have a particular date in mind for me to speak at your upcoming event.
I've been nominated for a Grammy and serve on the legislative committee for the Georgia Music Partners.
My latest album, Windows, will inspire and refresh you on your spiritual journey.
I single in multiple languages and genres and will probably sing the national anthem in my grave.  Seriously.  I have been blessed to sing our nation's anthem for many sports and political audiences along with our military for myriad functions.  It is my honor as a citizen of this liberty-loving nation to represent her with my vocal gift.
These days I'm super excited about my first book When Jesus Isn't Enough:  The Ultimate Meal For The Starving Single Woman and I am enjoying sharing this message at conferences nationwide.
In it I chronicle my life as a single Christian chick.  It's juicy, it's honest, it's me.
It's the story of all my ridiculous choices and of God's faithfulness in staying married to the backslider - just as He promised.
It's a call to single women - and all women - to LIVE well and NOW.
More About 'When Jesus Isn't Enough' ...
To all those who feel lonely, empty, broken, forgotten, and starving for fulfilliment in life ...
If you're a single woman, you've heard it a thousand times:
We don't really know why you're still single, but hang in there, girl.  Just keep doing the right things, and God will bless you.  Jesus is enough.
But sometimes it just doesn't feel like Jesus is enough - - even though you know He should be.
Why can't you experience a fulfilling relationship with an awesome Christian guy - what's wrong with you?
As a single Christian widow since 1999, Monical knows what it's like to long for more.
Monical reveals how indulging in her own "buffets" left her famished and longing for food that fulfills - a feast from her Fiance' above.
What she learned and shares with audiences is that you can enjoy the most satisfying life by honestly answering the one question you've been afraid to ask:  Is Jesus really enough?
What People are Saying ...
"Monica Matthews is living proof that God uses our life struggles to create sparkling diamonds.  If you've ever felt discouraged, empty, or alone as a Christian woman, let When Jesus Isn't Enough encourage you to live in the freedom only Christ can bring.  Monica's new book is a deeply satisfying read for every Christian woman!"
Jaci Velasquez
Dove Award-Winning Singer,
Songwriter, Actress and Author
"Quick witted, strong, courageous, and authentic - get ready to go behind the scenes of Monica's journey that will inspire and give hope to many.  You'll learn the source of her true identity as she challenges you to dig a little deeper in your own journey of life."
Shannen Fields
Lead Actress, Facing The Giants
Speaker, Producer
"Monica Matthews is a force of brutal honesty.  With this offering - her labor of live for her Triune-God - she invites you to bring your hungry heart to the table and be fed.  Bon appetit!"
Ben Chambers
Director, Young Life
"As a widow since 1999 and a self-proclaimed woman at the well, Monical invites single women to feast at the table of Jesus and see that He truly is enough.  This is a powerful and inspiring read for every single woman."
Conference Speaker
Author of Finding True Freedom:  From The White House to the World
"Monica Matthews brings a lifetime of faith, moxie, and experience to everything she does.  From her weekly talk show to her ministry to her music and writing, Monica always delivers an entertaining - and inspirational - outlook on life and faith.  There's always an opportunity to laugh, cry, respond, and even take notes every time."
Scott Slade
Host of Atlanta's Morning News
"Monica Matthews is an inspiration not only to single or widowed women, but to married women as well.  She shares her experiences in a biblically solid way that spotlights the pure gospel. When Jesus Isn't Enough is a book everyone should read!"
Sheryl Griffin
Author, Speaker
"Monical shares openly and honestly about her life and journey to Christ.  Monica's easy-to-read style is candid and transparent yet convicting - as she points women towards Jesus Christ.  Her message for men is much needed too - to live responsibly, in honor, and with accountability."
Tim Echols
Georgia Public Service Commissioner
Ministry, Author
Founder of TeenPact Leadership School
"Tired of faking it?  Monica delivers a refreshing candid read for anyone who's ever felt like there must be more to faith and life.  Read this book now for an inspirational meal that will leave you focused on the One who brings true satisfaction!"
Bill Blankschaen
Author, A Story Worth Telling
Co-Author, You Will Be Made to  Care



Speaking Topics Include . . .
"THIRST" is a fun, challenging, safe, bold, life-altering message designed for single women who are looking cute while secretly living a half-baked Christian life, shouting for Jesus, circling the same old mountains of men, despair, debt, envy, drivenness (just to name a few).  Monica addresses topics such as career, dating, health, community, and the deeper issues that affect these areas of life meant to be lived wholly (and holy), such as:  identity, self worth, trust, fear, bitterness, despair, jealousy, and female friendships.  Let's shed the baggage and work this thing called singlehood!  This isn't about contentment in the 'waiting' ... this is about LIFE MORE ABUNDANT!
When Jesus Isn't Enough ... But He's All You Need
An ideal presentation for singles conferences or any 'single gals' event, Monica gets real with single women and offers an up-close-and-personal view into her 17-year personal journey as a widow and single mother.  Monica reveals an honest, real, and, at times, comical view of how single women around the world can see themselves through a different, hopeful, exciting lens.  Monical laughs when she says, "If I heard one more well-meaning married woman tell me how to live as a single Christian woman, I may have made the evening news!  Single isn't a four-letter word and we don't have to hate men to live it."
'When Jesus Isn't Enough' is a message that will personally resonate with many married women and will provide a better understanding of single women in their lives.  Monical also presents a version of this message for mixed audiences of single women and men.


Professional / Community Affiliations
ICCM (International Congress of Churches and Ministries)
N.A.R.A.S. / Voting Member (National Academy Recording Arts & Sciences)
CWIM (Christian Women in Media)
YWCA (Young Women's Christian Association)
BSF (Bible Study Fellowship)
Currently attends Passion City Church, Atlanta, Georgia




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