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Ronald J. McCray
Conference Speaker
Author of
Is God Who He Says He Is?
Co-Host of
Transformed Life Radio
"Now we look inside, and what we see
is that anyone united with the Messiah
gets a fresh start, is created new.
The old life is gone; a new life burgeons!
Look at it!"
2 Corinthians 5:17 (MSG)

Travels from Maryland


Ronald J. McCray was born again on October 18, 2009, according to Acts 2:38.  He was called to the ministry and preached his initial sermon in 2014.
Since then, Ronald has traveled the country, ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
His testimony has been featured on a wide range of media, including CBN's The 700 Club, CBN News, Here's My Heart:  A Documentary of Surrending to Freedom, The Christian Post, Charisma News, and a number of other platforms around the world.  He is a blogger for The Greater Love Ministries and he co-hosts with his wife the radio show, Transformed Life Radio.
Ronald married his wife, Fetima McCray, in 2015.  They are the parents of their son, Alexander McCray.

Ronald's Most Popular Topics Include ...
Freedom from Homosexuality
In a world that accepts the idea that homosexuality is an absolute, Ronald J. McCray's personal testimony affirms that change is possible.
Can You Pray the Gay  Away?
What happens when the LGBT identified person gives their life to Jesus but their attractions for the same sex don't go away?
Accountability.  Everyone Needs Somebody!
It is important for every Believer to have at least one other person to confide in, pray with, listen to, and encourage.
You Can Overcome Sin & Maintain Your Salvation!
You don't have to make a slip a fall and fall into a bed.  God's grace is more than sufficient to keep you from falling and help you walk victoriously over sin.
Keys to a Lasting Marriage!
And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12).  With God at the center, your marriage can last.
Growing Together Through Adversity
Tragedy and hardship are inevitable parts of every marriage.  How you respond to life's challenges determines if your marriage will survive it or succumb.
Can Two People From Broken Backgrounds Have a Successful Marriage?
I am convinced our broken backgrounds do not disqualify us from a successful marriage.
Identity Crisis
I've been raped, abused, abandoned, neglected, and rejected.  Brokenness is all I know.  Can Jesus help me find my identity in Him?  Is new life really attainable?
Sometimes Healing Hurts
It seems much easier to mask the trauma, as if it never happened.  But true freedom takes place when you revisit the wounds and allow God to heal you.
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