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Pam Rosewell Moore

Worldwide Mission Work with
God's Smuggler," Brother Andrew

Traveling Companion and Personal Assistant to
Corrie ten Boom of "The Hiding Place"

Inspiring Author and Speaker

Travels from Texas
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Pam Rosewell Moore was born near London, and became a committed Christian at age twenty-one. She served as a short-term missionary volunteer for the Church of the Province of East Africa from 1966 to 1967 and in 1968 joined the mission of Brother Andrew, "God's Smuggler," a Dutchman who transported Bibles into Eastern Europe and other communist lands worldwide.
In 1976 Pam became traveling companion and, later, nurse to Corrie ten Boom, the Dutch Christian who was incarcerated in a Nazi prison camp and became known through her book The Hiding Place and film of the same name. Pam assisted Miss ten Boom until her death in 1983.

In 1986, the same year as her marriage to Carey Moore, she published her first book, The Five Silent Years of Corrie ten Boom. A second book was Safer than a Known Way, the story of her surrender to the will of God. Together, Pam and Carey wrote What Happens When Husbands and Wives Pray Together? She has also written Finding Your Way through Depression and Life Lessons from the Hiding Place: Discovering the Heart of Corrie ten Boom.

From 1988 - 2003 Pam served Dallas Baptist University as director of intercessory prayer and spiritual life. Pam and Carey live in Waxahachie, Texas with their two dogs, Toby and Janie. A noted author and speaker, Pam shares her heart of faith across America and the world.

Pam Moore's story includes her service in worldwide missions work alongside Dutch missionary Brother Andrew, "God's Smuggler," and her service as traveling companion and personal assistant to Dutch evangelist Corrie ten Boom of "The Hiding Place."  Yes, inspiring author and speaker Pam Rosewell Moore served side by side with two of God's most well-known servants of the 20th century - and today Pam serves God as a relevant, Biblically grounded teacher and storyteller, sharing her heart of faith and encouraging audiences across America and the world to allow God to 'write their story.' 

Pam's Personal Testimony:

The first of three children, I was born during World War II in the home of my grandparents in the village of Shepperton-on-Thames, near London. My father, Jim Rosewell, was a British soldier based in London, and at the time of my birth, both my father and my mother lived with my grandparents. My parents' home was actually in the seaside town of Hastings, Sussex, but as bombing of the south coast of England increased, they moved to Shepperton while their house overlooking the English Channel was used as housing for military personnel.

A deep, almost dream-like memory still remains of underground air raid shelters and a particular night when some ladies in the shelter shrieked because of a more immediate foe than the bombers passing overhead ... the presence of a frightened frog which leapt from person to person in the dark and crowded hiding place.

As the war drew to a close, my parents brought me back to their home at the seaside. Our church had been destroyed by the bombing and all over the ancient town of Hastings the huge scars caused by flattened buildings or skeleton-like remains of houses could be seen. Two more children were born into our family during that decade of the forties; Sylvia and Derek (to this day known as Digger).

Several years passed before our church was rebuilt, and in the meantime we attended "the emergency church." This structure had previously been a swimming pool which had undergone internal re-structuring to suit its new purpose. Here I learned about the Lord Jesus Christ and I loved him early. As a very young child (perhaps 5) I "gave Him my heart." And I knew He received my very young heart. From then on, the Holy Spirit wooed me, and reminded me of His presence often, but He was met by a resistant heart. It was not until I was 21 years of age in a beautiful retreat setting near Hastings that I came, as it were, face to face with God, and laid in his hands my right to my own way. Although I am melancholy by nature, pure joy, like liquid, filled me, the love of God nearly overwhelmed me and I became a different person.

God's way for me led me out of England and into many interesting and challenging adventures, the best of which was meeting and marrying my husband, Carey Moore. This took place after the completion of assignments which could not have been properly carried out except by an unmarried person. Carey and I have been married more than twenty-five years.

I want to stay close to the Lord Jesus all my life and through my books and speaking and the thousands of contacts life holds, encourage others to take the step which is a glorious paradox. Only those who make a complete surrender to the Lord Jesus will ever know true freedom. At that retreat on a particular March weekend in 1965, with the Lord's help, I made my abandonment to Him, a surrender which, I have found, needs to be renewed every day. The Lord Jesus is my King. He has never let me down and never will.

Books by Pam Rosewell Moore . . .

Safer Than a Known Way
(Chosen/ Baker)

Pam Rosewell Moore tells her captivating story of how, by relinquishing her greatest fears to God, she found everything she had ever wanted. Moving from adventure to adventure, she was led to work for Bible smuggler Brother Andrew, and later to serve as Corrie ten Boom's personal assistant. She describes her spiritual journey in a flowing narrative style, offering a close-up look at the need to trust God. Pam also gives us a rare inside glimpse of everyday life with Brother Andrew and Corrie ten Boom.
This is not only a compelling account of courage in the face of fear, but also a beautiful picture of how God can meet the greatest needs of those who surrender their fears to him.

Life Lessons from the Hiding Place

Corrie ten Boom was a woman admired the world over for her courage, her forgiveness, and her memorable faith. From her unforgettable experience in a Nazi prison camp during World War II to her remarkable life as a speaker and evangelist, Corrie's steadfast trust in God is well documented. Countless Christians hold her as the example of faith they would like to have in their own lives.

Pam Rosewell Moore, Corrie's constant companion for the last seven years of her life, shares never-before-published insights on this incredible servant of God, offering readers lessons on living a faithful life by exploring what made "Tante" (Aunt) Corrie into the wonderful example of faith that she was. More than a biography, this is an intimate inside look at a remarkable soul that helps readers to be more effective in their own Christian walks.

The Five Silent Years of Corrie ten Boom

In this intimate, loving look at Corrie ten Boom during her last years you will hear the true story of her struggle to communicate her love for her God during five years of stroke-induced silence.

Pam Rosewell Moore had her doubts when she interviewed to be companion of the much-loved author Corrie ten Boom.  Corrie's best-selling book The Hiding Place, which recounted how she and her family had hidden Jews during World War II in Holland until their betrayal and arrest by the Nazis, had launched for Corrie a worldwide ministry of travel and speaking.

Awed by the spiritual challenge this companionship posed, Pam wondered how she could keep up with the energetic 83-year-old. But God knit a strong bond between the young Englishwoman and the remarkable Dutch evangelist.

Then Corrie suffered a stroke. Hospitalization followed; physical therapy; then long, loving hours at home. Corrie regained a little mobility for a time until the next strokes hit. She never regained her speech.

But the ministry that had touched millions continued as Corrie communicated through her eyes, through elaborate guessing games with those around her, through silent intercession for people God brought to mind.

During those five silent years of imprisonment, Corrie's spiritual depth offered mute testimony to her ongoing trust in her heavenly Father. The details of these years will move all who loved Corrie ten Boom. They will encourage those involved with the elderly or handicapped and those who are themselves bedridden that God is at work mysteriously in and through even the most incapacitated. This book attests to the truth Corrie loved so dearly: that, in spite of everything else, Jesus is always Victor.

Finding your Way through Depression

Pam wrote Finding Your Way through Depression as a practical help and biblical counsel to get through depression. "I had to face it. This was depression," writes Pam. "Although I had always said it could not happen to a serious Christian, and I considered myself that, I was depressed. This conclusion brought a shaky relief, somehow. And at the same time it raised questions."

Have I been disobeying God?
Is there sin in my life?
Is this my fault?
Will I ever get over it?

Writing from the pain and progress of her own personal struggles, Pam Rosewell Moore uses narrative and illustrative examples to explore the nature and origin of depression as well as the struggles and complexities associated with it. This compassionate guide will bring comfort and understanding as it shows you how to overcome the illness and restore the heart.
Previously published as When Spring Comes Late

What Happens When Husbands and Wives Pray Together?
by Carey Moore and Pam Rosewell Moore

Praying together is not easy for many couples. There are hurdles to overcome - shyness, timidity, tiredness, and many others. And waiting for prayers to be answered can be discouraging. In this book, Carey and Pam Moore share their story - and the stories of numerous other couples - to show how to break through to the blessings of daily prayer.


Testimonials . . .

Brother Andrew, "God's Smuggler"
I see a very important principle unfolding in Pam's life. She has always been where God can use her to supplement the life and ministry of somebody who needed - you guessed it - Pam. With all the talents, love and dedication God has given her, Pam was there to assist in her unique way a person hurt by success, or hurt by a stroke, or hurt by personal calamities - and always her gifts came at the right time, thus enriching many lives. I know that the word surrender is not a very popular one, but the world would be nowhere today if there were not enough people who are willing first of all to do what God asks of them, and secondly to do what people ask of them.

Corrie ten Boom
My constant companion and co-worker in my home is Pam Rosewell. Pam comes from England; we are a happy team. She works side by side with me and is young and able. I needed her before as a fellow traveler, but I need her help now, more than ever, as a fellow teammate.

Ruth Graham
I am so happy that Carey and Pam have been asked to write the book "What Happens When Husbands and Wives Pray Together?" I seriously doubt if there would be many divorces among Christians if they took time to kneel in prayer once each day and each prayed for the other. I know this book will be a blessing to many couples and I hope it will keep many from needlessly calling it quits.

Your dedication to hearing God's voice and following it without hesitation is so encouraging to me. God used you in such an incredibly powerful way to bring the Holy Spirit and His healing and Christ's joy into this group of precious women. You embody the love and grace of Christ.
Vicki, Women's Retreat Leader, California

I came to hear you speak on Corrie but your personal insight on depression is what hit me. I now have a new outlook on depression and the suffering involved. If I hadn't been at the camp this weekend I may never have known that I wasn't alone in my struggle. I pray your message keeps getting told.
Maddie, who attended a retreat weekend in Minnesota

Maybe you already know the impact that you have as a writer. I encourage you to persevere. I gained new insights as I read. It wasn't the fact that Corrie ten Boom had been imprisoned that changed my life--it wasn't her story of hardship; it was her ability to center everything on Christ.
Rose, who read one of Pam's books

Travels from Texas
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