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A long-time Star Trek fan, Kevin Neece's interest was renewed when he began viewing the Trek TV series and films through the lens of his experience as a Christian pop culture scholar.
After two years of re-viewing and research, Kevin emerged with a newfound perspective on Star Trek and a strong desire to share it.
Kevin's multi-platform journey through Star Trek from a Christian perspective includes a variety of writings and presentations that consistently receive rave reviews.
Kevin's current work includes The Undiscovered Country Project - an ongoing journey through Star Trek from a Christian worldview perspective - and Jesus Films 101, an exploration of Christ in cinema that draws on his twenty years of research.
Kevin Neece is a media and pop culture columnist for New Identity Magazine and blogger for Art House Dallas, and a writer for several publications and companies, including Rethinking Everything Magazine, Next Wave Magazine, Breakpoint Worldview Church Report, Heritage Galleries, CrossingMusic.com, and Baptist Life.
He is a contributing editor for Imaginatio et Ratio:  A Journal of Theology and the Arts.  His work on Star Trek is featured in the book Light Shining in a Dark Place:   Discovering Theology Through Film.
Kevin holds a BAS in Communication and Philosophy and an MLA in Fine Arts.  He has taught university courses on fine arts, critical thinking, and cultural engagement and is a frequent lecturer on media, the arts, and pop culture from a Christian worldview perspective.
Kevin Neece has been a regular lecturer at the Paideia College Society's annual conference at Dallas Baptist University since 2004.  He is also an adjunct professor of Fine Arts and Developing a Christian Mind at Dallas Baptist University.
Current projects include Undiscovered Country:  Star Trek and the Christian's Human Journey, Christophy:  The History of Christ on Film, The Barefoot Living Project.
Other writings include A Hot Coal in My Mouth:  My Personal Journey with The Last Temptation of Christ, Fight of the Wild Goose:  Celtic Culture, History and Spirituality in the Music of Iona, Volume 1, Simple Plans and Open Hands:  A Vision for the Future of The Church in The Music of Billy Crockett, Man and Monster:  Identity and Destiny in Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy, The Good Fight:  Faith and Vocation in Rocky Balboa, and Alice Cooper:  Prophet of Doom.

Speaking Topics . . .
Media, The Arts, and Popular Culture
What is your church, educational institution or other group doing to engage the culture we live in?  How are you responding to and participating in the newest phase of the Great Conversation of ideas?  Kevin acts as your guide on a journey that will reshape the way students, pastors, professors, and everyday people interact with the world we live in.
For more than fifteen years Kevin has been writing and speaking on subjects relating to Christian cultural engagement through and in response to media, the arts and popular culture.  He speaks to the forefront of the intersection of arts and faith and makes compelling arguments for new ways of thinking about the interaction between Christians and the broader culture.
Uniquely qualified from his years in film school to his studies in philosophy, communication, technology and fine arts to his work as a film critic and his current documentary film projects, Kevin brings a thoughtful, insightful perspective to some of the most important and complex issues facing Christians in the current cultural converation.
Jesus Films 101:  A History of Christ in Film
For nearly twenty years Kevin has been fascinated with Jesus films.  He has made it an area of close personal study, even completing his Master's thesis on the history of the genre.
He has spoken to schools, churches, and other groups on the topic, presenting academic papers and leading discussion a screenings.  His continued work in this field is set toward a goal of creating the most definitive, comprehensive history of the genre ever written.
While this is a huge undertaking that will span several years, Kevin continues to write and speak on the topic and is sought as an expert on Jesus films, including his special expertise on the film The Last Temptation of Christ.
The Undiscovered Country:
Star Trek and the Christian Human Journey
Kevin became a fan of Star Trek during the run of Star Trek:  The Next Generation and ha sin recent years immersed himself in the Star Trek universe.  As a Christian pop culture scholar, he started seeing the films and television shows he loved in a new light.  The result has been "The Undiscovered Country:  Star Trek and the Christian's Human Journey" - the conference presentation, the academic paper, and the book.
Kevin posits that the thoroughly humanistic worldview of Star Trek holds remarkable and sometimes surprising parallels with a Christian worldview, often recovering important values that modern Christianity has largely lost.  From Kirk and Spock to Data and the Borg and including insights into series creator Gene Roddenbery's own beliefs, Kevin explores the philosophical underpinnings of Star Trek in a whole new way.
This presentation is appropriate for Christian events and universities, churches, and Star Trek, sci-fi and comic conventions.
Customer Service Principles
It's the little things that matter and the details that make all the difference.  Shaking the tree is better than shocking the monkey.  These catchy, oft-repeated phrases contain fundamental truth.
To truly change the culture of your company, Kevin teaches that the way we do business is not just the way we make money - it's the way we interact with other human beings.  It is important - and we can do it better.
Drawing from his years in retail and service industries, Kevin is a passionate speaker on the subject of customer service.  His unique perspective comes from his work at America's largest Christian store and from nearly two decades in video production.  From these and other experiences, he has crafted a view of customer service that subverts corporate convention and reclaims the primacy of customer care.
Customer Service Principles
for Christian Retail & Business
After working in every department from music and books to gifts and cafe at America's largest Christian store, Kevin emerged with a vision of customer service that goes far deeper than fattening the bottom line.  Christian retail is a tricky thing.  There is a fine line between ministry and manipulation, between the supernatural and the superficial.  Christian retailers walk this line every single day.
Kevin's passionate, thoughtful approach to customer service in Christian retail reminds us of why we got into this business in the first place.  It places the focus back on ministry, back on Christ.  Many long-time employees are feeling lost these days in Christian retail.  Frankly, Kevin sees the warning bells of the things he watched destroy a major Christian retail store.  He does not want to see it happen again.
Now is the time to change the way we do business by altering our focus and truly serving our customers.  Beautiful things are possible in Christian retail - far more than selling "Jesus Loves You" keychains.
Are you ready to refocus, re-energize and renew your Christian retail business?  It starts with simple things that make all the difference.

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