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Lynne Drysdale Patterson
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"Helping women connect with God,
each other, and their communities."
This is Lynne's vision and goal as she encourages her
audiences to discover their calling through God's Word.
Lynne's enthusiastic, humorous style encourages audiences to enjoy seeking God as they discover how His plan and purpose for everyone is to to bless others! Lynne has encouraged and inspired women with her message and music, her wit and warm personality in women's retreats and workshops, conferences, and ladies luncheons across the country.
A strong part of Lynne's heritage is music .. her grandfather, Hilleary Arthur Brown, headed the Philadelphia office of ASCAP (American Society for Composers, Authors and Publishers), and her great-grandparents were traveling minstrels. Lynne encourages her auidences through the words of songs she writes. Her talk "Posses Your Promised Land" is based on The Joshua Generation, a song she wrote which was recorded by Ricky Skaggs on his Grammy and Dove Award-winning album Soldier of the Cross.
One of Lynne's favorite expressions is "Look what the Lord has done!" As a musician, having performed on college campuses and supper clubs across the country, Lynne discovered her calling and the purpose for her music. "I used to sit on a stool and sing The Way We Were," says Lynne. "Now I use my gifts and talents for the Lord and give Him the Glory!" Lynne has appeared on a variety of television programs across the country, including: The Nashville Network, The Christian Broadcasting Networking, and the Christian Television Network.
Lynne is a conference speaker, author, Certified Temperament Counselor, and she earned a BA in Christian Counseling. As a gourmet cook and author of Feasts of Israel Cookbook: A Messianic Explanation and Culinary Celebration of God's Biblical Feasts, Lynne enjoys incorporating cooking demonstrations into her ministry sessions - especially for women's ministry events that want a truly unique and delicious experience!
A little-known fact about Lynne is that her song
Sanibel Island was played as the telephone system's
"on-hold music" at The Sanibel Island Florida
Chamber of Commerce.

Speaking Topics . . .
Your group is like no other.
With this in mind, Lynne will adapt any of her topics
to fit the particular theme, time constraint, or other unique needs
of your group. She is also available as a concert singer, or can
combine sessions of music and speaking for your retreat or conference.
Possess Your Promised Land
Whether you realize it or not, you are a in a battle! Are you prepared? Using her song The Joshua Generation, Lynne inspires, encourages, and equips you for the spiritual battles you will face. You will discover the who, what, and where of this battle - the Promised Land God has given us - and how and why we must possess it! Theme verse: The Book of Joshua; Hebrews 3 & 4; Jeremiah 29:11-13.
Beauty For Ashes (Isaiah 61:3)
'To give them beauty for ashes, the oil of gladness for the spirit of heaviness.' Originally written as a prophecy specifically for Israel having to do with the restoration of Israel (the Jewish people) out of the ashes of the Holocaust, Lynne sings songs from her Beauty For Ashes CD and speaks about how this scripture is mirrored in the Gentile's experience when one's eyes are opened to the Truth of the Gospel (to the Jew first and also to the Gentile; Romans 1:6).
Believin' Is Seein'
You've heard the phrase "You've got to see it to believe it!" But do you believe that? In this powerful presentation, Lynne reveals that in the Kingdom of God, He says we must believe Him and obey Him in order to see His precious promises fulfilled in our lives. You'll discover how to obtain these precious promises and receive God's epace and fulfillment in the midst of everyday life. Lynne finishes her upbeat, inspirational talk with her song Believin' Is Seein'. Theme verse: Hebrews 11:1-3.
Feasting With The Father
Did you know that our Father God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob calls us to celebrate His biblical feasts? You may be asking, "What are these biblical feasts and why should I celebrate them?" As author of Feasts of Israel Cookbook and worship leader in a Messianic congregation (Jewish and non-Jewish believers worshiping Jesus), Lynne explains the exciting plan God has for our lives as shown to us through celebrating His Biblical feasts in a New Covenant context beginning with Passover. Come explore the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith! Theme verses: Leviticus 23; Colossians 2; Matthew 5:17. (Optional: This presentation may include a cooking demonstration of Feast foods.)
Forgiveness: Our Foundation For Freedom
Are you burdened with rocks of resentment? Have you stockpiled stones of spite? Do you stumble over pebbles of problems with unforgiveness? In this presentation, Lynne ministers freedom in Christ in her song From Where I Stand, and shows you how to release these rocks, stones, and pebbles and be free to become all God created you to be - transformed into the image of Jesus Christ, the Rock of our Salvation.
Vessel of Honor ... or ...
How to be a P.O.T. After God's Own Heart
Are you someone God can use for His purposes? Using her song Vessel of Honor, Lynne encourages women from all walks of life by revealing guidance from the Word of God on how to become Fit for the Master's Plan to serve others. Theme verse: II Timothy 2:21.
Seasoned with Salt
Are your words always as Christ-like as you would want them to be? Do your words help heal or do they hurt? Lynne shows you how to choose your words wisely, using words as a natural preservative to build up and edify. Theme verse: Matthew 5:13. This presentation is ideal for mother-daughter-friend events, as well other other women's events.
Love That Always Will
Is your marriage everything God calls it to be? Lynne and her husband Bruce show you how love and obedience to God's Word provides key elements for building a strong marriage relationship. Bruce and Lynne earned a BA in Christian Counseling and are Certified Temperamentn Counselors. Bruce, an engineer and classically trained guitarist, composer, and arranger, having memorized more than eleven books of the Bible, provides unique insights into making marriage more meaningful. Lynne and Bruce provide a Biblical, yet light-hearted presentation on how to become a testimony of God's grace in your marriage relationship. Theme verses: I corinthians 13; I Timothy 3:1-16. This presentation works wonderfully with couples retreats as well as women's conferences/workshops. Lynne and Bruce end their session with songs from their recording projects, and special counseling if requested. Lynne and Bruce minister together at couples retreats, marriage seminars, special music, and concerts.
* * *
Lynne and her husband Bruce's Concert Ministry incorporates anointed singing and original music by these accomplished musicians and songwriters. The Pattersons' beautifully blended voices and Bruce's skill on acoustic and classical guitar uplift as well as inform the Body of Messiah.
Bruce and Lynne also offer Praise & Worship Workshops which address Biblical teachings about music and its purpose.

Testimonials . . .
I am pleased to highly recommend Lynne Drysdale Patterson as a speaker. Stonecroft Ministries is an international ministry established in 1939 with a missio nto glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and make Him known by presenting the biblical message of salvation. Lynne Drysdale patterson is an effective speaker for Stonecroft Ministries because she stayed within our guidelines. Our groups found her very personable, funny, and appealing to women of all ages.
Jennifer S. Baron
Area Representative
New Albany-Gahanna Christian Women's Club
Lynne does not compromise the Word of God. As she ministers to the people through he rmusic, her message is simple, direct, and cuts to the hearer's heart. Her soothing, clear vocal sound brings healing to anyone who will receive what the Spirit of God is saying through her music. She knows how to elevate her audience - both young and old - to the things that are lovely and pure because her focus is always JESUS.
Karen Casterline
Recording Secretary
Central Tennessee Area Board
AGLOW International
The Word of God reigns supreme "A Praise on Earth" their latest cd. I especially appreciated the marriage of New and Old Testament texts in "We See Yeshua."
Yuval Shomron
Jerusalem Bureau Chief
The High Adventure Global Broadcasting Network
Lynne is the author of Feasts of Israel Cookbook. She is a speaker, and provides cooking demonstrations incorporating foods used in God's biblical Feasts beginning with Passover. By incorporating recipes, traditions and inspirational insights, Lynne brings a fresh perspective to historically Jewish holidays, making them a celebration for today Christian celebrations. After hearing Lynne's presentation, the audience will leave with a sense of both their spiritual heritage and legacy.
Florence Littauer, Founder, CLASSeminar
Author of Personality Plus, Silver Boxes and Making the Blue Plate Special
Lynne Drysdale Patterson is exceptional in all she does.  The level of professionalism she exhibits is quite impressive.  That being said, her heart and love for sharing the Gospel message is, without a doubt, her passion.  She is an outstanding speaker, teacher, organizer, encourager, songwriter, and minister.  Lynne would be a great addition to any event.
Robin M. Bertram
National Regional Director
Christian Women in Media Association
Genuine and Powerful ... words that perfectly describe Lynne Drysdale patterson.  Audiences are captivated by Lynne's compelling way of sharing the Gospel message.  Her unique way of intertwining worship and biblical principles is a rare treasure.  I highly recommend Lynne as an artist or keynote speaker for your event. 
Dr. Tracey Mitchell
Evangelist, Speaker, Author
Executive Director, Dallas Chapter of
Christian Women in Media Association

Travels from Tennessee
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