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Cathy Lee Phillips
Georgia Author of the Year
Awarded by The National League of
American Pen Woman, Georgia Chapter, 2009
Motivational / Inspirational Speaker
Retreat and Conference Speaker
Business and Civic Groups
Church Services and Women's Ministry
Senior Adult Organizations
Author of
Silver In The Slop
Gutsy Little Flowers
Honey, There's a Cat in the Freezer!
Aging, Ailments, and Attitudes

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An Almond Joy Candy Bar ...
A lacy white training bra ...
A plate of warm, buttered cornbread ...
A priceless bouquet of seven pink roses ...
Does God use the routine to teach us eternal lessons?

Cathy Lee Phillips blends her background in the United Methodist Church with humor, warmth, and a distinctive southern flair as she celebrates the touch of the Divine in the ordinary things of life. God's presence fills each moment of our lives - the joyful as well as the painful. Whether in the humorous moments of childhood or in the frightening days facing her husband's heart transplant and his death in 1992, Cathy has learned to recognize the Silver In The Slop. So can you!

In addition to Cathy's books Silver in the Slop, Gutsy Little Flowers, and Aging, Ailments, and Attitudes (A Humorous Look at Growing Older Without Growing Old!), some of Cathy's stories have been published in Zondervan Publishing's Don't Stop Laughing Now (2001) - "The Almond Joy Incident" - and Zondervan's Faith, Hope and Hilarity - "The Bra of My Dreams," "Putting on the Ritz," and "The Big Hair Day."



Cathy's Speaking Topics Include ...
The Apple of God's Eye
Conquering the Winter of Life
The Fabric of Our Faith
Lessons from the Yellow Brick Road
X Marks Your Spot - Finding Your Spiritual Gifts
Aging Gracefully?
When in Doubt, Choose Love
Life vs. the Proverbs 31 Woman
Seeking Shalom
Joy Beyond Belief
Sing A New Song 

 "Whew!!  Am I tired!!  But I couldn't go to bed tonight without letting you know how much we enjoyed having you at Summit Baptist Church last night.  I hope you enjoyed being there as much as we enjoyed having you with us.  Meeting you is like meeting a long lost friend.  Thank you for coming!
Jennifer Gross
Women's Ministry Director, Summit Baptist Church
Acworth, Georgia

"Words are not sufficient to convey how blessed our 265 ladies were by Cathy's presence at our annual Tablescape Luncheon event today. Cathy was funny and fun, authentic and real and best of all helped each woman see God in her story. What a gift! Thank you so much for the Robinson Agency's help in securing our best speaker in my five years as pastor of women's ministries."

Sherry Harris
Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church
Birmingham, Alabama

"Stacy, I just wanted to let you know that we were thrilled with Cathy Lee!!!  The ladies could really relate to what she was talking about.  She was exactly what we needed.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who was looking for a speaker.  I myself haven't had a really good laugh like I did yesterday. They were either tears of sadness and reflection or tears from laughing so hard at the crazy things that she has gotten herself into.  We would be thrilled to have her come and be with us again anytime.  Some of the comments we received on the evaluation ... Fantastic, wonderful, God sent, Awesome, Amazing, Where did you find this one? Great job ... just to name a few.  Thanks for recommending her."

Teresa Huggins, Director of Women's Ministries
Living Word Baptist Church, Bogart, Georgia

"Stacy, what a wonderful night we have had.  Cathy Phillips was fantastic.  Everyone fell in love with her.  She was so in tune with our ladies and what they have gone though.  The Holy Spirit was present in her presentation, thrilling our ladies as well as staff and volunteers.  Thank you so much for your help in having her to come to our church.  We would like to have her again.  Our prayer is God's blessing continues on your agency and all you are doing."
Ron & Peggy Hewatt
Circle of Friends Widow's Ministry
Hebron Baptist Church, Dacula, Georgia

"Cathy Lee Phillips shared the evening with the Seasoned Saints, a group of Senior Adults who meet weekly for a program and dinner. Cathy immediately gained the respect and attention of the group. Her warm, gentle spirit is welcoming and attractive. The first time you meet her you feel as if you have known her for a long time.  Cathy's telling of her life story and the insights gained from the trauma and grief of the death of her husband is engaging. The purpose of her sharing is to connect with the lives of people in her audience. We feel her pain because it is familiar. In the sharing is the healing.  Cathy is honest about her life, her feelings, and her humanness. Her stories relate to our days and lives. She draws insights from those experiences that give us helpful perspective.  Humor is obviously a gift Cathy shares with skill and sensitivity.  You will enjoy Cathy Lee Phillips and you will grow by knowing her."
Dr. Paul A. Morris
Minister of Senior Adults
Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, Atlanta, Georgia

"I just wanted you to know I sent your books to my Mom for her birthday and by the time I talked to her that morning she was finishing up Silver In The Slop. She had read the whole book that morning! When I talked to her again she had almost finished Gutsy Little Flowers. She has really enjoyed them both, loves your stories, and says she looks forward to meeting you sometime."
Amy A. Hoogervorst

"Loved your book Gutsy Little Flowers. My daughter-in-law loaned me a copy to read. Jonquils in a Fruit Jar really touched my heart. Thanks for all you are doing. Keep it up!"
Virginia Byers
"Cathy did a great job and had a really good message that was just what our seniors needed.  Our group enjoyed her program.  Thank you for recommending her."
Joe Page
Senior Adults Ministry
First Baptist Duluth, Georgia
"I came home and needed that 'little something.' I picked up your book and started reading and could not put it down. I love your stories ... I'm sending your books to my daughter, who is a pastor's wife. I know she will be just as delighted as her Mom."

"I could not put your book down one night and finally fell asleep with it in my lap and my glasses on my face. Keep writing as long as these down-to-earth little stories keep popping into your head."

"God has truly blessed you with the talent for putting people at ease and bringing laughter to concerned and hurting hearts."

"Your message and stories have had a profound impact on me and I've shared them with several people ... please know that your ministry to women is filling a definite need. You have had to endure some painful trials, but God is using all of this in preparation for this season of your life."

"I have read your books and your website, and I think you are just the most wonderful little thing!"

"My wife came home from the Minister's Spouse retreat 'singing your praises' and carrying Silver In The Slop. I read it from cover to cover ... and I've already shared the first chapter with my staff for a devotional. They loved it!"

"It must be something in the water in Newnan for two great people to have been born and raised there. I am referring to you and Lewis Grizzard. Both of you through your books made me laugh and cry. Please send me a copy of anything you publish and I will pay whatever it costs. You have a new fan for life."

"You've just written two of the funniest books I've ever read ... I can't wait for the next one!"
"God bless you for the talent and spirit you brought to our church."
"I believe you have many and varied gifts for ministry you will find opportunity to use for the sake of God's Kingdom.  Already we see that you are making a tremendous impact."
 "We live in a world that NEEDS more people like you.  Even though it is obvious you have been through much adversity, God has given you the ability to still shine!  Keep up the good work."
"My neighbor lost her husband very suddenly.  She was devastated and very alone.  When I read about your loss and how you were dealing with it, I quietly took your book to my friend, thinking you spoke the words that I was unable to speak.  She returned the book and wrote, 'Cathy spoke my words, as well as totally captured the devastation I feel.'  Thanks for sharing your story -- I was grateful to have your words for her."
"The world needs more stories such as yours, more motivational and inspiring speakers and musicians that can lift us with a word and give us a glimpse of the hope that sustained them (and you) through crisis after crisis."
"I'm not sure if I had more tears from laughing or feeling your pain.  You are great!"
"My daughter and I both fall asleep with your books in our hands.  Silver in the Slop has seen many nights that it was slept on, tossed and turned on, and eventually kicked to the floor, so you know it's a good book if it looks like that."
"Thank you for coming up north and making a world of difference in my life.  Every day I think about you and the stories of your own life.  The stories you told seem to make it easier for me on those days that are rough on me.  I knew the moment we met that we would become friends for life, bonded by faith."
"Thank you for your wonderful, sweet, down-to-earth personality you have allowed the Lord to develop in you.  You have blessed me SO much."
"Know that you have made a difference in hundreds of people's lives in ways you may never know.  But I know you made a difference in my life and I thank you for that.  Keep being on the cutting edge."
"Cathy sure has a great attitude about life, and when she doesn't, she finds something positive in all the simplest things.  I'm sure she doesn't know how she has inspired people through her books, but I do love to hear her stories.  She has taken one of the most tragic happenings and turned it into a positive situation for herself and many others.  I am going to try to start looking at the glass as half full."
"It's all your fault!  I purchased two of your books this morning.  I have finished the first and am halfway through the second.  It is about 4:00 a.m. and I am still wide awake.  You can now add 'Doctor of Laughter Medicine' to your many awards and accomplishments."
"I am so blessed to have met you.  You make me laugh and cry all at the same time.  There were so many things I could relate to with my own experiences in life.  It was in God's plan for me to have met you."
"Your books arrived today.  I was like a little child anxiously tearing open the parcel!"
"I'm sitting in my kitchen looking at a bouquet of 'jonquils in a fruit jar' and praying for you and your ministry.  I've always enjoyed my jonquils coming up in the winter, but this year they mean more than ever."
"One of my Mom's favorite books was Gutsy Little Flowers.  Mom died in February after a long illness and as I held her hand, I told my Dad, Uncle, and Pastor that she was a 'gutsy little flower.'  For her funeral, friends in Mom's Sunday School class gathered all the newly-blooming daffodils they could find and prepared huge and beautiful, simple arrangements -- no bows or any other flower.  Whenever I see daffodils each February, I'll always remember my 'Gutsy Little Flower Momma.'  With gratitude for your gift."
"I read Silver in the Slop with my daughter, Clarissa.  She especially enjoyed reading it.  She would tell me, 'Mom, let me read you this story because it is so funny!'  Any book that can hold Clarissa's attention must be a good book.  Clarissa's favorite story is 'The Bra of my Dreams.'  She can relate to that story as we all can."
"I want you to know -- there have been speakers, speeches, talks, etc., in my life.  Know -- with my honesty and love -- I've never been more completely enveloped in all these others than I have yours.  Pink roses will be even more precious to me now."


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