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Robinson, Stacy

Stacy Robinson
Executive Producer
Of Multiple Award-Winning Feature Film
Stand Your Ground
Original Showrunner / Executive Producer
Of Award-Winning Television Talk Show
The Christian View and Co-Creator / Producer
Of Additional Television Series and Special
Founder / Owner, The Robinson Agent
Christian Speakers Bureau

Stacy Robinson Travels from Georgia
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Stacy Robinson founded The Robinson Agency (TRA) in 2002 in order to fill a need among ministry leaders and corporate event planners for a trustworthy resource to event planners, offering excellent Christian speakers and artists. TRA represents speakers and artists throughout the United States and serves churches, corporations, and associations nationwide in finding the 'right' speaker/artist to make their event or church service extraordinary.
Stacy's many years in ministry leadership include women's ministry leadership at First Baptist Atlanta, North Point Community Church, and Peachtree Corners Baptist Church. In her service as Director of Women's Ministry at Gwinnett Metro Baptist Association (GMBA), she had the distinction of being the first person appointed to Georgia Baptist Associational leadership to focus exclusively on Women's Ministry.
Over the past 25+ years, Stacy and her ministry teams have coordinated many conferences, banquets, etc., including the annual North Georgia Women's Retreat and The GMBA Women's Conference, a 4,000-seat bi-annual event. In her position with GMBA and now with TRA, Stacy has hosted many leadership training conferences, women's conferences, Christian speakers' workshops, ministry leadership networking events, and one-on-one consultations with ministry leaders and Christian speakers.
For two years Stacy worked alongside Atlanta pastors and business leaders, partnering with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association toward bringing Franklin Graham to Atlanta for a future city-wide ministry event. Stacy served on the steering committee, executive committee, nominating committee, and coordinated the city-wide announcement / press luncheon.
The primary ministry and business of The Robinson Agency and Stacy Robinson is to provide excellent Christian speakers and artists for church, corporate, and community events. Stacy enjoys speaking and consulting on occasion, as her schedule permits.
Stacy Robinson has served as executive producer of the multiple-award winning feature film Stand Your Ground based on the true story of TRA speaker Jackie Carpenter.  She has launched and produced a number of television talk shows.  She was an original executive producer and showrunner of the award-winning national television talk show The Christian View (2014-2015) and has helped launch and produce additional television series and specials.  Stacy enjoys working with talent in scheduling them as guests on television talk shows as well as helping fulfill the dreams of those whose desire is to reach millions by hosting their own television program.



Media Appearances . . .
Atlanta Live
Live television talk show - Multiple Appearances
WATC TV 57, Atlanta, Georgia
Nite Line
Live television talk show
Dove Broadcasting, Greenville, South Carolina
Club 36
Live television talk show with host Dorothy Spaulding
Watchmen Broadcasting, North Augusta, South Carolina
You Can Make It
Cooking show with Christian television
pioneer Joanne Thompson - multiple appearances
Watchmen Broadcasting, North Augusta, South Carolina
News 12 This Morning
Live morning news show - Guest Appearance
WDEF / CBS Television, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Friends & Neighbors
Television talk show - multiple guest and
guest co-host appearances
WATC TV 57, Atlanta, Georgia
The Dr. Beth Show
Internet-television talk show
Good News with Dr. Robert White
Georgia Baptist Convention, television talk show
Women's Ministry Television Special
WATC TV 57 Atlanta
The Dottie Coffman Show
Radio talk show, Atlanta - Multiple Appearances
The Larry Young Show
Radio, Atlanta - Multiple Appearances

Popular topics include . . .
For Event Planners:
Event Planning 101
Building an On-Fire Leadership Team While Avoiding Burnout
Planning Special Events with a Special Purpose
Retreat Planning: From Rustic to Ritzy
Bible Studies: Behind the Scenes
Publicity: If We Plan It, They Will Come ... Not!
For Speakers:
One-on-One Consultations
Professional Speaker Training 101
Your Ministry as a Christian Communicator
Working Effectively with Agencies and Speaker Bureaus
Marketing Your Speaking Ministry
Promotional Materials and Product
Effective Handouts and Visuals
Putting Your Best Self Forward
Polishing Your Presentation
How to Jump-Start Your First Book Project
For General Audiences:
De-Clutter Your Home, Your Calendar ... Your Life
Have you ever wished you were better organized so you would have more time to do the things you really love to do ... and perhaps sometimes do nothing at all? (Aaah! Now that should motivate you to get organized!) Beyond teaching how to organize the "stuff" all around you, this presentation also offers ideas and tips for better time management.
God decided that a day is made up of only 24 hours ... so 24 hours is enough time to do what each of us is called to do each day. This presentation teaches you how to de-clutter your home, your calendar ... your life!

This topic can be presented in detail as a series of presentations or as a single-session motivational presentation that includes specific strategies to become more organized and a better time manager.



Consultations . . .
Speaker Consultation
Stacy grants a limited number of one-on-one speaker consultations each year. A candidate for a one-on-one consultation would be an aspiring speaker or a speaker who wants to take their speaking ministry to a new level. A consultation is not a requirement for joining The Robinson Agency, and a consultation does not guarantee an invitation to join the Agency. To be considered for a one-on-one consultation, please email (email only) your brief request to Stacy@TheRobinsonAgency.com.
Event Planner Consultation
Stacy's passion has always been event planning - long before starting the agency and still today. She has been involved in leadership of events ranging from local church events, regional retreats, city-wide arena conferences, and currently serves on the Executive Committee for the April 2010 Franklin Graham "Rock the Rock" Festival at Stone Mountain Park, Atlanta, Georgia. She is delighted to consult with event planners, individually or event planning teams. For more information, contact Stacy at 1.800.782.2995 or Stacy@TheRobnsonAgency.com.
Women's Ministry Leadership Consultation
Having been in women's ministry leadership for 25 years for large churches and for an association of over 100 churches, Stacy is uniquely qualfied to offer consultations and training to women's ministry leadership. Ideally, she will travel to your church and meet with your leadership team following an initial telephone consutlation with the leadership team leader. Choices of topics will be discussed with an initial phone conference between Stacy and a team leader. Topics may include: "low budget and NO budge" event planning strategies; developing an effective leadership team; avoiding burn-out; working with your church leadership; reaching your community; reaching all women (business women, at-home moms, empty-nesters, young marrieds, homeschool moms, widows, etc.); event planning basics; publicity (for all areas of women's ministry); organizing a Bible study ministry; missions; prayer; and more - topics will address the unique needs of your particular ministry. One-on-one women's ministry leadership consultations may be conducted by telephone - or - when working with a women's ministry leadership team, Stacy will travel to meet with your team. For more information, contact Stacy at Stacy@TheRobinsonAgency.com or 1.800.782.2995.

Testimonials . . .
"If you are a Women's Ministry leader and have not connected with Stacy Robinson and The Robinson Agency, you have missed out on a tremendous blessing! Stacy encourages and educates leaders by providing them with networking opportunities and resources for personal growth. Her agency offers quality events where women in leadership can connect with each other and with the wonderful array of speakers she represents. I have been attending her events for years and have been blessed by how enjoyable she makes it to find excellent speakers / musicians for our ladies' events.
Nikki Babcock, Minister of Women
Lakewood Baptist Church, Gainesville, Georgia
"What a delight it was to have three hours with you on Saturday morning. ... The information you shared was clear, practical, and honest. I use honest because you were very honest in setting forth the challenges of the speaking world - this is no magic elixir to fame and fortune. ... Participants certainly leave your event knowing the basics of what they must do to present themselves professionally as a speaker. The fact that you wrap it all around your winsome smile and engaging humor ... adds to the warmth and sincerity of the information shared."
Tim Morrison
"Stacy, I am writing to thank you once again for providing us with a sensational speaker!!! Ann Platz spoke at our event "A Taste of Hope" yesterday, August 20, 2011, and wowed our adience with her heartfelt stories and messages! Her stories were poignant and Ann cleverly entwined their meanings to Karen's House of Hope, which, of course, was the purpose of our event. Ann was gracious, charming and witty. Even the men present were caught dabbing tears from their eyes! Our spellbound audience laughed, cried and gave Ann tremendous applause including a standing ovation! The attendees left the event with such positive comments and compliments about Ann and her stories: "Wow - She was great!" "She was a perfect Speaker" "I didn't think she was going to be as good as last year's event, but she was better!" "Where did you find out about her?" "She was so compelling, smart and honest!" "I wish I could hear some more of her stories!" I am sure my phone will be ringing on Monday with additional comments and compliments. Thank you, Stacy Robinson, for your guidance in selecting the perfect speaker for our event. I can hardly wait until next year! You are the perfect agency and know exactly what you are doing!!! I will be calling you soon. With Gigantic Smiles, Hugs, Hopeful Blessings and Especially Love,"
Debbie Cauthen, Director
The Cancer Network of Hope / Karen's House of Hope
"It was a pleasure working with Stacy Robinson and the Robinson Agency. Stacy was not only thorough with her client's information , but extremely professional. I look forward to working with her again in the future and highly recommend her to other media outlets!"
Stephanie Keys, Segment Producer
Good Day Atlanta, FOX-5 WAGA
"Thank you so much for your Speaker Training 101. This class was amazing! Your delivery was fabulous and your content was much more than I had imagined. I am glad that I took your class so that I know how to proceed with what I feel God has called me to do. I could not have gone any further without your class. I would recommend it to anyone who has been speaking for awhile to get fresh ideas, or is new so that they can learn everything they need to know to begin their speaking career!"
Murray Park-Reese
"I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for today's workshop. By the way, over the last year as Pat and I have promoted Painted Parables, people all over Gwinnett County have pointed us in your direction for advice and counsel. After today, I certainly understand why. Thank you again for the wonderful workshop. What a blessing."
Donna Lott
"I had a great time at the meeting. The information was great! It was 'stuff' I can use as a speaker or an event planner. I appreciate your push on sincerity and building relationships. You have always been very helpful, and I can never tell you how much I appreciate your help. May God continue to bless you, your family, and your ministry."
Lynda Gooden
"Your training was very timely for me. I had a TV interview yesterday to discuss my new book (When Life Gives You Lemons, Open a Lemonade Stand) and I used the information you shared with us! I also have several friends who wanted to attend but were unable. I will continue to share information about your services with them and others who are intrested in using their gifts to further the kingdom of God. Thank you!"
Elizabeth Wilson
"Stacy Robinson is a person who can be trusted to provide leadership with Christian integrity. She is a Christian. She is a leader, She is a meticulous planner. She is able to "think through" and "follow through."
I was the Associate Director of Missions for the Gwinnett Metro Baptist Association, and Stacy served on the Steering Committee for the Gwinnett Metro Baptist Association Women's Conference--1998, 2000, and 2002. Stacy served as the Chairperson for the committee for the 2002 conference. I could always trust Stacy to perform her assigned responsibilities professionally and on time. She was always a team player who did an excellent job with whatever she was assigned. She always displayed good taste, and she was professional in every sense of the word.
I highly recommend Stacy as an agent for Christian speakers and artists. She will do her best to represent clients and communicate with organizations who book her clients in a professional, Christian way."
Rev. Terry Cothran
"I have had the privilege of being the pastor of Stacy Robinson for several years wherein she developed a "top notch" Ladies Ministry in our church with far reaching impact. Stacy is not only a lady with great integrity dedicated to her family, but a person of high caliber business acumen. She will do well promoting persons for speaking engagements as her experience in this area already fits her well. I recommend her service to anyone looking for an organized and godly direction for promotional ministry."
Dr. Bob Horner
Peachtree Corners Baptist Church, Norcross, Georgia
"Stacy Robinson has blessed me and the organizations of which I've been a part for over five years now. As a speaker, she has inspired our homeschool support group, women's ministry leadership team, and event participants on topics such as organization, building a women's ministry, and hospitality. As a team, we've attended and benefited from training conferences she's coordinated and now, in my position as women's ministry team leader at our church, I'm thrilled to utilize her services as agent for speakers for women's events. Stacy has proven herself as a reliable resource whose follow-up and attention to detail is remarkable. Remarkable also, is the way God continues to bless her vision for women and enlarge her territory."
Susan Shay
Director of Women's Ministries, First Baptist Church of Smyrna
"It is good to know that we finally have an agency representing Christian speakers and artists! As a former pastor and now the CEO of Haggai Institute, we have endeavored to utilize such a service . . . but, regardless of the need, there was no agency to assist us. It's been my pleasure to know Stacy Robinson for many years. Stacy will bring to the entire Christian community the quality representation for churches and other organizations to enable them to select and secure the talent they need for special emphases or events."
Dr. W. M. "Bill" Hinson, Haggai Institute
"I happened to be reading the Gwinnett County Business magazine in late 2002 and found an article on a new company, The Robinson Agency, started by Stacy Robinson. The paper depicted a woman with a long history for putting together, organizing and kicking off events for a few to a few thousand attendees. I checked out her website. What a blast. I found speakers with a wide range of character, topics, and pricing. I knew the type of speaker I wanted, funny and uplifting. The women of our church needed a retreat that would make them laugh. I found Cathy Lee Phillips and just had to have her. ... Stacy runs a business that any church or organization would be proud to call their speaker agency. I have recommended Stacy and The Robinson Agency to every retreat organizer I have come into contact with and will continue to do so. I still hear accolades about what a wonderful speaker we had. The Robinson Agency makes you feel like you've been a partner with them for years. They welcome you in and gently and wuth great friendship direct and deliver to you the speaker of your dreams. And it doesn't end there. Stacy remains steadfast with her monthly eNewsletter update on new and exciting speakers, church leader conferences, speakers' receptions and a multitude of other services she makes available to you in order to make leading your Christian group a breeze."
Laura A. Bland, Pastor's Wife
Morrow Presbyterian Church
"I want to thank you for a very informative meeting today. I learned about things that I did not realize were important (like a demo). You also gave me information that I had asked others about but never received answers. Now I know the correct way to proceed. I am now equipped to reach out with a clear sense of direction. Also, after going through the materials that you gave us today, many of my other questions have been answered. I enjoyed the training and will gladly attend other training given by your agency. ... I'm sure that God directed me to the training today. God bless you."
Teresita Glasgow
"Just wanted to let you know that I found your speaker workshop very informative. Just the answers I needed to the questions I had. ... I wish you much success. I was delighted to feel that I got my money's worth."
Valee Smith
"Just wanted to write and thank you for the information you gave to all of us Saturday at the speakers workshop. It was a great success and full of useful advice. You answered many questions that I have had for some time. I believe the three hours I spent with you will save me many weeks of research time. Thanks so much!"
Debbie Rawls
"Really enjoyed the Speaker Training ... you presented a lot of "meaty" material in a short time - I was glad I came. ... Thanks again for a good class."
Marion Ivey
"I enjoyed your workshop and I found it helpful. I now feel a little less intimidated about calling churches to set up speaking engagements. I appreciate what you said - that it's not about selling myself - it's about building relationships with people. That's how I feel about marketing and networking my writing and it was nice to be reminded that the same principle applies to speaking too. ... Thanks again for all the great information."
LeAnne Martin
"Thank you so much for the wonderful class and all of the valuable information that you gave us!! I enjoyed myself and learned a lot!"
Ynes Rosas
"Your seminar was VERY helpful. Even though I have been speaking for a while, your information was just what I needed as there were some gray areas that are now clear. You presented a vast amount of material in an interesting, engaging manner which held my attention the entire time. Thank you so very much."
Carole Graham
"The workshop was great last night. The best thing that I learned was that a demo could be a CD. For some reason, I thought that it HAD to be a DVD. I could have had a CD a year ago. WOW ... you were terrific. Again, thanks for sharing."
Brenda Neal
"It was sooooo apparent to me and I pray to all the others there that God is your agent! Thank you for inviting me and sharing the wellspring the Lord has put in you! His light surely did shine through you last Tuesday!"
Jill Ijebuonwu
"This was an excellent seminar that was well worth the time and money. Stacy Robinson presented very helpful materials and offered many resources. This was not a sales pitch - instead it is essential training."
Jerra Dooley
"Thank you for the class "De-Clutter Your Home, Your Calendar ... Your Life." I have put into practice some of the suggetisons and plan to keep in mind the many things that we learned in the future to be more organized and make life a little more simple. Life is so busy for everyone no matter the age and situation, everything that we can do to save time for the more important things such as the Lord's business the less stressed and more effective we are. Thanks so much.
Your workshops are a God-given vehicle to help people in such an important way to be organized and to be good stewards of their time. One of the reasons I took your class was because my husband teaches a very large Sunday School class of mostly senior citizens and there are often unexpected situations such as hospital illness and funerals as well as the ongoing ministry to the members in nursing homes and homebound. It is very rewarding, however I find myself coming up on the short end of time trying to keep up with home, personal, and family things too. I know that the more organized I am and the more "stuff" I can toss, the more unencumbered and effective I can be with less stress. I am making progress and feeling great about my "journey to simplicity." Hey ... maybe I'll write a book with that title, dedicate it to you, and tell how Stacy Robinson of The Robinson Agency inspired me. I will plan to do that in my 'spare time.'"
Maxie Peace
First Baptist Atlanta
"The information that we received at Event Planning 101 was not only very interesting, but extremely helpful as our organization is just getting underway. Thank you again. I really enjoyed it!"
Dr. Yvonne A. Anderson

Stacy Robinson Travels from Georgia
For More Information: Call 1.800.782.2995 Or
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