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 Host of Award-Winning Podcast
Christian Outdoors
Award-Winning Author of Six Books, Including
Do You Enjoy God?
12 Steps to Enjoying God Every Day
Motivational and Inspirational Keynote Speaker for
Outdoorsmen Groups, Men's Ministry,
Corporate Meetings, Civic Groups,
Pulpit Speaking / Preaching,
Pastors Conferences
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Much of each year, Pete Rogers can be found afield enjoying God's creation while hunting, fishing, hiking, or camping.  These and other experiences have provided rich content for Pete's 1,000+ published articles and over 4,000 photographs.
When he's not outdoors conquering the elements, Pete is at his writing desk.  With six books thus far on his "author" shelf, Pete's most recent work and one that is very dear to his heart is entitled Do You Enjoy God? 12 Steps to Enjoying God Every Day.
Outdoors adventure organizations and men's ministry groups nationwide enjoy having as their keynote speaker the man behind the award-winning Christian Outdoors Podcast.  Pete overcame a severe speech impediment to become a respected motivational and inspirational keynote speaker for these groups, as well as speaking for corporate events, civic groups, and church pulpits.
Pete merged his passion for Christ with his passion for the outdoors when in 2019 he founded and launched Christian Outdoors Podcast, the fastest-growing podcast of its genre and listed among the Top 12 Christian Podcasts of 2022.  With over 150,000 subscribers and growing, Christian Outdoors Podcast is reaching new heights in helping people to enjoy God every day.  Learn more at ChristianOutdoors.org.
Pete Rogers is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and earned a Master's in Divinity from Erskine Theological Seminary before his ordination.  A member of several professional organizations, Pete is currently serving his second term as President of the South Carolina Outdoor Press Association (SCOPe).  Pete and his wife Susan have been blessed with five children.


Speaking Topics
Sportsman's Banquets and Wild Game Dinners

Churches' sportsman's banquets and wild game dinners bring hunters and anglers to church even if it is for one night.  The question is, "how can we reach these men and women with the good news?"  This is where Peter Rogers shines!  Pete establishes an immediate connection with your audience because of the shared love and mutual experiences of outdoor adventures as well as common life challenges.  Pete has hunted and fished in seventeen states and Canada.  For twenty-three years he has written for state, regional, and national magazines, and Pete has six books to his credit, including So, You Want to Hunt Turkeys? which was awarded the 2019 Outdoor Book of the Year.  Pete's ability to share with audiences his stories of hunting, fishing, and life challenges while merging them with his faith is second to none.  Countless outdoorsmen, women, and families have been entertained and blessed as Pete shares his passion for the outdoors and his passion for Jesus.

Key Steps to Enjoying God Every Day
Let's face it -- as Christians, we are taught to worship God, love God, and pray to God.  We have been trained to acknowledge God and recognize God's goodness and the beauty of his creation in things like sunrises, sunsets, and mountain vistas.  But have we ever been taught how to enjoy God?  Not just enjoy what he creates or how he blesses us, but enjoy HIM for who he is.  Using excerpts from Do You Enjoy God?, we will cover in detail how to move from acknowledging and recognizing God and his actions to a deep personal daily walk, enjoying him every single day.  This presentation includes personal stories touching on topics such as where does it all begin; created in God's image; enjoying God in the daily struggles, and more.
Outdoorsmen and Worship
Can you really worship God on the lake or deer stand?  In this keynote, we address some of the reasons many outdoorsmen use to avoid church and how to get them back in the pews.  Focused on sportsmen's dinners or wild game banquets, this talk directly addresses some of the reasons men are avoiding church and offers reliable reasons to become active in their church.
When God Calls -- But the Church Doesn't
Ideal for  Pastors' Conferences
Pastors and ministers in all areas face uncertainty as they await a call from a congregation to come and minister to them.  This presentation is specially designed for pastors and ministers who are searching for a place to serve; however, the principles apply to ministers in all categories.  Lay people can also benefit from this presentation as they seek to serve God with their gifts within their church.
Discovering Your Gifts and Making the Most Out of Them
Do you know what your spiritual gifts are and how to use them?  It is surprising how many Christians cannot define their spiritual gifts, much less use them in everyday life and in ministry.  I Corinthians 12 tells us that the Holy Spirit "gives gifts just as he determines for the common good..."  Your gifts are given to you uniquely by the Spirit of God to be used for the common good.  This message helps audience members identify their gifts and teaches them how to use those gifts to enhance their lives and the lives of those around them.
Don't Give In To Your Trials ... Let Me Show You How To Overcome
As someone born with a severe speech impediment, I have learned how to overcome huge obstacles to become an award-winning podcast broadcaster and professional speaker.  Some call it a stammer, others a stutter.  Regardless of the name associated with it, speaking was nearly impossible for me.  Now, years later, I host a Top 15 Christian Podcast, and I serve as a keynote speaker for various organizations and groups across the country.  Today, the speech impediment is barely noticeable to audiences, though I know it is there.  My path from an inability to speak to an award-winning broadcaster and professional speaker is a path not unlike many others.  Some are born with hurdles, others create hurdles.  Either way, you can defeat your hurdles and succeed in areas you never thought possible.  In sharing my own deep personal struggles of ridicule, harassment, and isolation, I encourage others to define their obstacles and develop a plan to overcome and the faith to know that God can and will remove their obstacles.
Succeeding as a Christian Business Owner in a Secular World
Challenges as a Christian can be immense.  Succeeding in the business world can create unforeseen challenges in many areas.  In 2005 I purchased a durable medical equipment company and within six years we had grown more than 350% annually before selling it in 2011.  Becoming successful and not compromising my Christian values and integrity was a challenge, but several steps allowed me to not only survive but flourish.

Comments from Podcast Audience
"Every time I listen to a new episode or re-listen to an old one, I'm blown away by how well this podcast is organized, researched, and delivered.  Incredible."
Christi Soltile
"This is probably the best, most thoroughly and well-researched podcast I've ever listened to.  So well done."
Zachary Friley
"Quality and excellence in everything."
"Very well done.  Very informative, intriguing storytelling.  I would recommend a listen again and again."
Abbie Garner
"I am loving this deep dive into an area of Christianity that so profoundly impacted my life."
Kenneth Thompson
"This podcast is created with excellence, a heart to expose, to heal, and a call for reformation.  There is so much to learn for everyone.  Its story captivated and challenged me deeply."
Jessica Copeland
"I enjoyed reading Do You Enjoy God.  This book helped me reflect on my life experiences to help me realize that without the enjoyment of God in my life I would not be where I am now.  This book reached to my soul to pull my Christian faith back on path.  Thank you, Pete, for sharing." 


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