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Takosha M. Swan
Combat Veteran, Iraq & Kuwait
Former Congressional Candidate
Keynote Speaker
Vocalist & Songwriter
Composer, The Veteran Anthem
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Takosha Swan is an author, entrepreneur, composer and singer.  In 2019 the Governor of Georgia appointed her to be a state public official for veterans.  She is an Iraqi war veteran of the 2003 war and a veteran of the Army National Guard during Hurricane Katrina.  She has served in two branches of the military.  She has also been awarded by the military for her inspirational singing of the National Anthem at numerous military ceremonies and balls and for her exemplary military service.  In Iraq, Takosha Swan created a choir with several branches of the military to accompany the chaplains and to keep the spirits of service members uplifted in a time of war.
With her composition of "The Veteran Anthem," she salutes service members and veterans with their own anthem, which she will be presenting to the United States Congress as an official national anthem for veterans and service members.  When the National Anthem is played, the flag is saluted, and when The Veteran Anthem is played, the service members and veterans are saluted.  Takosha proudly performed "The Veteran Anthem" for the Georgia USO located in the center of Hartsfield-Jackon Atlanta Airport, the busiest passenger airport in the world!  Now she is serving The Veteran Anthem to service members and veterans through "The Worldwide Veteran Anthem Tour!"
Takosha is the wife of a soldier who is still serving and has been serving for over 23 year.  Takosha also serves on the Georgia Governor's state Veteran Suicide Prevention Team as one of the team leaders.  She travels throughout the state of Georgia to help create local government teams for Veteran Suicide Prevention.  Due to Takosha intentionally overcoming so many obstacles in her own life, she has learned how to inspire others to do the same.  She is dedicated to her purpose, which is helping others reach their purpose, by helping them to see how much value they have to give in the earth.
Mrs. Swan holds a bachelor's degree in business management and a master's in business administration.  She has also completed a year of law school and she is a former state candidate of the Georgia House of Representatives.  She is the president of Business Women Consulting, LLC and the owner and founder of VeteransDoor.com which is an online community for veterans and service members to chat with each other about how they successfully transitioned from the military.
Takosha enjoys sharing her songs and her messages with civilian as well as military / veteran organizations.  As a Christian Believer, she enjoys every opportunity to speak and sing in church pulpits, Christian conferences, women's ministry events, student ministries, senior adult ministries, and church leadership training events.  Her presentations are appropriate and extremely well received by corporations, non-profits, and any organization that wants to honor and learn how to best support veterans within their organizations and their  larger communities.

Does YOUR organization have its own anthem or theme song?
Takosha works with non-profits, ministries, and other organizations that would like to have a song, an anthem, or theme music composed exclusively for their organization.  Contact Takosha directly for further information -- vdsupport@veteransdoor.info .

Speaking Topics
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I really liked the empowerment that it made me feel hearing your story and the other speakers' stories.  It really motivated me to really push forward more with my business and makes me want to really push myself to my full potential.
Cheryl Allen
Letter of Reference
Veda Brooks
Founder and CEO
V2 National Association of Foster Youth, Inc.
I am writing to provide a professional reference for Takosha Swan.  In my experience as the Director of Georgia's Women Veterans Office, Lead on the Governor's Task Force to prevent suicide and as the CEO of V2 National Association of Foster Youth, Inc., I have had the pleasure of working with many speakers, entertainers and business owners.  Takosha Swan ranks among the very best speakers and singers I've ever encountered.  Her speeches on the topics of Veteran Transition and inspirational speaker have influenced industry and non-profit leaders across Georgia.
Mrs. Swan is an inspirational public speaker.  Her passion for the subject matter is infectious.  In just one hour, attendees gain a fresh perspective on their current situation, allowing each individual to make intentional choices on how to move forward.  She does not follow trends; she goes deeper to inspire individuals at their core.  When Mrs. Swan speaks, lives have been transformed.  Having Mrs. Swan as your keynote speaker is a positive for many occasions.
At my request, Mrs. Swan has sung the national anthem and has agreed to speak at other veteran events in 2021.  Mrs. Swan is highly self-motivated.  She consistently pushes herself and those around her to continually raise the bar on performances.  She is a woman with a mission and is able to stay focused and on task.  Her professionalism is without question.
In sum, it is my pleasure to give Takosha Swan my highest recommendation as a keynote speaker and singer.  She is a dedicated and talented singer, educator and speaker who has dedicated her life to make positive change.
Please feel free to contact me at 404.358.1603 or vbrooks1@vs.state.ga.us should you like to discuss Mrs. Swan's qualifications further.  I'd love to expand on my recommendation.
Best Regards
Veda Brooks
Founder and CEO
V2 National Association of Foster Youth, Inc.
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