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Every individual on the planet is amazing; it's built in.  This is a fact Jerry Walker has seen validated time and again from Cape Town to San Francisco, Guatemala City to Atlanta, and St. Lucia to Dallas.
"We all perceive the world differently.  Some as a threat, some as a benign force, while others, like me, see a world of opportunity!" - - Jerry Walker
At our core we are meant to excel.  We can be ground-breaking entrepreneurs; paradigm-busting business owners; emotionally intelligent executives, managers, or strategists; hard-working, trusted team members; and highly prized emloyees.  We can be a success whenever and wherever we choose to be!  This world holds our opportunity.
Jerry has lived an amazing life.  He's been underwater to 215 feet and underground to 900 feet.  On stages from San Francisco to Cape Town, he has encouraged his audiences with the truth that we can be better than we have been and do more than we have done because we are hard-wired to be excellent.  We are, in fact, amazing!
Bringing more than 30 years of business experience in sales, law, business development, entrepreneurship, and management, Jerry has the background and skills to transform attitudes and outcomes.  Immediately implementable takeaways are guaranteed when this consummate professional keynotes or emcees your event.




Speaking Topics Include . . .
The Individual  |  The Team  |  The Organization
Recast the foundation of your organization's Team-Building processes to improve individual and corporate outcomes.
Ideal Audience:  C-Suite Execs, Leaders, Management
Structure:  Keynote, 45-90 minutes.  Customizable for Breakout, Full-Day Seminar, and Onsite Training
Taking a cue from life experiences, Jerry breaks down team building and teamwork to highlight the individual in order to recast how TEAMs can more effectively affect an organization's bottom-line outcomes.  The process of strengthening the individual fortifies not only the TEAMs but an organization's efficiencies as well ... one person at a time.
In this keynote, Jerry draws parallels from his most extreme team building experiences to demonstrate how organizational change can become a positive culture which does not exact a cost in jobs or shareholder confidence.  As part of a four-person team which dove to 215 feet scuba to the face of 'The Wall' in The Bahamas and a team of twenty who spent days at a time underground mapping Lechuquilla Cave in New Mexico where base camp was 900 feet below the surface, Jerry has experienced radical, successful team building with more on the line than lost productivity.
Benefits Delivered:  Audiences will leave with immediately implementable action items which will inform individual selection processes while redirecting and refocusing TEAM prerogatives, structure, and vision.
Enhanced Speaking Skills  =  Enhanced Sales Skills
Selling, at least to the buyer, is about more than hearing a sales pitch.  For the seller, it needs to be about more than mere words and deflecting objections.
Ideal Audience:  Sales Managers, Entire Sales Teams, Product Ambassadors, Trade Show Presenters, Trade Show Booth Attendants
Structure:  Keynote, 45-60 minutes.  Customizable as an Audience Interactive Workshop and Onsite Training
Many sales teams still believe selling is about the ability to beat back objections so they can get 'ink' as quickly as possible.
Jerry developed his VAMP Protocol for Outside Sales Teams, and its rationale can be applied in any industry.  From the perspective of a speaking professional, VAMP is about the laser focus required to impact an audience by what they see more so than what they hear.  Jerry asks, "With 55% of an audience's takaway being what is seen rather than what is said, why are we still focusing so heavily on the chatter?"
Benefits Delivered:  Immediately implementable VAMP tools and methodologies to enhance / improve speaking and communication skills; positively impacting sales and bottom-line efficiencies.
Recommended Option:  Sales managers may participate in a voluntary 180-day VAMP:  Dialog of Progress to track their organization's adoption of The VAMP Protocol and the resulting bottom-line outcomes.  No Additional Charge.  Participants may opt-in following their attendance of this program.
Custom Business Presentations & Services
Jerry's custom presentation services include 30 years of business experience in the discipline of sales, management, entrepreneurship, law, and business development.
Ideal Audience:  Business Professionals in all Industries and Disciplines
Structure:  Keynote, 45-60, 60-90, or 90-120 minutes.  Also available as an Emcee, Panel Moderator, Workshop Leader, and Breakout Instructor.
When you hire Jerry, you access his center-stage roles in:
  • Broadcast Television and Radio

  • Internet Television and Radio

  • Hosted Talk Shows on Broadcast TV as well as Internet Formats

  • Moderated National Panel Dialogs (Live on Stage, Live on Internet Radio)

  • Keynotes in the U.S., plus South Africa, Guatemala, and St. Lucia

  • Emcee for Local Meetings and National Conventions

Benefits Delivered:   Budget affirming, professional presentations able to impact colleagues and families beyond the venue.  Practical and implementable strategies which will enhance and improve existing behaviors and/or processes.  Thoroughly researched analysis on hot-button business topics.
MODERATED PANEL:   Emotional Intelligence or Employment Blackmail?
In the 1970s the standard bearer pointing to unquestioned success was a person's IQ score.  Today, in its place, a new standard bearer is rising up ... Emotional Intelligence.  Valid Reality or Employment Blackmail?
Ideal Audiences:  All HR Professionals, C-Suite Executives, Front-Line Managers, Union Executives, Business Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Labor / Employment Counsel
Structure:  Moderated Panel Dialog, 90-120 minutes.  Adaptable as a Keynote, 45-60 minutes.
It is hard to doubt the sincerity of Emotional Intelligence advocates.  On the other side of the debate are equally sincere objections to EI's continued adoption by Corporate America.  Is EI leveling the playing field, improving the workplace, or blackmailing its opposition?
In what is certain to be a timely panel dialog, Jerry moderates as an observer whose interests lie squarely with the facts and the best interests of employees, whether blue collar of white.  Is your Emotional Intelligence an issue, or about to become one?  Hire Jerry and empanel the debate at your next convention or conference.
Beneficlal Outcomes:  An honest and frank assessment of EI's correct place in the employment landscape.  Promotion and review guidelines based on the assessed outcome.
Please refer to Jerry's 'Custom Business Presentations & Services' for his credentials to lead this program.
MODERATED PANEL:  Love the One You're With ... in Business
This is about employees, employers, and ownership of outcomes generating a positive bottom line for both.
Ideal Audience:  All HR Professionals, Upper-Level Managers, Shareholders
Structure:  Moderated Panel Dialog, 90-120 minutes.  Adaptable as a Keynote, 45-60 or 60-90 minutes.  Panelists selected by the Client Business.
What if absenteeism, job dissatisfaction, habitual tardiness, and other woes an employer experiences are symptomatic of a larger dysfunction?  In small town 'Mom & Pop' businesses where employers know employees' hopes, dreams, and aspirations, there is a collaborative relationship.  Both parties take ownership of positive outcomes.  Why not American business at large?
Best as a Moderated Panel Dialog, Jerry's history of hosting live shows and moderating national panels, plus the authorship of a book on this topic, gives him the unique ability to guide this dialog.
'What if' American businesses served their employees as the Mom & Pops do, thereby leading to across-the-board reductions in the woes listed above?  It is possible employees will be more likely to 'lvoe the one they're with.'  Let's have the dialog ...
Benefits Delivered:  1.  A high-level exchange of ideas and ideologies on the causes, effects, and nature of workplace satisfaction.  2.  Dialog on the benefits and challenges of turning Human Capital Management into Collaborative Resources Development.
Please refer to Jerry's 'Custom Business Presentations & Services' for his credentials to lead this program.
WORKSHOP:  The Fearless Speaker Clinic
Jerry Seinfeld said, "Public speaking is the number-one fear in the United States ...  So, if you're at a funeral, it's better to be the one in the coffin than the one doing the eulogy."
Ideal Audience:  Everyone who wants to speak in public and fears it; everyone who speaks in public and desires to be better.
Structure:  Workshop, Half-Day
The fact is some people say they would rather die than speak in public.  Three things take place in front of an audience of any size:
  1. People who are afraid to speak nervously try to make it through their remarks without throwing up.

  2. People who are not afraid to speak treat silence between sentences as a crime while they murder the language and kill us with nonstop 'ahs and ums.'

  3. People who also are unafraid to speak but know how and who are an absolute delight ... only get five minutes.

The Fearless Speaker Clinic is designed to lend a lighthearted approach to public speaking.  Even the most fear-racked, anxiety-ridden, and stage-frightened men and women will be able to take the stage!  Attendees will learn the basics of vocal variety, proper posture, speech organization, eye contact, and meaningful use of hands, and movement.  An added bonus will be the elimination of keychain / loose-change juggling in the trousers of our male participants.
Benefits Delivered:  The ability to deliver prepared and off-the-cuff remarks with confidence.  The ability to use voice, posture, eye contact, and movement effectively.
KEYNOTE:  Camping, Caving, Hunting, and Fishing ... Let the Good Times Roll
The wild game banquet is a fixture in small towns, local churches, and everywhere the hunting and fishing culture in the USA is celebrated.  Truly, it is a slice of Americana ...
Ideal Audience:  The good folks who love the outdoors whether hunting, fishing, or camping.  Bring the wives, the husbands, and the kids - - and, if they'll let you, bring the dogs!  Civic Groups, Men's Ministries, and Men's Retreats
Structure:  Keynote, 45-60 minutes
Camping - an activity involving family or friends who may or may not see the humor in your weekend getaway idea
Caving - underground exploration of fragile ecosystems blended with a lovely assortment of fears, anxieties, and dirt
Hunting - tracking a good time for outdoor memories while hoping the wildlife doesn't see you, hear you, or run toward you
Fishing - getting near enough to the water to spend hours doing as little as possible
D.R. 'Duck' Walker taught his son Jerry how to camp, hunt, and fish - - how to do them well, and to never take them for granted.  Jerry picked up caving at Lockheed in their Marietta, Georgia, plant, but that's another story.
Our enjoyment of the outdoors is rooted in the fun and adventure we experience by growing up in a country rich in recreational land and experiences in the company of like-minded men and women, whether around the campfire or in the field.
In this inspirational take on the fun to be had while camping, caving, hunting, or fishing, Jerry shares the love with his audiences.  He, like his audiences, enjoys a well-told tale, how to build a good fire, be still and quiet for hours on end, bait a hook, and reminisce about the one that got away.  Let the good times roll ... or, as they say in one particular outdoorsman's paradise, "Laissez les bons temps rouler!"
Benefits Delivered:  Laughter, memories, and inspiration able to move audiences toward the greater things of life.
KEYNOTE:   Caretakers of the Dream
At about thirteen or fourteen years of age we begin moving away from childhood and toward adult decisions, driver's licenses, dating, and employment.  Too often it seems the dreams of our younger selves are pushed aside to make room for the responsibilities to come.
Ideal Audience:  Educators, Parents Groups, Civic Organizations, Churches and Faith-Based Organizations, Graduating Classes from High School or College, College Events and Chapel Services
Structure:  Keynote, 45-90 minutes.  Adaptable to include group breakout dialogs.
Are you a dreamer?
We all have them; dreams, that is.  Are the dreams of your childhood still alive, or have you given up on those flights of fancy?  It's so easy, so subtle, it's almost subliminal, the pull this world, this life, and the busy-ness of our culture.  Our dreams quickly fade in the bright lights of our own money, the first car, college, jobs, careers, love, marriage, children, bills, keeping up, giving up, and the drama continues to unfold until the curtain drops.
The call of this examination of youth and our role as adults in supporting and endorsing the dreams of our children is that we are the caretakers of the dreams of our children.  Through Jerry's own interaction with his daughter, who went on to conquer the worlds of her dreams, he realized how his own parents had been the caretakers of his dreams.  He had paid the thoughtful kindness forward to his little girl.  And we must also become the caretakers of our own dreams which often are threads still sown into the fabric of our lives.
Benefits Delivered:  A copy of Jerry's third book, Define Your Passion for each participant.  Also:  The 10 Takeaway Measures to immediately adopt in order to safeguard the dreams of the children in our lives.
KEYNOTE:  The Bible.  Applicable.  Practical.  Reliable.
Ever experience the Bible coming to life?  It changes your life, and you cannot return to merely occupying a pew on the Sabbath.
Ideal Audiences:  Men's Groups, Men's Retreats, Church and Faith-Based Conferences and Retreats, College and Career Groups,  College Chapel Services, Worship Services
Structure:  Keynote, 30-60 minutes
Creation miracles.  Miraculous healings.  Answered prayers.  The gifts of the Spirit.  The five-fold ministries.  All are operational in this dispensation.  None have expiration dates, and all are bathed in a singular and amazing declaration from Jesus of Nazareth.
Having personally experienced the Bible in real life, Jerry has enough of a hint as to how Peter and John felt, as recorded in Scripture (Acts 4:19-20), that he, too, will not deny or rescind what he has seen.  In this dynamic keynote, Jerry inspires his audiences with the encouragement that their faith is best and properly placed in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
Benefits Delivered:  A loving dose of truth based upon real life and real grace.  A copy of Jerry's first book, Embrace:  Meditations from A Word of Truth for each participant.

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