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Tammy Whitehurst
Joy for the Journey
Texas Raised -- Jesus Saved!
Loving all things Cheetah!
Motivational Speaker  |  Author  |  Blogger
Loves People and Loves Women Who Laugh

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As a motivational Christian speaker, Tammy loves to encourage and watch women discover JOY found in the truth of God's Word.  Whether speaking to a large or small crowd or anything in between, she helps people realize that they can have JOY in their journey no matter what they have been through or what they are going through at the present time. 
Tammy encourages her audiences to live an intentional and authentic Christian life that will bring them peace and overwhelming joy.  The keys to life are all found in God's Word which never goes out of date or out of style.  God's Word is always relevant.
Proverbs 17:22 tells us, "A merry heart does good like a medicine..."  We all need a whopping dose of 'merry' in the lives we live day in and day out!  Laughter can be used as a tool to deal with the difficult times in life.  If we can laugh, we can get through anything!
Tammy Whitehurst's goal of Joy for the Journey is to encourage and inspire women of all ages and from all walks of life.  Tammy speaks from the heart about what applies to the heart using laughter and life experiences.
Tammy's passion is to communicate the hope found in Nehemiah 8:10 - - "The Joy of the Lord is my strength."  She wants women to experience the JOY that is the result of having a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Her goal is to encourage and inspire women of all ages and all walks of life.  Tammy speaks from the heart about what applies to the heart, using laughter and life experiences.
She would love to meet you, laugh with you, and share about the hope and joy that comes when you know Jesus.
"You can have JOY in your journey"... this is the foundation of Tammy Whitehurst's message.  As an author, blogger, and full-time speaker, she encourages and challenges audiences to live life kicked up a notch.  She has been described as a hoot with a capital H!
Tammy has written articles for Lifeway magazines, Woman's World, Mature Living, Christianity Today, and many other publications.  She is the co-owner of the Christian Communicator's Conference, a training conference for speakers.  However, to those who know her best, she is simply Davis' wife, a former middle school teacher, and an empty nest mom.  She struggles like the rest of us with dust, dog hair, cellulite, junk drawers, and wrinkles.
In her own words ...
"I want to live my life to glorify God.  Though I am a very imperfect person, my hope is that His Light is evident in all I say and do.  Having become a Christian at 26 years of age, I am still amazed when I consider God's love for me through the death of His Son, Christ Jesus.  God guided me to be a teacher in the classroom for 16 years, but after having heart surgery in my 30's I also became a much bolder speaker for God.  I have Women's Ministry certification from New Orleans Theological Seminary and hold to the fact that man is unable to save himself and that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the Way, the Truth, and the Life ... no one comes to the Father except through Him.  John 14:6"





Speaking Topics Include . . .
Joy for the Journey
Joy is a part of life we can all experience.  It is a gift from the Lord!  Nehemiah 8:10 tells us "The JOY of the Lord is our strength."  In life, trials do come.  They are part of our journey, but when we give our worries and our most difficult pain to the Lord, He will restore our joy.  We can live our lives with joy and finish strong!
Girl Talk
Ever wonder why some people attract friends like a magnet and others don't?  What does God have to say about friends and close relationships?  We will talk about the keys to meaningful relationships with other women and laugh at how we are getting through this journey together.  This is the perfect keynote or a first talk to be used at a multi-sesions retreat or conference.
This talk is designed to help women get along better with those who rub them the wrong way and to find the right way to deal with difficulties that come into our lives.  Yes, we can have unconditional joy even in the midst of difficult times.
Get a Grip on Your Lip
Words are powerful ... take them seriously.  Change your words and change your world.  Faith has to move our mouth before it can move our mountains.  In other words ... Let's get a grip on your lip.
A Woman's Heart
Woman are like overcooked brisket ... tough.  Bring a woman is not all red hots and roses.  This talk is about the ups and downs of being a female at all ages and stages with lots of laughter to lighten the load.
Teachers Rock!
Teachers were called to do what they do ... inspiring, encouraging, and teaching our leaders of tomorrow.  "Teachers Rock!" speaks to he hearts of school teachers, from elementary through high school.  As a former teacher in the classroom, Tammy understands the ups and downs of being an educator.  Your staff will be laughing one minute and wiping a tear the next.  They will leave ready to go back to the classroom like never before!
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
When we turn our eyes upon Jesus, we can get through anything the world throws at us.  This talk ends with a salvation message.  Tammy shares with women about being in the pits and being rescued by Jesus.  It digs deep into the heart of every woman who wants to run this race with endurance.  This talk is excellent when speaking more than once at a retreat or conference.
Celebrating Motherhood
We gotta laugh to live!  Especially as mothers.  Being a mom is tough, but living without the hope we have in Jesus is even tougher.  This talk is about the ups and downs of being a mom at all ages and stages - - from inside the womb to empty nest.  'Celebrating Motherhood' is filled with funny and serious points.  Regardless of the dish life is serving up, we can throw our hands up in the air and take a laughter break when the joy of the Lord is our strength,

Testimonials . . .
"Tammy is not only a gifted speaker, she's a sassy southern gal whose charm and contagious joy capture the hearts of audiences.  Tammy's humor will have you giggling, but it's her heart for Jesus that will leave you changed.  Shes a must-see Christian communicator."
Becky Carpenter
Speaker, Writer
Founder, One Day Closer Ministries
"Tammy is not only a skilled communicator, but a kind-hearted follower of Jesus who oozes wisdom.  I promise, you will laugh and learn when you hear Tammy speak.  She's a 10/10 in my book!"
Sharon Tedford
Dallas, Texas
"I have had the privilege and honor of hearing Tammy speak multiple times over the years, and she never fails to bring people together with her relatable wit and courageous inspiration.  She is the very best at inspiring others in the most fun and relaxed atmosphere.  She brings out the best in educators and unites us to make a difference in the lives of our students.
Tim Norman
Superintendent, Hubbard ISD
"I thoroughly enjoyed each session Tammy presented.  She has a great sense of humor that is a gift from God.  She combines humor with excellent material.  The audience is captivated by her."
Lynn McClennan
Sevierville, Tennessee
"The Lord used you greatly at our Ladies' Retreat in Destin this past week!  I am still hearing from our women at MPBC about the blessings they received and what they hope to share.  Thank you so much for coming!"
Joy Callahan
Marcus Pointe Baptist Church
Pensacola, Florida
"Tammy Whitehurst is an absolute blast!  Her humorous style coupled with her amazing insight into God's Word leaves the audience uplifted, strengthened and filled with hope - no matter what trials they might be facing.  While she was sharing, I found myself thinking, 'keep going, keep going - I don't want this to end!'  Tammy is a treasure that you will want to book again and again."
Michelle Sullivan
Founder of Chocolate Cake Marriage
Laguna Niguel, California
"Tammy kept our attention with unending hilarious humor.  But then hit hard with real truth that you could take home.  We know of six ladies that committed their lives to Christ which was the most exciting thing of all.  I would recommend Tammy for any women's event whether it be a retreat, luncheon, or ladies night out.  You could never go wrong on booking this lady.  The love of Jesus shines through her life from the moment you meet her."
Pat Freeman
Pathways Church
Sevierville, Tennessee
"Tammy was everything we expected and more!  She even took time to minister to several ladies after the program had ended.  I have never had as much positive feedback on any speaker in 11 years!"
Patsy Tolleson
First Baptist Church
Madison Mississippi
"Laughter is such a good medicine.  We left the event encouraged, refreshed, and blessed by the joy that Tammy shared with us.  What a delight and breath of fresh air she is!  We will definitely have her back!"
Debbie Maurer, Director of Women's Ministry
Central Baptist Church
College Station, Texas
"We never invited a speaker back two years in a row ... until Tammy Whitehurst!  HILARIOUS, POWERFUL, AND LOVEABLE describe her.  Jesus' light and love radiate from her as she presents the Word like no one else.  Women left the retreat with their faces hurting and jaws sore from laughing, a pep in their step, encouraged, filled with hope, revived and refreshed.  Both years she has been our speaker, women have given their lives to Jesus.  Yes, souls saved!  I encourage you to invite Tammy to be your next speaker - she is absolutely amazing!"
Kim Patterson
Coryell Community Church
Gatesville, Texas
"No pretense!  No facades!  Just real, hilarious, blatantly honest, and Biblically sound.  Tammy recently spoke at our women's retreat and it was a tremendous blessing.  The women laughed, cried, and shared real life and heartfelt experiences under Tammy's gifted leadership.  She's a blessing and she 'sparkles' with the love of Jesus Christ!"
Mark Powell, Family Pastor
People of Mars Hill
Mobile, Alabama
"Tammy opened our hearts and eyes to see that we share many of the same issues.  We laughed and cried as she challenged us to be the women God created us to be.  Thank you for being a God-loving woman who loves speaking to women. God used you in a mighy way.  We love you!"
Sandy Meeks
First Baptist Church
San Angelo, Texas
"We have scheduled many speakers for workshops and seminars over the years for our teachers.  Never have we had such positive remarks reflecting how well the audience got the message.  Tammy's unique way of blending humor and professionalism made for an informative and entertaining evening."
Jan McCoy & Sherrie Rutledge, Co-Presidents
Northeast Texas  Child Care Association
"What a fabulous night!!!  Tammy blessed our hearts and spirits with laughter and tears.  She truly is a hoot and was exactly what we needed."
Pat Richey
Springhill Baptist Church
Mobile, Alabama
"Our expectations were blown out of the water with Tammy Whitehurst as our speaker.  We had almost 200 ladies at our event.  She walked around from table to table during dinner and spoke to the ladies, making personal connections with each table.  Her message had us laughing and crying and she brought us straight to the throne of Jesus.  Tammy went above and beyond as our speaker at Woodland Hills Baptist Church.  We were blessed to have her!"
Lindsey McClung
Woodland Hills Baptist Church
Longview, Texas

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