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Chirico, Patty

Patty Chirico

Professional Organizer, Bible Teacher, and Author of

The Genesis Principle: The ABCs of Throwing Disorganization,
Procrastination, and Personal Humiliation Out of Your Life Forever

Patty Chirico Travels from Georgia
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"I'm a former clutter mess. For years I struggled with hidden disorder and chaos. The junk lurking behind closed doors, underneath my beds, in drawers, and storage rooms robbed me of inner peace. My life was totally out of balance and my priorities were a mess. I was humiliated. I felt as though my life was impossible."

Patty Chirico discovered Biblical principles which dramatically changed and brought order to her life. She speaks on the four-step process which unlocks the secret of creativity and order found in God's design of creation.

Patty is the founder and owner of Jericho Enterprises, Inc., a professional organizing firm. Her services range from speaking and conducting seminars and retreats for businesses, churches, and professional organizations to consulting, coaching, and organizing individuals in their offices and homes. She is humorous, entertaining, dedicated, and motivating.

She has appeared on numerous live television and radio talk shows, including CBN's "The 700 Club," FamlyNet's Every Day with Marcus & Lisa, and Larry Burkett's international radio program, "How to Manage Your Money" with Crown financial Ministries. Additionally, she has also taught at universities and in seminars across the United States.
Patty Chirico enjoyed the honor and privilege to speak on organizing in Holland and to become one of the first Organizers instrumental in pioneering the business of Professional Organizing in all of Europe.
As a conference speaker, Patty offers audiences proven principles and practical take-aways that can transform an office or a home from disorganization to orderly sensation!
 Patty Chirico is the author of The Genesis Principle:
The ABCs of Throwing Disorganization, Procrastination,
and Personal Humiliation Out of Your Life Forever.

Patty Chirico's Topics Include  . . .

"The Genesis Principle"
Based on Biblical principles, you will learn the basic foundational truths of how to establish order in every area of your life. Patty teaches the four most important steps for implementing order in our homes and offices, as well as how to stay organized. Each successive teaching is based upon "The Genesis Principle," which is the most important to begin a clear understanding of organizing and is always taught first.
"The Jericho Principle"
"Jericho" is the principle most dear to Patty's heart, as it is the first teaching God used to show her the importance of cleaning out those hidden closets within each of us. In this session, you will learn how to tear down those walls which insulate us from having a close and intimate relationship with the Lord. An environment of prayer, such as a weekend retreat, is ideal for this seminar. "Jericho" has the greatest spiritual impact on our lives.
"The Noah Principle"
"Noah" takes "Genesis" one step further. Through many practical applications, this principle focuses on how to specifically organize offices and conquer the clutter of paperwork. If your group would prefer, this teaching can be directed with an emphasis on paperwork in the home environment rather than focusing on offices.
"Conquer Christmas Chaos!"
The simple and effective tips taught by professional organizer Patty Chirico will help you prepare your home for the holidays and alleviate stress at Christmas time.  By applying simple Biblical principles of order in your home, you and your family can fully enjoy the true Reason for the Season.

All of Patty Chirico's teachings are based entirely on Biblical principles. She does not teach doctrine, philosophy or theories, rather uses the Word of God as her reference.  Each Biblical principle can be adjusted in length and detail contingent upon your particular time constraints.  For a keynote speech and other speaking, a minimum of one hour is preferred.  Seminars, workshops and retreats range in time from two hours to entire weekends.


Patty ChiricoTravels from Georgia
For More Information: Call 1.800.782.2995 Or
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