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Claxton, Gary

Gary Claxton

"Mouth of the South"
Country Comic  -  Hillbilly Humorist

Travels from Georgia
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Gary Claxton's G-rated humor has entertained city folk and country cousins across the country. Gary has performed live at the Grand Ole Opry and Las Vegas, appeared on a variety of television programs, recorded several comedy albums, and loves to share his hillbilly humor at corporate, civic, and church events, as well as country fairs and festivals across America.

With the "Mouth of the South," what you see is what you get! This country comedian has his audiences laughing with him from the moment he walks in the room in hillbilly garb. Gary's clean, country humor can bring tears of laughter and delight while reminding audiences of cherished home-spun values. As hilarious and varied as his humor is, Gary never tells a story or joke that cannot be told with gusto at the old country church house.


I am from South Georgia. I was born on November 21, 1966 in a small farming community where my uneducated father worked for other farmers.

These were some hard times growing up in our little community of Cedar Crossing. I am the youngest of several children. Most of my life an uncle lived with us which meant 10 mouths to feed. We were poor, but by the good grace of God, we always got by.

Most of my humor, stories, and jokes are reminisces and yarn spinning of growing up in this environment. My mother taught us some things that she said did not cost any money and that was ... to go to church and love God, who is our Savior ... respect your elders and people will respect you, and ... keep your body clean, even if you have to bathe in a creek.

I do public speaking. My motivational and inspirational speech is titled "Never Give Up." I also entertain with comedy, and I have several comedies which can be heard on my website. My idea of a good time is sitting around the barn with my bird dog and goose and thinking back about how farm life used to be.

I especially love people. I really enjoy them. Every day I thank my Savior the Lord Jesus Christ for saving my soul and giving me the talent to spread His Word in a humorous way. I also thank Him for my wife, LeAnn, and my son, Gary, Jr. who believed in me when no one else would.

I taught school and coached athletics for a brief while. I worked in the horticultural field for awhile, where I developed and used my humor while selling my company's goods. I was also a district commander for the Royal Rangers, which is a Christian Boy's organization. I have spoken to as large of groups as 15,000 people at fairs and as few as 50 at other functions and all in between.

I would love to perform for you and your engagement.

Gary Claxton


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Country Comedy Include:

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