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Childers, Debbie

Debbie Childers

 "She's Got Some Really Good News For You!"

Debbie Childers Travels from Alabama
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Debbie Childers' quick wit and hilarious stories make her presentations unforgettable.  She loves the Bible, loves to talk, and loves to have fun - the perfect combination for an entertaining and meaningful speaker with a message of eternal value.  Debbie's audiences laugh their way into a lesson that will change their lives forever.

Debbie spent many years struggling to work for God and to live the Christian life.  Then one day God revealed to her the impossibility of her struggle.  It is not possible and God never intended for Christians to live their lives for Him.  Instead, He made a way for Christ to live His life in and through Christians!

After this revelation from God transformed Debbie's life, she realized that most Christians today are as performance-based as she was.  Christians spend their whole lives trying to get what they already have, trying to achieve what's already been done for them, and trying to accomplish what is impossible for them to do!  No wonder they feel frustrated and unfulfilled!  That's not the life God has planned for Christians!

Debbie is delighted to share the full truth of God's grace.  She plans to spend the rest of her life telling Christians that GRACE is not just for salvation - it's for LIFE.  And not just any old life.  God's grace is all about an abundant, victorious, full to the top, and overflowing life!!  The Christian life that God has planned for us is not about doing - it's all about relationship.  It's not about service - it's about abiding.  It's not about striving - it's about resting.  Does that sound refreshing to you?  Just wait until you hear Debbie share this good news herself - just experiencing Debbie's overflowing enthusiasm first-hand is incredibly energizing and motivating!

Some of Debbie's (and her audiences') Favorite Topics ...

That Went Right Over Your Head ... It's amazing how often Christians miss the point of a lesson in the Bible and allow a life-giving truth from God to go right over their heads!  This presentation explores how we confuse tradition with truth, how you can succeed when you quit trying, how to serve by resting, and how to really live by dying daily!

I'm Not Martha Stewart   ...  Debbie is happily married to Tim and, believe it or not, he is happily married to her!  In this uproariously funny presentation, Debbie pokes fun at her inability to live up to the world's expectations as a wife and mother, and relates that to our inabilities to live up to what has become traditional beliefs about what is expected of Christians!  This session will make you laugh and compel you to try less and trust more.

The Most Unlikely Candidate for Mother of the Year  ...  God chose each of us to parent the children He gave us.  Even with all our inadequacies and our vast lack of knowledge, He chooses us.  Through all the trials of parenting, we can learn that our inadequacies are great opportunities to depend on His complete adequacy!  This presentation is a fun look at the trials of parenting and the lessons God wants to teach us through each of them.

Abundant Life Ain't Like a Sitcom!  ...  In this hilarious presentation of three to four sessions, Debbie explores the "FUN"damentals of the abundant, victorious Christian life by looking at four characters from early TV sitcoms and how we can learn from their mistakes!  You will laugh and learn while you listen.  This series is great for a Saturday conference and luncheon or an overnight retreat.

Something to Celebrate  ....  In this fun (and lesson-packed!) three-to-six-session conference, Debbie invites you to celebrate your blessings as a believer in Jesus Christ - your past, your present, and your future.  It's a celebration of your salvation, your transformation, and your blessed hope of heaven.  This presentation is perfect for a one- or two-day event.

The Basics of L.I.F.E.  ...  This conference focuses on what you got when you got saved, what changed when you got transformed, and how to live since you've been empowered with the life of Christ in you.

God's Amazing Words of Live  ...  This is one of the most exciting conferences you could ever experience.  It looks closely at God's written Word, His Living Word, and His spoken word, and how they relate to each other in your life.

The Inner Circle  ...  This conference examines levels of intimacy with God and what life can be like when it is lived out of the communion with God that is possible through a believer's relationship with Jesus Christ.

Debbie will work with event planners to incorporate your theme into her presentations.

What Others Are Saying ...
Debbie Childers uses her incredible energy and humor to remind us that God does not expect us to be "perfect" or do everything we are approached to do. She delivers the ideal combination of humor, Bible scripture, and personal stories we can all relate to our own experience.  She guided us through a spectacular evening and bridged generation gaps among our 275 women - and our women are still buzzing months later.  For us, the only question that remains is WHEN we can invite Debbie back!
Laura Lee Berkemeier, Women's Ministry
First United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville, Georgia
Debbie Childers is the real thing!  She knows the love and grace of Jesus Christ and she knows how to share it with others.  We first met when Debbie was our Sunday School teacher, the very best we have ever had!  Some 15 years later she has lots of real experiences to share.  The Childers have been there, done that, and have scars and tee shirts to prove it.  She is committed to telling it like it is and helping you know the truth and love of our Lord.  Debbie shares the truth with love, compassion, and fun.
Dave  Gordon
CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame
President, National Speakers Association 1999-2000
Sevierville, Tennessee

Debbie Childers - what can I say?  When sharing about retreats that I plan, people always want to know if Debbie will be there.  Debbie truly gives new meaning to being "free in Christ" and helps people loosen the baggage that's accumulated over the years.  God has gifted her with Biblical insights applied to today's world.
Eileen Wright
Discipleship and Family Ministries
Alabama State Board of Missions

Debbie Childers Travels from Alabama
For More Information:  Call 1.800.782.2995 Or
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