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 Sharon Jaynes
Bringing God's Truth
To Today's Woman

Travels from North Carolina
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Whether behind the microphone of a radio studio or in front of a sea of faces at a women's retreat, Sharon's love for the Lord and passion for encouraging women from all walks of life are evident.  Peppered with laughter and salted with tears, Sharon shares from her heart how to turn miseries of the past into a ministry of the present.  She guides those who listen on a spiritual treasure hunt to unearth their true value, which the Lord Jesus Christ has placed in each of His children.  Her messages inspire women to grasp the truth that can set them free.

In Her Own Words  . . .

"One of my greatest joys has been the privilege of watching God change women's lives:  setting the captive free, mending the broken hearted, and opening the eyes of new believers for the very first time.  Whether it is a person's first experience with the Savior or a seasoned saint growing deeper in her faith, her passion is to tell women about the truth that can set them free to be all that God has intended for them to be in Him (John 8:32).

"My prayer for each speaking event is "that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasure of wisdom and knowledge" (Colossians 2:2-3)."

Sharon Jaynes' Topics Include  . . .

Ultimate Makeover - Becoming Spiritually Beautiful in Christ
Women love the idea of a day at the spa to be pampered and made over from head to toe.  In this session, Sharon takes us to God's spa for the Ultimate Makeover.  We begin in the sauna of God's Word to discover ultimate truth and how the spiritual makeover takes place, move to the exercise program learning to run like Paul an leave the past behind, and onto the weight loss program learning hot to release our burdens to the Lord.  Women learn how to see themselves as God sees them, overcome insecurities, change the way they think and experience th only makeover with lasting results.  This seminar will leave participants feeling beautiful from the inside out.

Dreams of a Women - And How God Fulfills Them
Most little girls have four dreams:  to have a daddy who loves her, to be a bride, to be a mother, and to be beautiful.  however, many find their childhood dreams a distant fantasy instead of a present reality.  In this session Sharon shows u show God fulfills and surpasses our dreams.  We take a peek into the dreams of several women in the Bible, look at Satan - the destroyer of dreams, and Jesus - the restorer of drams.  Women leave knowing that in Christ, our dreams can come true.
Words of a Woman
The words we speak can make the difference between someone finishing well or collapsing along the way.  James 3 tells us words even have the power to change the entire course of a life.  In this session, Sharon shares how giving the gift of encouraging words can build confidence in a child's heart, pump courage and instill compassion in a husband's life, fan into flames the dying embers of a friend's smoldering dreams, cheer the Body of Christ to run the great race with endurance, and draw a lost world to  Christ.

Unshakable Confidence In Christ
Modern society has placed unrealistic expectations on women today.  From billboards to magazines to the silver screen, women are expected to be all, do all, and look like an airbrushed model while doing it.  As a result, women all across the country struggle with shattered confidence.  In this session, Sharon shares how to overcome feelings of inferiority, insecurity and inadequacy by understanding who we are in Christ, where we are in Christ, and what we have in  Christ.  The truth of John 8:32 will set women free to have - unshakable confidence in Christ.
Being a Great Mom, Raising Great Kids
What is every mother's heart's desire?  To be a great mom and raise great kids!  Based on her book by the same title, Sharon shares seven key elements to great mothering that follow the acrostic BLESSED.  She's a Beacon, Listener, Encourager, Self-esteem builder, Seed-sower, Example setter and Diligent.  Mothers everywhere will feel encouraged that they have one of the greatest jobs on earth - to shape and mold the children who will one day define who we are s a community and a nation.
Seven Life Principles for Every Woman:  Refreshing Ways to Prioritize Your Life
Could your relationship with Jesus Christ use some renewed commitment?   Would you like to fall in love with your husband all over again?  Do you want to make your home a sanctuary for your family and friends?  In this seminar, Sharon uses the imagery of cascading pools of a waterfall to touch on seven key areas of a woman's life and show how to keep them in proper priority.  She starts a the top "pool" with our relationship to Jesus Christ and ends with the seventh, sharing Christ in the community.  Women leave refreshed and challenged to jump in with both feet while never letting go of the hand Savior's hand.  (This seminar is only recommended for multi-session events.)

Listening to God in the Chaos of Life
It is hard to hear anyone's voice when the TV's blaring, the washing machine is spinning, the vacuum cleaner is roaring, the dog is barking, the baby is crying, and the doorbell is buzzing  . . .  all at the same time.  And yet, the Bible says that Jesus speaks to His sheep and they recognize His voice.  One of the greatest tragedies among God's people is that, while they have ea deep longing to hear from God, He is speaking, but they do not know how to recognize Him.  In this session, Sharon shares how to recognize God's voice in the chaos of life.

Mission In Him Possible
As Moses answered the Lord in his burning bush experience with "Who me?  Do what?" followed by several "What if's," so do we many times question God's call on our own lives.  In this session, Sharon takes you on a journey through Scripture and modern day examples to discover some unlikely candidates for service.  She also shares how God worked in her own life to bring her to many unexpected places of ministry.  You will be encouraged knowing that whatever the Lord calls you to do will become a Mission In Him Possible.

Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas
Much has changed since the God of the universe decorated the night sky with the star of Bethlehem and directed the choir of angels announcing Christ's birth over 2000 years ago.  But we don't have to let commercialism rule in our hearts and homes.  In this session, Sharon shares practical and inspirational ways, from A to Z, on how to keep Christ the focus of the holiday season.  Based o her book by the same title, women leave filled with a renewed commitment to make sure the honored guest is invited to His birth celebration this year.

Please Note . . .
Sharon's presentations are excellent for a variety of women's events such as banquets, conferences, and retreats.  Each topic is approximately 50-60 minutes and several can be woven together for seminars and weekend retreats.



More About Sharon  . . .
Sharon Jaynes is the Vice President of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Inc.  She is the co-host for their daily radio segments heard on approximately 500 radio outlets internationally, and writer for their monthly publication, P-31 Woman.  Sharon is an experience and trained speaker, as well as a trainer of speakers.  She has taught several Bible studies, such as Kay Arthur's Precept Upon Precept and has served as a counselor at Charlotte, NC's Pregnancy Care Center.

Sharon is the author of several books, including Being a Great Mom, Raising Great Kids, Ultimate Makeover:  Becoming Spiritually Beautiful in Christ, At Home with God - stories of life, love and laughter; Celebrating a Christ-centered Christmas; and co-author of Seven Life Principles for Every Women - Refreshing Ways to Prioritize Your Life.  She is also a contributing author of Chicken Soup for the Spots Fan's Soul, Stories for the Man's Heart, and Stories for the Teen's Heart.  Her writings have appeared in magazines such as Decision, Focus on the Family, and Money Matters.  She has been a guest on several national radio and television programs, such as Dennis Rainey's Family and Life Today and Larry Burkett's Money Watch.

Sharon lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband of over twenty years, Dr. Steve Jaynes, and son, Steven.  Together they are active in influencing public policy that supports family values as they serve on the board of the North Carolina Family Policy Council.


What Others Are Saying  . . .

Sharon has a powerful anointing for liberating women from fears and insecurities of their pasts and enabling them to recognize and cultivate their God-given talents.  Her gentle manner and keen scriptural insight, combined with her heart-warming illustrations, make Sharon a favored speaker at any women's event.  Her life truly exemplifies the ministry she so eloquently represents.
Naomi Gingerich
Director of Women's Ministries

Berlin Community Church
Berlin, Ohio

The strength and vitality of Sharon's messages come from her vulnerability and openness in sharing the practical lessons God has taught her.  Her illustrations and applications make each point easy to understand and apply.  You will be encouraged, inspired and equipped in your walk with God.
Berry Southard
Crystal Cathedral International Women's Conference Program Chairman
Orange County, California

When Sharon spoke at our weekend ladies retreat, her message was alive!  She interlaced her deep understanding of Biblical truths with her passion for women to understand their identity in Christ and how to make their day-to-day lives significant in Him.  We laughed.  We cried.  We reflected.  We rejoiced.  Sharon is an outstanding speaker with a relevant message for today.
Mary Ruth Diffy
Charlotte, North Carolina

Sharon Jaynes Travels from North Carolina
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