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Melchior, Tracy

Tracy Melchior
Conference Speaker - Actress
Motivator - Mentor

Tracy Melchior Travels from California
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Tracy wanted life in the spotlight and all the glamour that comes with it. However, the pursuit of this life was not all she had bargained for.  Even as she held the prize she thought she wanted, she felt an emptiness and despair in her spirit.

In pursuit to become Hollywood's "perfect 10," Tracy Lindsey Melchior broke God's Perfect 10—the Ten Commandments.  She broke every one of them.  She was relentless in her pursuit of fame and fortune.  However, little did she realize at the time, that she was being relentlessly pursued as well.  God lovingly and gently sought after the heart of a sinner named Tracy.  And Tracy was found, not shining bright on the big screen but kneeling at the lowest point in her life when she lacked even the strength to look up. Breaking the Perfect 10 is a beautiful story of the power of Christ's forgiveness, patience, and love.


Tracy Melchior  ...  The Conference Speaker

The real life story of soap opera star Tracy Lindsey Melchior (The Young and the Restless, The Bold & the Beautiful, One Life to Live) is far more interesting than any daytime drama. All but abandoned in childhood, she grew up way too fast; her upbringing an almost unbelievable rollercoaster ride of excitement and emptiness.

Then, in her quest to become Hollywood's next "perfect 10," Tracy broke all of God's Ten Commandments.

Yes, every single one of them.

Breaking the Perfect 10 is a beautiful story of forgiveness and love.

Tracy's Speaking Topics Include  . . .

Breaking the Perfect 10  ...  Tracy Melchior is certainly living the 'Hollywood dream.'  She's beautiful, talented, and is a popular actress.  Yet her life has not been perfect, and today she is growing daily in the grace and love of her Lord Jesus Christ.  In sharing her story, with all its Hollywood glamour and real-life struggles, Tracy encourages women to experience God's grace and forgiveness in their own lives.

Tracy Melchior ... The Actress

Tracy Lindsey Melchior began acting in high school, and continued learning her craft at Colorado State University. She later moved to California and did commercials for Old Spice, Nike, and Coca-Cola before guest-starring on such television shows as My So-Called Life and feature films including Beverly Hills Cop III.

Best known for her dynamic soap opera roles, Tracy has appeared on The Young and the Restless, Sunset Beach, The Bold & the Beautiful, and One Life to Live.

She resides with her husband Rob, son Kyle, two horses, and a dog in a small town outside of Los Angeles.


Hidden Secrets  Lead
Windfall  Guest Star, NBC
One Life to Live  Series Regular, ABC
Passions  Guest Star, NBC
Sunset Beach  Series Regular, NBC
Young and the Restless  Series Regular, CBS
High Tide
The Power Within
Silk Stalkings
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Weird Science
My So-Called Life
Beverly Hills Cop III
Search and Rescue




Tracy Melchior Travels from California
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