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Cindy Dagnan
The Chocolate Side of Life

Cindy Dagnan Travels from Missouri
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Cindy Sigler Dagnan has been married to her Beloved for over 25 years. They are the parents of four blessings â?? all daughters -- and a wonderful son-in-law.  They are also Nana & Bup to four little grandsons. 
An author, speaker, and high school history teacher, Cindy has been a guest on Focus on the Family & Phil Waldrop radio programs and has spoken or sung in 30 states, as well as Taiwan & Austria.  She has spoken at the Hearts at Home, North American Christian and Missouri Christian Conventions and numerous other retreats and marriage seminars.
Cindy is the author of six books, including Hot Chocolate for Couples and Who Got Peanut Butter on My Daily Planner?  Her newest book is her first novel, Barefoot in December.
The family once had a dust bunny large enough for its own name â?? Sebastian.  It possessed its own quarter and a leftover piece of popcorn from family night.  She loves Jesus, her family, fireflies, books, walks and chocolate!


Cindy's Speaking Topics Include  . . .
The Chocolate Side of Life
A humorous and inspirational look at how to make the most of life, even when you get the pieces you don't like.  Milk Chocolate - the wonderful stuff of life.  Dark Chocolate - the hard places in life.  What To Do With The Wrapper - how to move on after tragedy.
approx. 45 minutes.
Rediscovering Joy
A three-part retreat that looks at reclaiming joy in the crucial areas of a woman's life.  Rediscovering Joy As A Woman (self-esteem); Rediscovering Joy As a Wife & Mother (refreshment for life's most precious, challenging roles); Rediscovering Joy as a Child of God (joy for the journey).
The Lights of Home
A three-part retreat that explores: (1) Places of Heaven in the Home -how to make your home a heavenly haven; (2) The Heavenly Marriage - inspiration that calls us to make our marriages more like Christ's love for us; and (3) Heaven: The Ultimate Party - a look at the glories in store for us.
A three-part retreat that discovers the importance of a woman's influence:  Footprints That Follow - The Pattern; Footprints That Are Heart Prints - The Plan; Footprints That Lead - The Path.
Ants At The Picnic
Coping with the everyday annoyances (worker ants) and the unexpected tragedies (fire ants) of life.  How to shake out the picnic blanket and still enjoy the picnic.
approx. 45 minutes.
Father-Daughter Banquet - The Power of a Daddy
Humour and inspiration combine to remind fathers of the place that only they can fill in a daughter's life.
Mother-Daughter Banquets - Tying with Shoelaces, Strangling with Ribbons
A humorous look at the mother-daughter relationship. (Cindy has songs available to accompany these programs if requested.)
Cindy together with her husband Greg, also speaks at Valentine banquets & marriage retreats. Cindy can also tailor topics to your retreat theme.
Porch Swings & Picnics:  The Welcome Place
A humourous and practical manual of hospitality for our family friends and angels unaware. Includes tradition making and decorating.
The House That Stress Built
Organization; personal & home management, especially geared for stay-at-home moms.
The Chocolate Side of Marriage
The Top Ten List for Successful Long-Term Marriages
Motherhood:  Finding the Magic in the Mundane
Encouragement, humor and practical ideas for moms.


Who Got Peanut Butter on My Daily Planner?

Organizing and Loving Your Days as a Mom

Seven years ago Cindy Dagnan and her husband made the decision for her to leave a teaching position and stay home with their girls. To this day, she is thankful for the sacrifice they made and is filled with advice and encouragement to help other moms
  • handle the identity transition from career mother to at-home mom
  • streamline meals and at-home projects and enjoy the saved time
  • connect with others to create a vital network of friends
This gathering of inspiration and practical steps will lead at-home moms - and those considering the decision-to transcend the daily grind and draw closer to the One who shaped the concept of home in their hearts.

The Chocolate Side of Life

Experience life's sweetness everyday...

Milk Chocolate Moments:
Flannel Sheets on snowy mornings; consuming a Snickers and a Diet Coke [to cancel out the calories] on a porch swing; sun-drenched laundry swinging from a line; buttery sunshine on spring afternoons; starlight; the laughter of children; a job you love; reveling in the last page of a well-loved book; friendship; holding your mate's hand as you drift to sleep.
Dark Chocolate Days:
Annoyances; tailgating; telemarketers; junk mail; betrayal; illness; loss... A spouse. A child. A friend. A job. A dream.

Scribbles - Sketches for Stressed-Out Moms

Does anyone ever listen to me???

Dirty dishes your husband "forgot" to wash! Lego??????® foot acupuncture - courtesy of your kids! Kool-aid??????® on the couch, laundry for an army, dinner that must be perfect and a boss who doesn't understand that combat fatigue is synonymous with motherhood!
Here is a beautiful devotional written for mothers by a mother! You won't find long drawn-out readings that you don't have time for. You will find short, to-the-point chapters that speak to your heart through the many things you do in making a house a home.

The Lights of Home - Scenes of Home & Heaven

You remember it from childhood. Flashlight tag, wide porches. Hiding behind the lilac bushes. The smell of Sunday dinner and the sweet sounds of laughter.
It's more familiar and more comforting than anything else you know.
It's a place to which you can always return and one day it will be yours forever.
Experience again the welcome glow of The Lights of Home.

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