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David & Kelli Pritchard Travel from the State of Washington
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David and Kelli Pritchard have been married for 25 years and have eight children.  David, a former college football player, runs Young Life near Tacoma, Washington, and coaches high school football.  Kelli has a degree in Social Work and Secondary Education and coaches folks on personal nutrition and health in addition to her roles at home and Pritchard Ministries.
In addition to their own eight children, David and Kelli have been guardians for a dozen others. Early in their parenting years, they were constantly being approached by people who said things like, "your family is not normal . how do you do it?"  When people applied the techniques shared by David and Kelli, they often said "It's working!  You need to share this with the world."  Thus began the Pritchards success conferences and their book, Going Public:  Your Child Can Thrive in Public School.
Their eight children comprise (at the time of writing) two college graduates, one in college, two in high school, two in middle school, and one third grader.

A Letter from The Pritchards ...
Our Mission is to help couples and parents grow Godly homes that influence and change our culture.  Our Vision is to reclaim the hope and belief in what God has ordained. Our Philosophy is based on some basic foundational principles:
  • God is sovereign.
  • God ordained marriage.
  • The family begins when you say "I do".
  • A parent's primary role is to train up their child to become a self-governing adult ... and it is possible to do so!
  • Other than the church, the family is still the primary institution ordained by God to influence our culture.
May God bless you in your great calling,
David & Kelli

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Going Public:
Your Child Can Thrive
In Public School
From the parents of eight children comes a book dedicated to all of the families who deeply care about educating their children, as well as the teachers and staff who daily serve those students.
Public school parents, take heart! Not only is it possible for your kids to survive the public school system in these United States, it's possible for them to thrive and become fine men and women who make a positive impact on others. And in the process, it's possible for families of faith to help shape the public school system and infuse it with the winsome fragrance of Jesus Christ.
In Going Public David and Kelli Pritchard lay out concrete steps for you to follow. But what matters far more than your game plan or strategic maneuvers is the fact that you serve an incredibly mighty God, and He will prevail. Trust Him on this journey. Walk from school year to school year in confidence that He is on your side.

Testimonials  . . .
"Over the past two decades, we have witnessed David and Kelli's wise, biblical, and practical approach to raising their own children and countless others. You are holding an excellent tool, a must read for all parents who want to raise kids who will find and fulfill their God given destiny."
Sam and Kathi Katina
Christian Music artists, The Katinas
"David and Kelli Pritchard have been modeling what good parenting is all about for the last 20 years. Their methods are based on sound principles that will work in any culture, and with any type of children. We love the practical "nuggets" like how they decide who sits where in the family car. Overall, you will be blessed as you read their parenting strategies based on the concept that children are most fulfilled when their parents are in control."
Don and Robin Stuber
30+ Years in youth ministry
"As a Coach, I am always looking for examples to devotion and self-control, so that I can relate these excellent qualities to the team.  Kelli and David Pritchard and their family are perfect examples of those qualities. One can witness tremendous commitment observing Kelli and David's marriage.  They are the real deal. What you see is what you get with the Pritchards.  David and Kelli are constantly working on their marriage as they communicate  and organize their relationship with each other and with their children.  The Pritchard's demonstrate devotion to teach other as well as living their faith through marriage.  One of the best expressions of this marriage would be the discipline towards excellent quality of life that each of their children demonstrate. I personally know all eight of the Pritchard children and have taught and coached two of them.  They are all the 'cream of the crop'.  Within days of moving to our school district, the four oldest children became natural leaders on their respected teams and in their respected classes.  The Pritchard's offspring reach for the highest stars, knowing if they fail they will still hit the moon.  Even through the hardships of a large family and the schooling ages, one can witness a maturity in all of the Pritchard children.  Alyse, Krista, Tavita, Jordan, Tana, Danielle, Keila and Sina all demonstrate a discipline lifestyle that is a by-product of a faith filled marriage and learned self-control."
Jonathan B. Randall
Clover Park High School PE Instructor, Baseball Coach, Head Football Coach
"If you want to find out what marriage and parenting is all about; just watch David and Kelli as they interact with each other and their children.  I have know them for several years now and have had a chance to watch them in action.  One of the things that strikes me the most (having spent many years working with teens) is the love and respect that their children have for them.  We live in a generation where this cannot be said in many families.  I believe that the children's love and respect is a reflection of the the love and respect that they have received from their parents.  I have also watched David and Kelli as a couple.  I've been married for 38+ years and there has not been a time that I have not felt convicted regarding the way that they love and treat each other.  If the proof is in the pudding, you only have to watch the Pritchard family to see a model of a family that loves each other and the God who created them. David & Kelli, know that those words come from my heart.  If I didn't mean it I would not have written it.  I love you guys. You and your kids mean more to me than you will ever know."
Bill Paige
VP and Special Assistant to the President of Young Life
"What's a Christian parent to do when it comes to School Choice? Should Christian parents home school, send their children to Christian school or public school? Unlike some clothing choices: one size does not fit all. However, for parents choosing the public schools for formal education, 'Going Public' is a must read. The book points out that over 47 million of our nation's students attend public schools, equaling 89% of our children and is, in fact, where 80% of our Christian families send their children. 'Going Public' points out that the key to raising children in the knowledge of the Lord may not focus merely on the location where formal education takes place, but where the informal education takes place as well: in the home during non-instruction time. Parents need to saturate their homes with the Truth of their faith 24/7 and play a major role in daily formal education whether that training takes place exclusively at home, in a Christian School, or in a public school. In Proverbs 22:6 parents are told to "train a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not turn away from it." Training does not merely come from isolated formal training, but is the sum total of their life experiences. The Pritchards point out the importance of teaching children the fear of the Lord, the need to obey parents, and the importance of maintaining self-control to thrive in the public school environment. They further give practical tips on  what to do and what to avoid. In the process, they tackled the tough issues such as how to deal with sex education, the homosexual agenda, the roles of moms and dads, and the public school campus as a mission field for believers.
Finn Laursen
Executive Director, Christian Educators Association International
"The greatest testimony of David and Kelli's parenting is, of course, their children; spend a few hours with any of them and it will be clear how much they respect, trust, love and 'believe in' Mom and Dad." 
Hunter and Lauri Lambeth
"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dave & Kelli Pritchard to you. As their pastor I have had many opportunities to observe their lives up close. I have been in their home, watched them try to fit their whole family in one pew at church, sat with them to ask for advice, cheered for their children playing basketball and football, and observed them teaching and ministering to many people. They are an amazing couple with children who love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. Dave & Kelli have a unique blend of passion and compassion for Jesus, for life, and for people. I describe them as people magnets. I know that God will use the principles they have built their lives and family upon as they share them with others."
Dr. Jim Kennington
Lake City Community Church, Lakewood, Washington
"God brought David and Kelli Pritchard into my life at a time when a betting person would have said the odds were against me.  The Pritchards showed me that even if the odds were against me, God was for me. David and Kelli opened their home and their hearts to me, allowing me to watch and learn how a Godly family lives and loves.  I continually thank God for showing me through the Pritchards all I could hope for, desire and have in a family."
Michael DeGraw
One of the teenage boys the Pritchards took in while living in Centralia
"There are three things that are immediately discovered when one walks into the Pritchard home: the value of fun and the overwhelming presence of love. The third is kids; lots and lots of kids. Many of these are "not their own," but because they believe every child is of great value and worth, their home is a refuge for many who have been forgotten. It is within this context that they have chosen to raise their family. It is within this context that their children have learned selflessness, responsibility, kindness, respect, moral and ethical purity, and love. It is within this context that they have learned that it is 'better to give then to receive' because they have been able to give to 'the forgotten' who their lives have intersected with and they call them 'friend.'"
Steven R. Ridgway
Executive Director, The Northwest Network Foundation
"Having known the Pritchards for more than 16 years, we flew our newly-married son and his wife to Centralia, to experience a few days in the Pritchard home. As a result, and with some direct mentoring by Kelli during one or two 'challenges' as young parents, Ben & Jennifer have a great marriage and excellent parenting skills. Their two young sons, Owen and Gavin, are fine examples of "the Pritchard method". Last year Ben and Jennifer moved Owen from a Christian pre-school to the local public kindergarten. Now our younger son, Kevin, and his wife Erin, are ready for the same 'pilgrimage'. 'Going Public' offers you a glimpse of life with the Pritchards. Thank God and thank you David, Kelli and family, for showing us all what God intended marriage and family to look like in this crazy world!"
Mick & Jenny Daly
National Marketing Directors,  National Safety Associates LLC

Dear David and Kelli, 
We want to convey to you our appreciation for your conference last Saturday, "Going Public with your Parenting, raising a family that draws others to Christ."  While it can be difficult to attract people in our mountain resort setting to an all day seminar on a Saturday we had nearly 100 enthusiastic participants.
Let me tell you why we're so pleased with your conference:
  1.  You.  That's right, just you two.  You are compelling in your presence, caring, interactive, and unassumingly authoritative.   Not only were you willing to take questions during the sessions, but you were available to engage with individuals between sessions and the next day, after our Sunday morning service!
  2. The material is practical and profound.  That is, profound in our culture.  You strike a clear note that can give parents assurance and confidence.  The arrangement of the material flows well and is supported by the powerpoint slides.  We all enjoyed and learning was enhanced by the video clips embedded in your presentation.
  3.  The participant workbook is well laid out, and invites participation.
  4. Your material is thoroughly biblically based and grows from your years of experience.  Additionally the current studies you cite lends credence to the biblical principles you teach adding that extra layer of proof for skeptical, modern parents.
  5. The examples from your family life give extraordinary clarity to the principles you teach.   Those real life illustrations help us understand that you didn't always do it right as well as providing a 'window' into your family life to see how what you teach actually works. 
We were so privileged to have you present your conference in our church.  We've heard parents talking about how to integrate different principles you taught.  It was good to have your books on sale in the lobby so parents can follow up with further reading and pondering.
Please feel free to share this letter with anyone who is considering your parenting conference.  We hope to have you back again in the future.
Thank you and God bless,

Doug Self                        Kevin Denton

Senior Pastor                  Family Life Pastor

Church at Carbondale, Carbondale, Colorado

David & Kelli Pritchard Travel from the State of Washington
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