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Willis, Laurette - PraiseMoves Testimonies

   Laurette Willis' PraiseMoves Testimonies  . . .


"I have been experiencing terrific results using PraiseMoves and have been recommending it to my patients. I am thankful to Laurette for a program that combines Christ–centered worship with the physical benefits often attributed to yoga. Laurette's new book BASIC Steps is a wonderful addition...as a well–rounded approach to spiritual and physical health. Insightful, informative, and in touch!"

Steven J. Scafidi, D.C., America's Chiropractic Center, New Jersey


Help for Fibromyalgia

          "Thank you Laurette! PraiseMoves is answered prayer for a fibromyalgia sufferer!"

Chris J., Tulsa, OK


55 LB. Weight Loss – and more energy

          "Since my mother's strokes and subsequent death, I had begun experiencing high normal blood pressure. My physician recommended low dosage of medication, lose some weight and regular exercise. He recommended Weight Watchers, which I immediately joined. Arthritis was also causing me some problems with flexibility and movement. 

          "Through regular use of PraiseMoves, I have regained the flexibility and energy I thought was gone forever! As a result, I am able to do more aerobic activity, for longer periods of time, with less discomfort. The overall physical results are more stamina, flexibility, and energy! PLUS (!!) the spiritual value is priceless – it's such a wonderful way to start the day or end the day!

          "Bottom line: I have lost 55 lbs. and have more energy than I ever dreamed I could have at 58 years of age. (I) actually feel great every day, sleep well every night and work rings around my co-workers and friends!

          "Best part: I continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge of our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!"

Julie Wood, Tulsa, OK


"My Panic Attacks have left!!!"

          "Dear Laurette: I am 41 years old and under severe stress. Several months ago I began having anxiety and panic attacks. I prayed for God to help me. I went to my doctor; he suggested tranquilizers, yoga or antidepressants. I was not depressed, just stressed to my limits! I have a family to take care for, so taking a tranquilizer was out of the question – if I did that who would get the groceries, take kids to school and prepare the meals? And as a Christian I felt yoga was wrong. I did think that yoga was the least of the 3 'evils' the doctor prescribed, but as I began reading about yoga the more I realized it was NOT for Christians.

          "Then 2 weeks ago as I sat at my computer barely able to read or punch keys thru tear-filled eyes desperate for finding help, I came across your website. I loved what I read and ordered the same day. I received your DVD in the mail and ran to the DVD player will high hopes. I'm not as bendy as you but I was able to keep up and enjoyed stretching and exercising for the first time in my life.

          "That is only part of my great news. Since I started your PraiseMoves DVD my panic attacks have left!!! Praise God!

          "May God bless you richly for giving me my life again! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

          "P.S. When I return to the doctor I will take my PraiseMoves DVD with me in hopes that he will share it with others. God bless you."

Charlene Harper, Michigan


"A real sense of joy came."

          "I just received my PraiseMoves DVD yesterday in the mail and I just ordered it on Friday. I was so excited to receive it. Though I was excited I wasn't sure if it would be cheesy but it was GREAT! I felt the Lord's anointing on it as I began to do the moves, and a real sense of joy came when I was done. Thank you so much for having this DVD out there. I had tried a yoga DVD a few times that had no real meditation moments but something about it always made me a little unsure, so I began looking for Christian alternative. There were two deciding factors that made me buy this one: 1) There was an opportunity to catch a preview of the DVD and; 2) the testimonials of so many people.

          "Thanks again for this wonderful ministry, because that's really what it is."

Vicky Lanning, Pensacola, FL


Less Stress

"I work at an assisted living home for the elderly. Well, one day had been really stressful, and I was feeling the stress while at work. As I put the PraiseMoves video in, I decided to follow along, and I want you to know by the end of the video I was very calm, not to mention the Lord revealed some issues I needed to deal with to make my life a little more peaceful. 

"Thank you for making the video, and sharing your knowledge with others. May the Lord bless and keep you."

J. Landgraf, Arkansas


 "Devotions in Motion!"

          "Between Christmas presents and my own recent purchases, I now have many of your new PraiseMoves products (I'm planning on buying a sweatshirt next week so then I can even proudly advertise your products as I am out and about). Last night, my special order at the local Christian bookstore – BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness - got picked up. I spent some of the evening reading and skimming the whole book. IT REALLY RESONATES WITH ME!

          "I've lost two pounds and just feel more at peace this week. Exercising with your DVDs is like doing devotions in motion. Thanks for all you do!"

—Cyndi S., Watertown, SD


"I can already see a difference in all over tone and have lost 11 lbs"

"I ordered your DVD about a month ago and have been 'singing its praises' to my friends and family. I believe some of them have ordered as well. It's a GREAT workout, especially for someone like me that hasn't for a while, and had limited flexibility. Although I haven't been able to do all of the postures on the floor on all fours (sensitive knees) I have s l o w l y increased and 'try' to do them. It's getting so much better. I can already see a difference in all over tone in just a month and have lost 11lbs. (along w/dietary changes). So thank you and BLESS YOU!"

—Ro Tarantino, San Diego, CA


Starting the Day on the Right Track

"PraiseMoves is a great way to start my day physically, emotionally and spiritually on the right track. When I was telling my pastor about PraiseMoves and how you combine stretching, balance, scripture meditation and memorization, he looked at me questioningly.  I told him, 'You know us women, Pastor, we always multi-task!'"   

J. Neubauer, Missouri


Help for Sciatica

"As I approach 50, I'm sure many of the aches and pains I experience are not different than anyone else's my age. In the past few years I knew I didn't 'sit well' (I would always need a while to work out the pain after having been seated for any length of time).  Much of the time I felt better standing.  At 45, I began to work on my Master's Degree which required more reading (usually sitting) and more time in front of the computer (always sitting) writing.  When I'd get, up the sciatic pain was 'unfriendly' enough that I'd have difficulty standing up completely and would limp for a few steps before I could get going.  The right kind of exercise, I felt, was the answer.  I didn't want pain pills, surgery, or anything along those lines. 

"Since beginning PraiseMoves and other similar deep-stretching, the sciatic pain is all but gone.  Now, I have no problems getting out of bed in the morning or walking after sitting for a while (if I've been PraiseMoving on a regular basis).  My flexibility and strength have increased tremendously and I have a wonderful feeling of general overall wellness.  Thank God for His healing through His methods!"

P. Terry, OKC, OK


PMS and Migraines Gone

          "Since doing PraiseMoves I notice I no longer have PMS symptoms or migraine headaches. They're gone!"

Stephanie C., Purcell, OK


"I could even take it with me when I travel!"

          "The Gimme Ten Workout is great - and I must reallyyyyyyy be out of shape - because it was quite a little workout! My stomach muscles are complaining a bit. Thanks. I love it! I think I could even take it with me while I travel and stick it in my laptop so I can do Gimme Ten wherever I am! Thank you!"

Elizabeth A. Moon, Pastor's wife

Oklahoma District Missionettes Coordinator, Assemblies of God


Help with flexibility since spinal surgery

          "I have been doing PraiseMoves for 3 weeks (5 months after spinal surgery).  I love it.  I have titanium rods in me but I am getting more movement and flexible every day!  I stripped my queen size bed this morning and made it completely.  I also walked 1/2 mile with my doggie this evening.  God is so GOOD all the time!  Praise His Name!"

M. J. Rain, Lakewood, WA <><


Mother and Daughter PraiseMoves

"My daughter, who is 6 years old, wakes me up in the morning to work out to the PraiseMoves video with me.  She says 'Mommy, don't forget we have to put on the armor of God!' I go to that part of the workout so we can do that together.  She says that helps her feel ready to start her day - and mine too :) !  

          "I had yoga dvds that I had bought because of the benefits I'd heard about.  There was just something that did not feel right about them. PraiseMoves feels like there is a purpose to what I am doing.  I am exercising not only my body, but also my mind, and my spirit.  I am already seeing a change in my body over the course of a week since getting the video. May God bless your efforts."

Y. Hurst, Branson, Missouri


"I did not use my inhaler!"

          "Normally when training I have what doctors call 'exercise induced asthma.' However, during the WWJD relaxation (scripture-based meditation after the PraiseMoves workout), the Holy Spirit really began to minister to me about my breathing and how to control it so my asthma would not be impacted. He literally put His hand on my stomach to show me the difference in my breathing so I can now easily recognize the difference between shallow breathing and deep abdominal breathing (which we learn in PraiseMoves). He began ministering the scripture Isaiah 53:5 (KJV) 'But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are ("I" am) HEALED!' 

          "I fully received the Word of God and did not use my inhaler the entire day of certification! Praise GOD!

        "I am now working out more on the treadmill at home; using the breathing techniques and stretching with PraiseMoves which is also helping to build a stronger foundation on the Word of God! Thank you for being used of God to equip His body with a powerful weapon for our arsenal called PraiseMoves!"

La'Trice Lockhart, Colorado


"Closer to the Lord with a stronger body."


Lori Gordoni of Texas shared her testimony in an email with her friends, encouraging them to try PraiseMoves. She was kind enough to let us share it with you, too! 


"Hi Everyone!

"I ordered this DVD last week and have been doing it almost every day -- it is wonderful! I normally would not send out an email advertising something you can buy, but I didn't want to keep this one to myself! :o)

          "This DVD is a 'Christian Alternative to Yoga.' I did yoga during my last pregnancy, but was bothered by some of the symbolism, spiritualism, etc. Anyway, Don found this Christian alternative for me and it really is a good one! :o)

          "PraiseMoves starts out with a low-impact 10-minute warm-up, then the rest of the DVD includes 'Christian alternatives to yoga" through all kinds of yoga and pilates-style moves (it is not yoga because yoga is Hinduism), but with scripture and praise music all the way through it! I come away from it feeling closer to the Lord and with a stronger body, more

flexibility, better circulation, etc.  

"Laurette Willis (who shares her own personal testimony about yoga on the DVD) prays at the beginning and quotes scripture during the exercise time that really helps me hide God's Word in my heart. At the end, there is a refreshing time of relaxation and during that time she prays and it's a perfect time to reflect on any unforgiveness in my life, encouraging

me to surrender any ugliness in my life to the Lord.  

"This in now way is intended to replace my personal time with the Lord, but to exercise spiritually and physically is really a blessing! :o) If I could purchase one of these for every one of you who would enjoy it, I would do it in a heartbeat, but unfortunately my budget won't allow that, so I'm doing the next best thing and passing the information along. 

God bless you all,


P.S. The website is www.PraiseMoves.com"

—Lori Gordoni, McKinney, TX


Weight loss motivation: "God has changed my life through PraiseMoves!"

"I saw you in an interview on a Canadian TV program, Crossroads. Thank you for your testimony and starting such an amazing Christ-centered exercise program! I cannot thank you enough. After seeing the TV program, I immediately ordered your book and video.

        "All my life I have struggled with my weight.

        "I had been asking God for a long time to give me the motivation to be consistent with an exercise program and diet changes. I always became very bored with exercise. Counting down the minutes when I'd be finished that particular exercise I didn't enjoy. That all ended once God answered my prayer and led me to your PraiseMoves program through Crossroads!

        "Praise be to God! I am doing the PraiseMoves exercises and can't believe how much I enjoy them! The time flies by and at the end of the program, I feel closer to God. What a way to start the day!

        "I used to be so depressed with my weight that I'd hide away in my home, ashamed of how I looked. I  had lost motivation to get up in the morning and I prayed for God to help me. I'd awaken each morning thinking about food and dreading the need to exercise. I felt very discouraged to say the least.

        "God has changed my life through PraiseMoves! Praise be to God! Now I awaken with excitement to spend time with Him in exercise and praise! It's wonderful!

        "My goal is to get fit for Christ, lose the weight, and enroll in your PraiseMoves' instructor training course. I want to help others the way in which you and your exercise program have helped me.

"God bless you, Laurette. I'm praying for your ministry and that many more people will be helped with your God-centered exercise program. Thank you and bless you!

—Nancy P., New Brunswick, Canada


Part of a "Healthy, Well-balanced Lifestyle"

"I love PraiseMoves!  It combines many important elements for a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, including stretching, exercise, praise, scripture memorization and meditation.  With research pointing to the health benefits of yoga movements, I am so thankful to have this Christian alternative to yoga that leads participants into deeper relationship with the Lord."

—Theresa Stahl, RD, LDN

Registered Dietitian

Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist


Lost 4 dress sizes, Increased Flexibility – plus "the recall is awesome"   

          "I seriously started PraiseMoves about 7 months ago. I am 58 years old and had no health problems but was several pounds overweight. Since I started PraiseMoves, I've lost 4 dress sizes! I'm more aware of the INCHES I've lost than the number of pounds. After about 3 months I noticed my clothes started 'hanging' on me and I realized I COULD FIT INTO MY OLD FAVORITES!!! 

          "The flexibility and agility are big ones for me. I am nearly as flexible as I was 15 years ago when I was ballet dancing 2 times-a-week.

          "The Scripture part is wonderful! I am recalling and singing Scripture during Praise and Worship sessions at church – I love that too. (Nola is the Worship leader at her church.) Also, when I pray for others 'on the spot,' the recall is awesome.  The Word is truly becoming internalized!"

—Nola Jeanne Baird, Tahlequah, OK


"Effective, yet gentle"     

          "PraiseMoves is a wonderful treat for my body; it is effective yet gentle (just what my spirit and my stressed-out, middle-aged body needs!). I have been telling all my friends about it – the young and the older ones, too.

          "I believe your work is truly a blessing from God to the body of Christ. May God continue to guide your efforts."  

—Linda Kleidon, Cedar Park, TX


Hearty recommendation for The Gimme Ten Workout

          "This workout video is truly a blessing! It is so refreshing to be able to have a real Christian workout video, not only with scripture, but the modest clothes worn during the video. I can actually work out with my kids around and not worry about what influence they are under! I would recommend it to everyone!"

—Heather Savage, Wausau, WI


A moving experience – spiritually and emotionally

          "I just received my DVD copy of PraiseMoves. The second time watching/exercising to it after a particularly hard day at work, I found myself so moved with the scriptures I was hearing and meditating on (that) I began to weep quite profusely through the series, but kept trying to keep up. One thing, I am over 270 lbs., and I am following as best as I can, but I'm really out of shape.

          "Also, many years ago, pre-Christ era (I was saved in 1977), I was into Hatha Yoga for some time. A few years later I became involved in Bhakti Yoga with the Hare Krishna movement.

          "I believe God really sent your DVD to me and I can feel something deep within me breaking off of me. I believe God is using and will continue to use your program for not only my physical healing, but He (OUR MOST AWESOME GOD!) is performing a spiritual healing in my soul!

          "Laurette, I thank you so much for your courage in stepping out with this wonderful alternative to the devil's lies and the yoga movement."

—G. Hawkes, Cheboygan, MI


 "PraiseMoves program – a compliment to our practice!"

"Laurette Willis does a beautiful job incorporating deep stretching, relaxation techniques and the Word of God through PraiseMoves!

"She has a unique vision, which is to provide a Christian Alternative to those who enjoy the health benefits of yoga but offers her viewers so much more. Each segment is easy to follow and leaves you feeling energized!

"We encourage our clients and patients to exercise on a regular basis and find the PraiseMoves program to be a compliment to our practice!"

Dr. Amy C. Denman, Certified Traditional Naturopath, Colon Hydrotherapist

Alternative Chiropractic, Acupuncture & The Healthy Life Center

Mooresville, NC  www.healthylifecenter4u.com


Back Pain Lessened – Off Pain Medication!     

          "Thank you so much for developing PraiseMoves.  Before I was saved, just 3 yrs ago, I was into yoga and deep in New Age and Occult practices.  After God delivered me from the dominion of Darkness, I was afraid to practice any yoga stretches, since it seemed that yoga had help lead me deeper into deception in the past.  Yet I missed the flexibility and physical benefits I got from the yoga stretches.  I had also developed chronic lower back pain, which I have been in physical therapy for. 

          "About the same time as I ordered PraiseMoves, and began to stretch and be built up with the Word, my back miraculously began to loosen up and the pain lessened.  I had been in physical therapy for 8 months with only a little improvement, and when using PraiseMoves, it only took a few weeks, and the pain is all but gone completely.  I can move more freely, and don't need pain medication at all now

          "The scripture is so wonderful to meditate on at the same time and I look forward to putting the tape on and thinking God's thoughts.   I know God sent me to your website as I was researching if yoga was okay for Christians.  Thank you for speaking out against it, and sharing your experience. It really encouraged me.  I tell all my friends about it, and even though my physical therapist (a non-believer) laughed at the idea, she is seeing its benefits for me.  I thank our Lord for your obedience and courage and pray you will be blessed richly as I have been by PraiseMoves.

T. Yard (Military spouse, stationed in Germany)


 "The Best Christ-centered Feel-good Workout of Them All!"

"I received my PraiseMoves video over a week ago.  I've done the workout about 3-4 times so far and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.  I do find it is a better alternative to yoga.  I always feel 100% better after I do it.  I really like the 20 minute version - who has time these days to workout for an hour - eh? 

"I really enjoy the use of scripture in the workout. I feel I'm spending quality time with the Lord.  I like your calm and gentle voice.  Will you be creating other PraiseMoves videos in the future?  I would definitely like to know about them.

          "I've done two other Christians videotapes, one was an aerobic one and the other were walk aerobics and I have to say, yours proves to be the Best Christ-centered feel good workout of them all!"

Robin N., Quebec, Canada


Interviewer wants to become PraiseMoves Instructor

          Mary Ann Haslett of The Pittsburgh Christian News interviewed Laurette for an article. At the end of her article she wrote:

          "Did you ever feel that God has personally given you a special gift? PraiseMoves has been that kind of gift for me, an answer to my prayers. It is a gift I want to share with others. I am not much of an exercise guru. I have never found an exercise that I enjoyed doing so much that I couldn't wait to get up to do it – until now. PraiseMoves has transformed my life. I want to do it every day.  Why? Because it combines physical movements with spiritual acts of worship that invigorate and rejuvenate me.  While I praise the Lord I am exercising my temple of the Holy Spirit. When I have completed the workout, I feel renewed and refreshed in the Lord's presence. 

          "I am reminded of the scripture: Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God's mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:1-2

          "I enjoy it so much, that I would like to see PraiseMoves come to the Pittsburgh area. After interviewing Laurette for this article, I decided I wanted to be a Certified PraiseMoves Instructor."

Mary Ann Haslett, The Pittsburgh Christian News

(Mary Ann became a CPI – Certified PraiseMoves Instructor – in January 2006 and now offers classes at the Pittsburgh YMCA.)


 "God led me to what I had been seeking"

          "I have been so blessed by PraiseMoves.  I just ordered it several weeks ago.  At that time, and even since, I have been fighting a spiritual battle against yoga and deception.  Even though I have never really done much yoga, I have always been very into exercise and fitness and was always looking for something new and different.  There has always been a check in my spirit not to get into yoga, but, conversely, there was that little voice that kept telling me that it wasn't all bad - after all, don't you want to be more flexible and less stressed?  Ha! 

          "One day I sat down and said, 'God, I know You know the answer.  Is yoga bad?'  He said yes.  Then I felt compelled to ask, 'Is there anything out there that is similar?'  He said yes.  So I Googled Christian yoga, not knowing what I would find.  On the first website I found, I came across a link to PraiseMoves.  As soon as I read the testimony on the PraiseMoves website (Why a Christian Alternative to Yoga), I started crying and knew that every word was true and that God had led me to exactly what I had been seeking.

          "Thank you so much for being available to God in this way :)  There are so many well-meaning people who are so deceived right now!  I truly want to join you in prayer for them and for a blessing in your ministry. I will be praying for you all daily!"
Melissa Lodge, Maryland

Kudos for Weekly PraiseMoves Class and Instructor

          "PraiseMoves has become my favorite hour of the week.  With the focus on stretching and strength training, I am able to stay flexible and injury free.  The best part though is the incorporation of God's Word.  Many verses I had previously overlooked have now been committed to memory.  I am forever thankful to Angie for teaching PraiseMoves.  She brings enthusiasm, joy, and sincerity of heart to every class.  May God continue to bless her and her efforts in His kingdom."

Diane Reynolds, Van Buren, AR


Mother of Competitive Skater

"I just wanted to thank you for following the leading of the Lord to move forward with PraiseMoves.  I have a ten year-old son who is a competitive figure skater.  He trains daily a minimum of two hours. He is a very gifted skater but lacks horribly when it comes to flexibility.  Upon discussing this with his chiropractor, he suggested Yoga.  I was not happy with the suggestion and let him know that I didn't want to introduce my son to yoga and let him know that as a Christian I felt it was not spiritually safe for my child.  He continued to encourage me to look into sport Yoga.  I did, prayed about it, bought a tape, and soon realized that there were still very subtle references to dangerous practices. All there has to be is a seed planted, right?   I then searched the web for Christian Yoga but alarmingly still found practices that could be dangerous spiritually.  I finally found your site and prayed about it.  I knew immediately that your program was the way to go.  My son loves it!

"Please feel free to use my testimony.  I have seen how yoga is being pushed in the school systems and how openly it is accepted.  I have a heavy heart thinking about it.  Hopefully my testimony will encourage others to say 'No' to the practice of yoga (even the systems that seem innocent). The chiropractor who suggested yoga for my son claims to be a Christian.  I am planning on taking your tape to him on our next visit."

Monique B., West Covina, California


Spiritual Impact

"I have experienced many physical benefits from PraiseMoves. It is a great stretching program and helps me remain calm and relaxed. More than the physical benefits, however, is the spiritual impact it has had on my life. I have an increased awareness of God's presence in my life and feel His Spirit more than I ever have.

"Thank you for the exercise program that helps us glorify God in our bodies AND spirits which both belong to Him."
—Angie Cluck, Van Buren, AR


A "Totally Different Experience"

"I'm so glad I discovered your material!

"I heard you on Moody Radio a couple of weeks ago, looked up your Web Site and ordered the DVD and book (I also had my sister order a set.)  I've been so inspired after watching the 20 minute and 60 minute sessions and telling all my friends and co-workers about your material.  I actually brought it to work and three friends watched it at lunch - they were all very impressed.

"What I've been telling everyone is that normally I work out because I have to.  I know it's good for me and I'm fairly disciplined but the whole time I'm wishing it was over and I could go on to my next (much more enjoyable) activity.  During my first session with you, I had a totally different experience.  Combining the spiritual affirmations during the warm-ups and postures was an awesome experience for me.  When I finished The Lord's Prayer I felt so uplifted, energetic, calm and peaceful.  It was just a wonderful to start my day!  I've found myself looking forward to going to bed so I can get up and do another session with you.  I've also not stopped telling all my friends about it.  I sent your website link to 50 of my friends tonight.

"Thank you again so much for creating all this material and for your heart for the Lord and lost souls."

Jackie Kelton, Gurnee, IL


 "More Energy!"

"I received the PraiseMoves DVD a few days ago and I wanted to tell you how much I love it. I was looking for a Christian alternative to yoga as I work toward a 100 pound weight loss through Weight Watchers. I had also just asked God to provide me with his holy discipline to show me where my life was out of line with His will. I didn't feel I was using my time effectively and for his glory. Along with some other new habits, PraiseMoves has already begun to make a huge difference in my life, giving me more energy by following your program, and bringing me closer to God.

Michelle adds, "I neglected to mention what a blessing the B.A.S.I.C. book is in my life (BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness). The scriptural basis you give there for the food choices we should be making and the idea of surrounding our food with praise are wonderful.

          "Thank you so much."

Michelle Noel, Lebanon, Tennessee


Help for Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

"We just wanted to share with you that my son and I have been doing PraiseMoves, and it has been such a blessing to us.  We both have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Syndrome, and Chronic Fatigue. The Lord knew that this would be the program that we would be able to physically do. We are so blessed – we love the Scriptures and the moves. 

"While doing the 'Our Father' (Scripture Sequence) it was precious that the Lord was absolutely filling the room with His presence as we exercised – there was such peace. We had 'Holy Spirit goose bumps' while we were exercising!  That was a new experience too!  :-)

"As we continue to do PraiseMoves, we know that the Lord is going to continue to get His temples (our bodies) fit and healthier. We have noticed some difference in the fatigue level, and the pain intensity.  As we press on and continue we believe that the Lord will continue His healing process in our bodies.

"Thank you, Laurette for your willingness to allow the Lord to work through you to create this program. We pray for the blessings from the Throne of Jesus Christ to pour into your life and Ministry abundantly!"  

Surrendered for Jesus Christ,

Rachel and Johnathan, IA


I felt like I was being de-programmed

    "I started doing yoga in 1997 as an exercise program for my back. I'm a Dental Assistant by trade and had worked (hunched over people) for over 12 years in the field when I decided I needed some kind of exercise that would help me strengthen my back. 

     "I was a backslidden Christian and didn't think that yoga was so bad. I was always careful to keep Jesus in my mind whenever the instructor would talk about meditation and I know that's what kept me from going too deep into it. 

    "My mother and another Christian friend of mine had tried to talk to me about yoga but I didn't really want to hear them because I was only doing it for the exercise aspect as far as I was concerned.  But then in spring of 2004 God started talking to me about it and I found that I couldn't do the yoga exercise tapes or even the stretches anymore. I couldn't put my finger on it; I just knew that I couldn't do it anymore!! 

    "I knew it was what God wanted me to do because I felt such a weight lift off me. Then one day my Mom phoned me and she was all excited. She asked me to turn on 100 Huntley Street and watch this woman named Laurette Willis who was talking about PraiseMoves, 'The Christian Alternative to Yoga.'  I knew right away that I would have to purchase the DVD and the book.

    "As soon as I did the workout I felt like I was being de-programmed with each move which had awesome scripture tied to it.  Romans 12:21 'Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good' (NASB) kept racing through my mind as I enjoyed the 60-minute workout for the first time and as I studied the booklet eager to memorize scripture with each move!!!   

    "Thank you so much Laurette Willis for being such a servant to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ with such obedience to God.  I pray that you and those who have supported you will be blessed abundantly as you move forward overcoming evil with good!!!"

     Neta L., Saskatchewan, Canada


 "A Fresh and Positive Approach to Exercise"

          "Laurette Willis has authored a timely and creative alternative to yoga with PraiseMoves. A former yoga instructor herself before her salvation experience, Laurette knows what yoga is all about and cautions Christians of its dangers. While Life magazine recently had cover headlines touting America as a 'Yoga Nation,' Laurette provides Christians with a godly version of stretching and fitness accompanied by scriptures and praise music.

     "She brings a fresh and positive approach to exercise that is fun for women."

—Joyce Foulds, Ladies Ministry Director

University Park Church, Fort Worth, TX


 "Decreased Back Pain – and better Self-Esteem"  

     "PraiseMoves and the Basic Steps to Godly Fitness book have been truly answers to my prayers. While living with horrible back pain, tension, stress and trigger points for several years, I was told by Chiropractors and Doctors to do Yoga, which I tried especially during pregnancy for the pain. I liked the idea of the stretches and how I felt physically, but I also had a check in my spirit and refused to do Yoga anymore. 

     "I continued stretching on my own to help relieve the tension in my back muscles, but I searched for a Christian alternative to yoga or stretching program. After doing a lot of research I came across the BASIC Steps to Godly Fitness book which introduced me to PraiseMoves and The Gimme Ten Workout.  I went right away and got online to get more info and order the DVD.  I also signed up at that time for the PraiseMoves teacher certification, because I knew this is what God wanted me to do. He saw me through it even though I have a long way to go to get totally fit and buff!

     "The benefits I received through doing PraiseMoves are:

. Decreased back pain and back tension

. Flexibility and strength

. Stronger body, more balance, and better quality of life

. More consciousness of correct posture and body mechanisms

. And most importantly – better self-esteem

     "I am truly grateful to God and to Laurette for leading me and encouraging me through PraiseMoves!!! I hope to be a great influence on people's lives for God with the PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry."

Brandy Guidry Gendusa, Louisiana


More Great Testimonies.

"PraiseMoves is an answer to prayer for an exercise program.  It is centered on Christ and His purposes for our body to glorify God in all that we do."

—C. Miller, Tulsa, OK


"I want you to know that I am doing the PraiseMoves at least 3 times a week and sometimes more. I really appreciate the fact that I am keeping God in my exercise program. Thanks so much."

J. Guthrie, Clarksville, TN


"PraiseMoves is a wonderful program.  It not only leaves your body feeling great, but it leaves your spirit feeling great also."

—K. Maglothin, Tulsa, OK


"Finally, a program that Christians can use to remember that their bodies are temples."

—Vicki M., Tulsa, OK


"PraiseMoves is like having devotions with a group of friends.  It's very uplifting."    

—Elizabeth Moon (Pastor's wife, Calvary Assembly of God, Tahlequah, OK)


"PraiseMoves is scripture-based and it's peaceful.  It helps to strengthen me spiritually, mentally and physically."

—Carole B. (70 yrs. young!), Tahlequah, OK

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