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Veronica Karaman
Faith-Based and Corporate
Conference Speaker
Inspiring Champions of the Heart
"Discover the Champion in You!"
Leadership, Personal Empowerment and Motivational Speaker
Academic Coach - - "God's Way to an A"

Travels from North  Carolina
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An inspirational and content-rich keynote speaker, Veronica draws directly from her thirty years of experience as a golf professional, touring pro, educator, spiritual mentor, and performance expert to share champion mindsets that must be applied in order for peak performance to be achieved.
With an emphasis on performance, leadership, personal empowerment, and relationships, Veronica offers practical applications and analogies from the game of golf that are easily understood and implemented.  Her communication style leads from lighthearted wit to personal challenge to deep connection as she inspires people to win from within, equipping them to chart out their own championship for high performance, leadership and team achievement.
Veronica's story begins at the age of five when her father placed a putter in her hand.  She played on the boys' team in high school where she graduated as the first female athlete in her school to win an athletic scholarship to college.  Veronica won numerous college tournaments at Duke University, where she enjoyed a stellar amateur career as a regional All-American.  Her professional golf career highlight was playing in the 1989 Women's U.S. Open after winning the qualifying tournament.  She has taught thousands of people to play the game of golf since beginning her teaching career in 1981.
Veronica has a B.A. Degree in Management Science from Duke University and two Masters Degrees from Regent University in Communication and Biblical Studies.  She graduated Regent University as the Most Outstanding Student in her graduating class as Beasley Scholar with a 4.0 GPA through her two Masters Degrees.  Veronica is also a certified life coach and the author of three books, a featured writer on the blog GolfShadow.com, and a frequent golf columnist for The Pilot newspaper in Pinehurst.

Veronica is the founder and head coach of True Champions Coaching, a whole-person coaching practice dedicated to inspiring, equipping, and releasing the true identity of a champion in others to reach peak performance with joy on the course, in the classroom, on the job, and in life.

Individuals, families, and organizations have benefited from Veronica's academic and peak performance expertise to better understand how to unlock potential in their players and teams, increase performance, enhance relationships, and enact real change.  Veronica's enthusiasm from the speaking platform is contagious as she fulfills her mission to release the champion within!


Speaking Topics Include . . .
Golf, Guts and Being a Girl:
Leadership Lessons Learned on My Way to the U.S. Open
Veronica shares her inspirational leadership lessons from her own journey as a professional golfer - - from the practice tee to the U.S. Open tee.  Her professional training as a peak performance and life coach, combined with her gifted ability to communicate form the heart, equips, empowers, and activates the true champion within others.
This presentation can be customized for corporate conferences and banquets, as well as ministry events.
"This is the most inspirational message I have ever heard." ... W. Deyton, Commscope


God's Way to an A
Veronica will revolutionize your studies in this biblical strategy for academic success.   Learn to experience God's presence in your studies while you discover how to download revelation from God.  You will catch fresh passion and focus for learning as you learn energy management techniques to transform stress into peace and joy.  Students of every age learn to overcome procrastination and fear.  Veronica recharges students for the semester finish line.  She helps students improve grades through empowered study!  This seminar is perfect for students of all ages - high school, college, and post-graduate.
Comments from some who have learned to apply the principles of God's Way to an A ...
"When you make an A with Jesus, there's nothing like it in all the earth!  My GPA went up a whole letter grade and I am worshipping God in my studies!"
Felecia C., Regent University Student
"God healed my heart through this course."
Rob M., Graduate Student
"God has given me peace and joy - - no more anxiety about school."
Dana R., College Freshman

"God's Way to an A has been taught many times here with great acclaim by Regent [University]."
Dr. Pat Robertson


A Quiet Clap
A unique presentation for sportmen and women and for golfers in particular, A Quiet Clap offers life lessons and scriptural truths to inspire your game both on and off the course.
"In a society where athletics is many times served as a God, a clarity of purpose is revealed in the words of this devotional as to who God is and how athletics can be used to serve Him."
Madeline Manning Mims
4-Time Olympian
Track Gold and Silver Medalist
"You will be truly inspired as you read this book which captures the strength, knowledge, and beauty of Veronica's dedication to the game of golf and her profound love for God!"
Terri A. Haack
Vice President, General Manager
Kingmill Resort
"The perspective I gaind from this book helped me have peace in the course to win $50,000 in the Gillette Putting Championship."
Al F.
"I prayed for my friend for ten years to receive Christ.  I sent her a copy of a Quiet Clap.  An avid golfer, she loved the book.  A few weeks after telling me how much she enjoyed it, reading it several times, she died.  Her response to this book is the only evidence I have that she made peace with God."
Ann W.
"My fiance' and I read the book every day as our devotional.  We really like it!"
Leslie M.


Addtional Speaker Topics Include ...
Champion Mindsets from the Fairway to the Boardroom
Mental Toughness 101:  Getting the Mental and Emotional Edge
Building Champion Relationships
Principles of Peak Performance in Life, Leadership and the Workplace
How to Develop a True Champion Team
Selected Past Speaking Clients Include ..
Women in Cable Telecommunications Leadership Conference
Paramount Builders Sales Conference
Greg Norman Champions Golf Academy
Kingsmill Resort, Executive Women Golf Schools
Sea Trail Resort
The 700 Club television show
The International 700 Club television show
Duke University
Regent University
Charlotte Christian Chamber of Commerce
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Creator and Event Producer ...
The Family Fun Golf Games
The Nursing Home U.S. Open
The Grandma Open
The Veterans Putting Challenge
Leadership Golf Games
Queens of the Greens
Breakthrough to Your A Game



Testimonials . . .
"Veronica Karaman is a fantastic speaker!  As our kick-off speaker for our annual Women in Cable Telecommunications Conference held in Pinehurst this year, Veronica inspired and empowered our audience with her highly creative and engaging talk, 'Golf, Guts and Being a Girl:  Leadership Lessons Learned on My Way to the U.S. Open.'  She integrated her journey through professional golf, champion mindsets from sports that relate to success in business and in life, and our core values as an organization.  I strongly recommend Veronica as your next keynote speaker.  She will score a hole in one for your company or group!"
Ashley Davis
Vice President, Operations
Time Warner Cable Media
(Click here to read full letter of reference by Ashley Davis, Time Warner Cable Media)
"Veronica is an intelligent, dedicated, enthusiastic and highly motivated professional who exemplfies servant-leadership.  In her speaking she seeks to encourage and empower others in the development of Character, Ingegrity and Leadership."
William H. Ward
Retired, C.O.O.
"Veronica and I have traveled and worked together on speaking engagements including ministry to women.  She has a unique ability to impart to others in a practical way what it means to be a Christian athlete.  Veronica is a true champion with attributes of intellect, professionalism, charisma, and faith."
Madeline Mims
Olympian, International Ambassador
"Veronica Karaman is one of the finest students ever to graduate from Regent Unviersity, both in scholarship and character.  I highly commend her as one who manifests the character of the Lord and who is a capable teacher of the Word of God."
Dr. Jerry Horner
Former Dean, College of Theology & Ministry
Regent University
"Veronica has a wonderful ability to combine her wisdom about golf and life to help peple take a closer look at life matters."
Bernhard Langer
PGA Masters Champion
"Veronica has an amazing gift of communication and reaching out to others."
E. Beisiegel
LPGA Tour Player
"Veronica's personal experience with professional sports gives her a unique perspective on success and character development.  We are grateful for the chance to work with Ms. Karaman and would recommend her to anyone interested in pursuing personal goals."
Linda Mintle, Ph.D.
"I was a star athlete who missed making the Olympics by 3/10 of a second.  I was devastated.  Veronica helped me reclaim my champion spirit and arise again!"
Sharonda A., World-Class Athlete
"The truths Veronica taught me have impacted me so greatly that I plan on using them for the rest of my college career and life."
Tina C., College Freshman
"Veronica helped me to achieve what I thought was impossible."
Andrew J., State Championship Swimmer
"When I felt woefully inadequate to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor, Veronica's coaching helped me transform my identity, graduate at the top of my class, and get into the medical school of my choice!"


A Champion's Credentials
M.A. Communications, summa cum laude, Regent University
M.A. Biblical Studies, summa cum laude, Regent University
B.A. Management Services, Duke University
1989 U.S. Open Participant
Author, God's Way to an A
Author, A Quiet Clap:  Life Lessons Appreciating God and Golf
Teaching Golf Professional, Kingsmill Resort, 1995-1998
Conference Planner, CBN Conferences
Adjunct Professor of Communications
Professional Golfer, Futures Golf Tour
Duke University Student Athlete Scholarship
Genuine Hero Award, Trinity College, 1992
Extraordinary Student of  America Award
Who's Who in America Award
Penn State University Scholar Award
Duquesne University Scholar Award
Regent University Beasley Scholar Award
Outstanding Student in Biblical Studies Award





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