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Gretchen Keskeys
Gretchen shares her Big Voice
and her Big Testimony of a Big God! 

Travels from California
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Gretchen Keskeys is a unique gift to churches, ministries, and conferences in that she seamlessly interweaves her speaking and singing while sharing a powerful and unique message for each audience, often incorporating her personal testimony.
During her teen years Gretchen lived with depression and anxiety.  Her view of God was that He was good but He was far away and mostly acknowledged at holidays, weddings, and funerals.  She knew there was a God but she didn't know Him.
She came to salvation through Jesus Christ while in college but was plagued with fear, paralyzing anxiety, insecurity, superstition, and depression, Gretchen's life was becoming unbearable.  She was in prison - - not a correctional facility but a prison of her own mind.  Her father was a well-known psychiatrist and author of a best-selling self-help book, but all the knowledge, help, insight, and even therapy could not give her the one things she longed for - - peace.


At one of Gretchen's lowest points, it was her mother who read to her Matthew 11:28-30 ... "Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light."
This scripture deeply touched her heart and her spirit and for the first time in a very long time Gretchen had hope.
She dug into the Word of God and began her journey with Jesus.  Love, peace, and joy replaced fear.  Gretchen now knew real life in Christ.  She was set free.
After college, Gretchen became a television news writer and producer and an accomplished actress of stage, film and television.  She was experiencing worldly success but found navigating her new life as a Christian in the world a difficult path.  While the bright lights of Hollywood were shining on Gretchen and her career was flourishing, the Light of Christ in her life was dimming as she lost her spiritual focus and looked to people for hope and help.  She didn't realize that the missing element was complete surrender and dependence on God.
Gretchen finally surrendered completely to Christ at a Billy Graham event in the 90's and soon met her husband who shares her faith along with their three children.
Her husband Randy often heard Gretchen singing around the house and encouraged her to use her voice for the Lord.  Today she freely uses the big voice that God blessed her with in ministry, as a speaker, worship leader, and guest soloist for church services, conferences, women's ministry events, and more.  And God has given her songs to write which all stem from the beautiful journey she has had with Him.
Gretchen says, "I am overwhelmed with gratitute for all the Lord has done in my life.  He promises us in II Corinthians 12:9 that 'My grace is sufficient for you.  His power is made perfect in our weakness.'  And He has done just that.  He has healed me, given me confidence and security I never had, and has brought endless peace and joy and amazing loving people into my life.  Where there once was darkness, there is now light.  Oh, how I love Jesus Christ!"

Gretchen has appeared on many television and radio talk shows sharing her testimony and music, as well as a variety of magazines.
Here are just a few ...
"Babbie's House" with host Babbie Mason
"Bridges" with host Monica Schmelter
The Long Version with Fletcher Long
Game Changers with Lisa Faulkner
Cornerstone Television "Real Life"
"It's Time with Herman & Sharron"
Dove Broadcasting's "Nite Line"
"The Marybeth Conley Show"
Faith Filled Family Magazine
Debra Evans in The Morning
Simple Grace Magazine
Christian Music Spotlight
WREG-TV's "Live at 9"
CTN's "The Good Life"
WATC-TV's "Magnify"
CTN's "BayFocus"
CMM Magazine
Kingdom News
"Atlanta Live"
Fox News





Speaking Topics Include ...

A Brand New Life in Christ
The devastating and painful damage caused by struggles with addictions often stem from events early in life.  Having experienced her own pain and loss of innocence, Gretchen spent many years in shame and self destructive behavior until she met Jesus.  Gretchen shares her journey and the hope she found in the fact that Jesus Christ not only heals and renews, but He is the only one who can wash us clean and give us a brand new life.  Whether burdens are from childhood or current situations in life, a new start is always available through Christ.
Finding Value in Christ
She comes from a successful family and had her own success in Hollywood, yet Gretchen was empty and without a deep sense of her identity.  After searching for years for her identity and value, today she testifies of the incredible plan that Jesus has for her life and for all who will seek Him.  The answers Gretchen sought in the world left her empty but Jesus Christ filled that emptiness with the purpose, identity, and abundant life she so desperately wanted.
Overcoming Anxiety and Depression
The bondage of anxiety is a common thief of lives of freedom.  Gretchen's debilitating anxiety through her teen and young adult years led to depression. She believes that depression, at its core, is a loss of hope and that true healing comes only through Jesus Christ.  Her own mind was completely transformed by the love of Christ and the Word of God, and she shares an encouraging and hopeful message of healing in Christ, available to all.
Truly OK in Christ
Because her parents co-wrote the #1 New York Times Best Selling self-help book "I'm OK - You're OK," people often said to Gretchen, "You must be so OK!"  What a huge expectation to live up to - - especially since she was only human and was not looking to Jesus Christ for her identity.  Gretchen was looking for life's 'answers' to fill the hole in her heart and heal the anxiety and depression she experienced as a teenager.  She had knowledge and help right there in her own home, but that knowledge and help did not give her true peace.  When she discovered that peace is found only in Jesus Christ, she realized that the answer is in looking UP, not in looking IN ... and she is happy to share that ultimately even her parents found their true joy in the Lord.

Testimonials . . .
Gretchen Keskeys ministered in song and in word for our main Sunday worship service.  We purposely did not have a message from our Pastor that Sunday so that Gretchen could use the time for her ministry.  She brought a powerful word, an incredible testimony, and many beautiful songs to our congregation.  Many commented on the power of her testimony, how real she was, and how much they enjoyed her ministry.  Gretchen is a very down to earth, humble servant of the Lord.  She has a powerful testimony to share and brings an incredible blessing to the Body of Christ.  We look forward to having her at our church again.
Allyson Baker
Co-Pastor, Destiny Christian Center of Reno
I am writing to recommend Gretchen Keskeys as a unique ministry, particularly for women's events at your church.  With her delightful Broadway-style singing ... Gretchen Keskeys has written and recorded her personal songs around her Christian faith and healing from a childhood of brokenness and innocence lost.  Her presentation includes insights and interpretation from Scripture skillfully interwoven between songs.  Her effect on the women I've observed has been laughing, crying, and on their feet.  Gretchen [and her family] have attended Warehouse Christian Ministries since 2010 ... [and] have faithfully served the Lord since that time.  Both Gretchen and her husabnd Randy (who runs the Children's Ministry at the church) live a life of faith and service to Jesus Christ.  We see that love for the Lord in their children as well.  Gretchen has taught Bible studies at our Women's Bible Fellowship and is involved in the music ministry and also leads worship at the Women's Bible Fellowship.  She has a real authenticity when she shares her testimony and a true sense of gratitude for all Jesus Christ has done in her life.  And her music is a beautiful and powerful reflection of that.  She has a real love for women who are hurting and feel less than perfect.  Her story of triumph over deep personal pain through Christ inspires.  I can say with confidence that Gretchen Keskeys would be a blessing at your event or church.
Mary Neely
Pastor's Wife; Director of Women's Ministries
Warehouse Christian Ministries
Gretchen Keskeys was so inspiring at our last women's brunch!  Her transparency about her life and what God has done for her encouraged us so much!  The songs that she's written and her beautiful voice touched each of our lives!
Cynthia Anderson
Calvary Chapel of Stockton has had many opportunities to invite Ms. Gretchen Keskeys to lead worship for Sunday morning srvices.  In all occasions, Gretchen has been faithful to share her beautiful singing talent in a Spirit led and professional manner.  She approaches her ministry with prayer and selects traditional, contemporary and original music that complements the messages of our guest speakers.  Gretchen also has a high-quality CD of original music which is truly Holy Spirit inspired and continues to be a blessing to many in our congregation.  Gretchen has been a great blessing over the years, and Calvary Chapel of Stockton certainly looks forward to her next visit.
Zeke Tasabia
Calvary Chapel of Stockton
Gretchen is amazing.  I'm excited for her future audiences.  At our event, "Queen it's a New Day" (where women from difficult backgrounds are given makeovers and encouragement in Christ), the women were greatly impacted.  Her story in song was life changing!
Judy Hoff
The Hoff Foundation Mnistry - "Queen It's a New Day"


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