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Bufton, Bill & Jean

Bill and Jean Bufton

"Heart 2 Heart Marriage Conferences"
For Couples who are Dating, Engaged, and Married

Bill & Jean Bufton Travels from Indiana
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Bill and Jean Bufton are active speakers for retreats, seminars, conferences, married and engaged couples' classes, banquets, and professional men's and women's organizations.

Bill is an ordained Minister of Pastoral Counseling. He has been a Discipleship Counselor with Grace Ministries International and a former Director of Men's Ministries, Training and Discipling in California. Before entering full-time ministry, Bill owned and operated three aerospace/orthopedic manufacturing facilities.

Jean was a Director of Women's Ministries and Women's Counseling in California. She is an author, Bible teacher, counselor and seminar leader for women.

Together Bill and Jean have presented marriage-premarital seminars, conferences and retreats throughout the U.S. for the past twenty years.

They feel God has called them into this much needed ministry. It is their desire to be used in helping couples form solid building blocks in the foundation of the home and marriages. Their approach is based on biblical principles and practical daily examples.

Bill and Jean have been married for thirty-eight years. They have three grown children and eleven grandchildren.

"Heart 2 Heart" Marriage Conferences bring God's timeless principles into marriage and family relationships. The following are some of the session topics presented during this life-change weekend conference:

Marriage: Super - Fragile - Realistic
In this introduction to the lives of Bill and Jean Bufton, they share that they were married a very young age, had very different backgrounds and religious beliefs and were very opposite (and still are!). ...

For 10 years they tried to "make it" on their own, but everything in their relationship was falling apart. They were not communicating or meeting each other's needs, and they lost their love for one another. Then the impossible happened - they found the answer to an exciting life and happy marriage. This will be a time of tears and laughter as Bill and Jean share from their hearts - how a marriage can be restored - a relationship can be revitalized and love can be renewed.

Opposites Do Attract: You Don't Have To Attack
After the honeymoon is over, you find that your spouse does not think, do things, or act like you do! The weaknesses become strong and those strengths that first attracted you turn into weak points! In understanding the four basic temperaments, we will learn that being different does not make us wrong. Learn how to use these differences to compliment your marriage instead of causing conflict.

Communication: Stop, Look, Listen

Communication is the number one breakdown in marriages today. Are you tuning your partner in or are you tuning them out? Are you listening in love and hearing what is being said from the heart? Are your words kind and encouraging? Do your deeds show love in action? These are the areas that affect your communication! Bill and Jean will address all of these points and help you build a strong base of understanding and communication!

Identifying Love & Intimacy
Men will usually rank sex as the most important area of intimacy! Women, on the other hand, will usually state that their emotions are not being understood! In this seminar, you will discover six areas of intimacy that will improve and enhance your relationship and marriage: emotional; intellectual; spiritual; recreational; physical; and sexual.

Revitalizing Relationships vs. Rules and Regulations
When "rules and regulations" are at the center of a relationship, we find that it destroys the freedom to respond in a loving way. If we set unrealistic expectations so high, it will cause disappointments, hurts, stress and misunderstanding that leads to conflict.
Do you want to revitalize your relationship?
MEN: Would you like your wife to be more encouraging, loving, and affirming?
WOMEN: Would you like your husband to be more sensitive, caring, and understanding?

This session will teach you how to give and receive: acceptance - affection - approval - admiration - appreciation - for each other. This will be done in a non-threatening setting with a fun-filled format, yet serious and purposeful as it is taught in the light of God's Word.

We get to the heart of the matter, while making it applicable and meaningful in every aspect.

Pastors' Recommendations:

"I would like to recommend Bill and Jean Bufton as gifted and effective leaders in the area of personal growth and marriage instruction. Their years of personal experience as a married couple and as counselors to many varied marriage situations equip them to be powerfully used by God."
Pastor Sam Boyd, Mt. Vernon Baptist, Atlanta, GA

"Bill and Jean are one of the most effective impact speaking teams in the country today. They charm and disarm at the same time making a powerful impact on their audience through their personal testimonies and humorous speaking. A perfect team for couples retreats, seminars, banquets, and conferences. They are terrific."
Pastor/Evangelist Jim Counihan, Napa Community Church, Napa, CA

"It is my privilege to recommend to you my friends Bill and Jean Bufton. Their love for the Lord and each other permeates their presentation. Their transparency helps you to be more willing to discuss areas of weakness. A number of our church family members were encouraged to renew and strengthen their vows 'to love and cherish' as a result of the seminar."
Rev. Douglas A. Crawford, West Cannon Baptist, Belmont, MI

Comments of Conference Participants:
"IT WAS GREAT! Honest, open, realistic and practical."
"A super mixture of good humor and deep issues."
"Spiritual, logical and fun."
"A must if you are 16 or 60!"
"If you want change in your marriage, attend this conference."

Bill & Jean Bufton Travels from Indiana
For More Information:  Call 1.800.782.2995 Or
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